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Shopify Store Audit

Bottom line, if you are a rookie or a pro, and want someone to give you no-holds-barred, honest, objective opinions, and the advice to make it better, get this store review. It's the best money you will spend to save your time and money.
- Ken

What's a Store Audit?

Meet Scott Austin, your trusted Shopify Expert with decades worth of e-commerce experience. He has successfully migrated, built, and enhanced hundreds of Shopify stores to their full potential.

Scott's experience spans all aspects of Shopify store development and management. Now, he is offering his expert insights to you through his comprehensive Shopify Store Review package!

This package includes:

✅ A detailed 60-or-so minute video walkthrough of your store by Scott.
✅ Actionable guidance to improve your brand and optimize your shopping experience.
✅ Lifetime access to the recorded review.

Store reviews are done within a week of you placing the order, ussually much quicker.

What the audits look like

Actual reviews of actual Shopify stores

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It's about time. Thank you Scott Austin!

You know when you are a rookie and all you freakin' want is one NO Bull 💩 HONEST, objective opinion about your store and the free advice on how you can improve it?

But all you GET are "shopify experts" telling you that if you hire them for a few thousand, they will do that for you and redesign your store for CRO?

So you research several, hire one, and months later it turns out all your due diligence did not even factor in the difficulties that language and cultural differences produce when the humor and nuances are lost in translation, wasting that time and money?

No more. Scott cracked the code! For $125 I got the first totally honest, even brutally honest, no bs review of my store. Strengths and weakneses. And the direction to improve it.

When a video I made for fun about a fictional group called "Assaholics Anonymous" blew up on TikTok, people started demanding merch. So I took some money from retirement to build a store and humor brand, with no delusions of getting rich. Just having a sh-load of fun and hopefully break even.

Having listened to his podcasts I knew he knew his shopify stuff. So when I saw he was selling a store review I went to his Youtube and watched some of them. Yep, that was exactly what i wanted, but could find nowhere else.

Go watch some of them. He doesn't do his review to "sell you" his services, he doesnt give a hoot if you do or dont use him. You paid for an honest, straight forward opinion, and finally, thats what you can get, as well as his advice to fix it. He records his thoughts and comments as he goes.

But when his first words in our review video were "This is some funny sh%t," I knew he got the humor, message and mission.

I loved his advice and retained him to help create the store and CRO, so I could concentrate on trying to be funny and finding the audience.

Sadly, success is not easy, it's work. We have not found the strike zone yet, but we are both doing the work to get there. Message me in 6 months and I will tell you how he did.

Bottom line, if you are a rookie or a pro, and want someone to give you a no holds barred, honest, objective opinion, and the free advice to make it better, get his store review. It's the best $125 you will spend to save your time and money in the pursuit of doing it right.

melissa peairs

Shopify Store Audit


As a business owner, we have certain issues on our radar, things we know we can improve upon. Not only did this call out those issues and give a path to resolution, there were issues identified that I was unaware of, which are holding back the full potential of the store. It has helped me in prioritizing and clarified my focus. If you have a Shopify store and aren’t achieving your goals, this is a mandatory “first step”. It is a ton of information, delivered clearly, and an amazing guide to a better future. Although there was guidance for certain fixes, there were some heavy hitting issues that I would have benefitted from some additional guidance toward solutions on, and that may be “nit picking” because it was one of the best investments I have made in my store to date. If your store isn’t “wowing” you every day, this is mandatory. It is clear, constructive criticism that a serious store owner needs (and cannot get from the “nice” people they request it from).