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Hey, it's got Austin here from Jade Puma. And in this video, I'm going to show you the store redesign that we did for the Water East store. They sell water conditioning like water softeners and filter products and replacements for them, as there are a lot of consumables in this space. And they have a lot and a lot of products in their store. So finding the right product is a really hard thing to do. So one of things we do is we put the search box front and center and it's always there. We even have it on mobile. You'll see the search box also, and then we allow the customers to start their shopping experience a number of different ways they can shop by brand or they can just look at replacement parts and you go straight to filters or they can say, well, hey, my system type is city water. And, you know, I have this type of system or these types of problems or well water with these types of systems and these types of problems. So without a customer, a number of different ways to start off their shopping experience, and then once they pick one of those ways, we have a rich filtering inside of the site to allow them to find the right products for their specific needs. So we spend a lot of time augmenting the data with meta fields that have all the properties that we're using in the filters on the pages, and then people can go through, find all their products and, you know, but the ones they want out of the cart and check out. But one of the things that Gary, the store owner, does and does a fabulous job of right, is provide expert information for his customers. Right. He has a very rich YouTube channel, which is to jump to the YouTube channel. And I forget how many hundreds, I believe, of videos in this video. I'll explain how we're using URLs for 587 videos, 61,000 subscribers. Right. And he covers every single topic there is in his space with lots of lots of detail. These videos are actually really helpful for you. I've actually used them for for my own water issues. They're so helpful. So this content existed, but it wasn't integrated into the store all that well. So as part of the redesign, one of the things we did is we made a blog article. Let's just go to the the homepage here. So we made a blog article for every one of those videos. And you'll see that what the Gary and the team are doing is they're making at least one new video every week. So if we look at all the blogs, you'll see every week there's a new video coming up. And if we just look at this recent one here, you can see not only is the video put up there, but there's also text content to this page will get indexed and search really well. But not only is your text content, he's taking all the expert information he's providing and using that as a way to engage that viewer into the shopping experience. So he's talking about filter types. He's got links into the shopping experience that'll take you to those different parts of the page. And we've built a related product section at the bottom, which is Merrifield driven. He can pull up the Merrifield in the article level in the site to shop for admin and pick multiple products that he wants to promote on this page as he's done here. We also connected the Shopify store to the the YouTube channel. So if you look here, I'll just look at in this video on YouTube, in this video, help you to figure out which size and type. Down here. So we have the products right here and this is the Shopify feed being connected to YouTube. So as he post a YouTube video, he's able to go to YouTube and pick the products that are appropriate for this video. So once again, taking that viewer of this expert information, he's providing it, turning that person into a shopper. So connecting his really rich product catalog to his really rich YouTube videos of expert content was a big part of this redesign. And you'll see that throughout where if we go to a page, let's just go to city water system type and we talk about what are the different system types. So, you know, you don't know the answer to the question. Well, Gary's already created a video about it that we're going to put on that page and help you understand more about this decision that you're making right now. And then if you decide, well, hey, I've got water spots, you want to shop now, then we take you to that shopping experience. But if you're not sure about that, we also have that expert information. We have the text content for SEO purposes and the video for people who want to consume the content that way in there also. So throughout the site, there's rich expert information. And I don't know, you know, how long Gary spent probably, you know, five, maybe ten years making all of those videos. Super, super valuable resource. We want to make sure we provide that value to customers wherever we can throughout that experience, as you can see that we've done here. Then, of course, we go on to a product page. We put a lot of information about the products in there that we can watch. The product SEALs We talk a little bit about the products or some reviews. We also talk about each of the brands, every brand listed on the site. We have a brand page about it and we have, you know, we just look at the the vendor, the product vendor on the the liquid code for the product page and then we, you know, find the right page for that that vendor information and bring that right. And as we read this this young content once and use it across all you products throughout the store. So if Gary wants to changes, he can go in and edit it one time and it edits across all the products and then a lot of people have questions we found out in this experience. So they're always, you know, even though we provide as much information as we can, the product page, we still give the customer the option to contact customer support to learn more. So build that that whole story experience integrated all the content, but to make the project even more complex, we had to do it twice. So this is the U.S. store and this is a Canadian store. The Canadian store has slowed from product catalog. Obviously, you know the English language a little bit different in the spelling and that kind of stuff. And then the way the functionality work, we start off with the same code bases as much as we could, but as soon as you start customizing for one store, the code bases diverge a little bit. But then every time we build something out, we had to build it in both stores. But, you know, it's a really rich experience. Just like in the United States store, the Canadian store works, you know, almost exactly the same. Although the products and the prices and all that stuff are a little bit different. So that is the store redesign that we did for water e Store out of Canada. Thanks for watching.

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