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Accelerate your E-commerce Business with JadePuma

We're a full-service Shopify Agency

We have a broad background in many aspects of eCommerce.  As such, we can help you with just about any aspect of building and growing your store.  Here are some of the services we provide.

New sites

Ready to go online with your products?  We can get you set up quickly with a store that will drive conversions. 

Platform Migrations

Are you tired of that old site you set up in 2005? Let us migrate your site to Shopify with no downtime or impact on your Google pagerank. 

Site Redesign / Theme Upgrade

If your design is getting a little dated or you are growing your product catalog, it may be time for a site redesign.  Most redesigns are done in conjunction with a new theme.

Customer Acquistion

Drive more traffic to your site through SEO, SEM, Social, email and advertising.

Increase CLV

Increase revenue from your existing customers with methods like upsells, cross-sells, promotions, subscriptions and email.

Take the Next Step

Give us your contact details here.  We'll call you shortly.  If we can't get in touch we'll send you an email link to schedule a time for a call.