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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the new store build that we did for totally bamboo. Totally bamboo has a consumer store and we built a separate store for wholesale. And even though there are Shopify plus business and, you know, we Shopify plus you can easily have wholesale and consumers in the same store if you want. We built a second store for them because the way that wholesale customers purchase is by cases where the consumers purchase individual units. So because the packaging was very different, which makes the whole shopping experience very different. We opted for a completely separate store for the wholesale experience. Now here no matter what element I click on, I get the same thing, which is the login page. So you have to log into the wholesale store to see any of the content on it. So let's just log in and then go to our homepage and totally bamboo already had this existing green and purple scheme. So we use that throughout the site. But the store is a lot more functional than their consumer store because their wholesale customers know the products really well already. We really want them to just be able to purchase as quickly as possible, get the products they want shipped to their location and, and moving forward. So you'll see what I mean about that here in a second. So let's just go to cutting boards. For example, here, we have a list of collection pages pick which types of cutting boards you're looking at. So let's go to the Hawaiian collection and you can see for the collection page, we have what I call the quick order form. So instead of just sewing each of the separate products and having them into the product to purchase them, we allow them to purchase from the collection page and they can purchase some of these Kona groove, cutting boards, and some Kauai cutting boards, and some allow breadboards all in one ad to cart button. Now, remember I mentioned before that they're purchasing by cases is so here we have to be very clear with some information. So there's a lot of custom liquid put in here to make that purchased by case scenario or throughout the store. So here we're telling them, Hey, when you buy a case, that's gonna be six boards. And the wholesale price is 1250 per board. And when I click on number of units, right? So I can buy six or 12, you notice these are increments of the cases. So each one of these, you know, this one, here's also six boards. If I go to a different product, let's see if I can find one quickly. So this one's 12 boards and four boards, right? So the 12 ones, they're all in increments of 12, 0, 12 24, the four is in increments of fours, 0 4 8. So we've got liquid code and meta fields that are powering a lot of this logic. Like the units per case is stored in a meta field. So the customer can pick, Hey, I want 36 of those, which is three cases. Or I want 36 of these, which is eight cases. And then with one ad to the cart, click those, both those products get add into the cart. And we, we're trying to be as clear as we can. Every time they see information. So here, we're saying, Hey, you're getting a total quantity of 36 boards. There's 12 boards per case. The unit cost is $4 per board and the MSRP is eight. You know, so we're reinforcing over and over again, the cases, the quantities per case, the unit cost, all that stuff. So no matter how they think about it, when they're making the purchase, the wholesale customer, the information they need is available for them. And they can also, if they want also purchase on the product page, we have that same logic built in the product page where the number of boards, you can only purchase in the increments of the cases. Right. And you know, we, we stopped this at 30 cases. So we actually say on the let's just go to a quick order page. We actually say at the bottom of the little node, if you want a order, more than 30 cases, all you have to do is pick 30 cases from here, add it to your cart, and then you can change the quantity in the cart increasing or decreasing there. So, and let's actually go into the cart one last time and go into the checkout experience. So that looks like let's go into the checkout and here you can see we've got the, the same branding coming through in the checkout experience with their logo and the strong purple which is their main accent color. Now some of the products are you know, most of the products you see we're broken down in categories got a, those different categories we created. Some of 'em have a list of collection pages. Some of'em go straight into let's, you know, this one goes straight into a quick order form. And then there's this other unique way we found to merchandise this. So a lot of their products are purchased by like gift stores. So, you know, if you want vacation Hawaii, and you know, you walk the store and ye theme things or Idaho or whatever state you pick. So one of their, their bestselling things are all their localized products, which is done by state. So you can see here, oh, I want puzzle coasters. And you can see, you know, there's a Connecticut, Connecticut puzzle coaster, a Delaware pu puzzle coaster, a Florida puzzle coaster. What we did is we also gave them the well browse by state experience. So here you, you know, let's say you're a gift shop in Arkansas, so you can click on the Arkansas one. And we show all the Arkansas products, which they don't have a puzzle coaster for Arkansas, but they've got the destination board, the regular cutout board and, and some of the other ones. So if you're are an Arkansas gift shop, you can pick which of the Arkansas based products you want really quickly and easily without having to go all over the site to find the different products because that was important for their customers. We turn that into, you know, part of the shopping experience, as I mentioned, this is the wholesale store. So there's not a lot of evergreen content right in our footer. We've got in about us page, which is a pretty simple one. This is actually a family owned business in San Marcos, California, a contact age. And they've also got, this is actually their, their new location, beautiful office. They have big warehouse, nice, smooth, concrete floors. It was a beautiful space. I've been into it. And then they also have their print catalog for anybody who wants to go through and see, you know, all the different information that they have available in the catalog that they may ship out to you. You can get that online also. So that is the totally bamboo wholesale store new Shopify store built on Shopify plus using, I believe this one was the turbo theme. Thank you.

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