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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video, I'm gonna show you the store redesign we did for WA High Sweetheart. So High Sweetheart was predominantly a retail store. They had a location in La Jolla, California, and the owners were shutting down the retail store and wanted to focus more on online sales. They had an online store before in Shopify, but they really weren't that invested in it. So we, we did a redesign and helped them migrate from a brick and mortar, predominantly business to a online predominant business. And what they sell is a lot of party and gift supplies from a lot of different vendors, and they're always coming up with new things. So there's like the serendipity of walking down the aisles and browsing their products. And we tried to make that kind of the motif of the online store. The first part of that was looking at all their products and they, they had a lot of different types of products and it changes quite often. So we had to define a product taxonomy. So here on the home category for, we came up with categories of home lifestyle, kids party. And under each one of those, we came up with subcategories. Um, and then we have, you know, so we've defined a taxonomy and we've got this, this eye iconography that is pretty fun and bright and colorful because their brand is fun, bright and colorful. And, and if we look at their brand guidelines page, you can see we, we had a very large, uh, catalog of, uh, colors that we were using on the icons and the rest of the site. And we, we really leaned into a lot of color on this site. But on any given, uh, collection page, we have filters for the product types and the more filters is actually tags for the products. Um, we didn't want a lot of structure because the, the products change so often, right? When you have a more consistent product line, you can have more structured filters. But in this one, we, we don't have a structured product line, so we're a little more free form with our filters. Um, if we just go back a step and click on all home, you'll see we have, you know, a lot more product types under the home category. And that allows people to say, oh, let me look at cookbooks, you know, at any different level in, in the, the browsing experience than they can see the cookbooks. Um, they can go, you know, any, any one of the categories. Let's just look at arts and crafts. And what we're trying to do is get people to just scroll and browse and, and find things that they actually weren't looking for, right? The like, like walking down the aisles of a store. So, lots of collections for lots of different categories and subcategories. Um, some other ways that we allowed them customers to, to browse is we have themes. So for example, here's the dinosaur collection. And this is just any product regardless of where in the taxonomy it's Located, um, that has dinosaurs. Um, a lot of people like certain themes. So we, we came up with the different themes that might be important to people. Just look at, you know, butterflies. Um, another way we allow people to shop is by occasion. So, you know, holiday seasons coming up. You can look at, you know, just what are the Christmas themed products, lots of ornaments and, and party, uh, accessories in there. And then we also allow people to shop by price. Um, and the gift giving scenario, shopping by price is an important way that people wanna shop. So we show all the products in, in the different price categories regardless of where the taxonomy they are. So if you're price sensitive, you can go there and, uh, start your shopping experience that way. And of course, we allow them to shop all, which is a big long list on the filter side. Um, cuz there's probably eight, 900 products in the store right now. And the store staff is adding more as we speak. Um, but if they wanted to go through and just look at everything that is, that is also an option for them. Now, if we go into, let's just look at, uh, Christmas and let's click on one of these Christmas items here. Let's look at the, uh, the Bernie Sanders with his mittens. Uh, it's kind of funny. Um, so now what we've done here is if we add it to the cart, you know, someone could be giving this as a gift. So we we're using the linear shopping experiences app to say, Hey, do you want to add gift wrapping? Yes, please. And then the customer gets to see their gift wrapping options. And if they pick one of those, let's just say the blue waves and they add that to the cart, then we ask the question, Hey, do you want to add a greeting cart? Yes, please. And if they click yes, they can, you know, pick which card they want. And then we also allow them to put in a personalized message that gets handwritten into the car by the store's app as they're shipping products out. So this is great if you're giving a gift to like, you know, a relative who doesn't live near you and you're mailing it to them, you can have a personalized message in that gift package. But sometimes that linear shopping experience is like Thanksgiving. If we click on a product here and add it to the cart, instead of saying, do you want gift wrapping? We say, Hey, do you wanna see more Thanksgiving items? So we're pretty, uh, contextual for each product in determining what sort of linear shopping experience cross sell we wanna put in here. So if they say yes to this question, then we take them back to that Thanksgiving collection and they can, you know, browse some more. Now if we go to our cart of a lot of things in there. Now, um, we've also got a, another cross sell happening, um, as I'm recording this, the holiday season's coming up, uh, next week is Black Friday. So have some, uh, Christmas promotions going on here for, for holiday types of things. So here's the, the light up holiday necklace and you know, if you interested in that, you want to add it, we take you to the product page because this one has choices. You can choose the Christmas lights or the Christmas trees and then you can add it to your cart. And then what that, uh, promotion does, it'll pick another product. And right now it's only set to have one product in the upsell. Actually, I think it has more than one, but they're already added to the cart. So let's uh, get rid of a couple there. And if I refresh the page so the next promotion will come up. Now this one here doesn't have choices at the product level, so we automatically just add it to the cart if they hit the add to cart button. So that's how the, the promotions work. And if we go into our checkout experience, we continue our bright colors into the checkout and the Shopify servers are taking their time, right? I'm not gonna worry about that right now when I'm talking to this video. I'm gonna go back and look at what's going on there. Um, and then we've only got a few evergreen pages, um, but the, you know, we have ones where the store staff talks about themselves. Now for the banners in these, we didn't put, um, like background photography cuz the, the product catalog changes so quickly that any, you know, products, typed photography put up there, even it was lifestyle shots using the products we'd get outta date really quickly. So we just kept it with a solid color background on those. We must have a press page and each one of these links off directly to the, the media outlets article, um, an faq, the accordion functionality for questions and answers and a contact us page. Um, so that is the store, uh, redesign we did for high. Sweetheart, thanks for watching.

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