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Hey, Scott Austin, here in this video, I'm going to walk into the store redesign that we did for Mulberry Park silks. Jade Puma had previously done a redesign from the very park silks, but it was a free online store to point out we move them into the flex theme, and Mulberry Parks does a great job of building out content and engaging their audience with that content. The flex theme was really useful for them because it allowed them to add their content more easily. But they had seen that with online store 2.0, it'd be even easier for them because they could add sections anywhere, right? They could add more sections more easily on product pages, on collection pages, on articles and on normal pages. So we went through the process of doing a flex upgrade. And in the latest version of Flex at the time, and here's the result. So what Mulberry Park Silks does is sell silk bedding sheets, pillow cases and hair accessories. So we allow the customers to shop by those different categories. And here you can see the mega menu from flex seam. So let's just look at silk sheets as an example. And what we do on this page is we have a decision making thing. We're letting them know that they're, hey, silk sheets come in three different mommies, which is like thickness 30, 22 or 19. They can, you know, see the pros and cons, the differences between those and pick which one is right for them. And then we click on that, we take them to a collection page. And what you'll see here are some filters that allow them to more easily find what they're looking for. Maybe they care about purple as a color, so now they can see all the all the ones that are available in purple. And you'll notice here that this is the 22 mommy's silk sheet set. I'm going to click on that and take you into a product page. And one of things we did is so right now we're on the queen size and we have these toggles here or icons to select other sizes. And you'll notice that our product is the Queen product. Now we click on the key, click on the King. It'll actually take me to another product because the option, the colors that are available and the sizes that are available are different based on the sheet size that you select. We found is, you know, we could have had three options on one product, right? Size could have been one of them, but it became really confusing when it would show for, you know, for the king. You see the pocket tip that's available is the 16 inch. And if we had all of these different sizes on one product, it would have shown 15 and 17 crossed out and been more confusing for customers. So we found it easier to break out the sizes, the four different sizes for the sheet set as they're separate products and then just build into the template, the technology that allows it to say, there's other sizes of this product available which also show those. And if we go back to our collection page, what we do is we don't confuse the customer at that level about the fact that, look, let me go back here. Let's just pick the 22 mommy collection round before notice. There's only one product for 22 mommy silk sheets sets, and we took the the size off of it. Actually, this product is actually the queen sized one, so we just hide the other ones. These are different configurations, but this is the only one which is the full sheet set configuration, even though there's actually four products behind it when we click on it. So we customize the product template to account for that and we customize the collection template to account for that. Know. The nice thing is if I do click on a size, then we actually show the right one for the sheet set, which is right here, and we click on that and it takes us into that product and we already have King preselected. But I can change size if I want to, but now I'm in the king. I can choose which color I want and the pocket size. And as I mentioned before, Mulberry Park does a great job in generating content about their products. So you can see that here with this description we have tabs for even more information. And then we also have lots of deep content below that about what, you know, what they're purchasing, the benefits, the pros and all that, all that good stuff in there. So lots of deep content on a product page, but you also so we have lots of deep content on that collection page. So this is why that online store 2.0 upgrade was so important for them is they can build out all this type of content. And we actually had to they're doing so much content, we actually added a bunch of customized sections to give them more tools for their toolbox to build out these pages with. See if I can find an example of that quickly here. One of the things we did is like image with text normally shows the image at half, half the width. We did a customized section where you can adjust the width of that image if you want to for different reasons. Right. And here's one here. We can put two images in that take up half instead of a third each. So we did a lot of customization and added new sections to allow them to present the information and presenting in the ways that they wanted to present them. And that continues on that rich content experience into their blogs. Also, they have lots of blogs and they're regularly making new ones. So, you know, if we go into to one of these and let's just pick this one here and you can see lots of information there, a little sign up button for email and we and then we have links into the the products, into the collections and the products of the store. So this blog article, which is going to engage people in information and education, will drive them into a shopping experience. Also at the bottom, we have a featured product section which is just metaphor fields for the article and you can select what products you want one or multiple of them and add that to, you know, or engage from the education of the blog into that shopping experience directly. And you can see in their, you know, their about story once again, lots of content the fake you lots of content and then you know, more and more pages you know where they go into all these different programs they have and engage people with all their marketing and merchandizing efforts. So that was the justification for them to upgrade for their already in flex or in version three of Flex, we have written the version five and Flex that gave them the online store capabilities. And then we also added, you know, the search filter app that you saw on the collection pages a moment ago to give them some nice filtering capabilities on the collection pages also. So that is the store redesign we did for Mulberry Park silks. Thanks for watching.

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