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Minonk Chocolate Co.

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Hey, it's got us in here, and I want to show you a new store build that we did from Munich Chocolate Company out of the Nook, Illinois. And they did not sell online at all. They have a brick and mortar store that's been around for, you know, almost a century or more now. And they had a point of sale system. They wanted to upgrade. So they upgraded to Shopify and we built them a website to go along with that. So now they have one system, Shopify four point of sale and online and selling online is a new capability for them. So they have a longstanding catalog of chocolates and we uploaded that and put it into the store. But a lot of their chocolates have seasons behind them. For example, the caramel apples are only available in the fall. So we added Klaviyo and use Klaviyo for back and stock notifications. So when a product is out of season, we have the notify me when available and then customers can get an email notification when it's back in stock. And that also happens for a lot of their holiday seasonal things for Easter and Christmas also. And that's been a big driver of traffic for them in the store and online to bring them back when you know the favorites that families have had for generations come back in stock each year, they can now get notified of it. And also what we're doing with the Clearview integration is with their point of sale customers, we're asking them, hey, do you want, you know, email to you and using that list to build the list? So now their email list is growing the little market to more and more people over time. And now we've seen them start to have sales online also. So people who used to buy these products, you know, locally for their families and, you know, use them for their local families, you're now buying the products and sending them to the, you know, the family and friends who have left the area. So someone in Illinois will place an order and ship it to Florida to to their family that used to love the chocolates when they lived in Illinois. And so we see their their online sales starting to slowly grow without any marketing just because of the word of mouth. And, you know, the memories that people have behind this old school chocolate store, which has been in town for, like I said, over a century. We also gave customers a little help on picking out their favorites. So we said here, here are the favorites that most customers have in case you don't know what to buy, because when you look at all the chocolates, there's a lot to choose from. So we tried to shorten that list down a little bit and say, Here's the typical favorites. They also sell popcorn and then caramel apples, which are now out of season because these are only available during the fall. We also put in the ability to, you know, have landing pages for each of the major holidays so people can, you know, when we send out email marketing now say, hey, get rid of your Valentine's you know these are the two, you know, packages we have that are great for Valentine's gifts. Easter they have a lot more products that are, you know Easter bunnies obviously kind of thing that are available only during the Easter timeframe. And people can sign up for notifications when they're in stock right now or when they come in stock. So that is the Shopify store that we built for chocolate to work with their Shopify point of sale. So they've got one set of customer data that they're amassing that they can remarket to in the future. Thanks for watching.

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