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Hey, Scott Austin from Jade Puma in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the store redesign. We did for Titan survival Titan. Survival's been on Shopify for many years, and we recently did a redesign with them where we, we went, what I consider really bold and daring. I love a dark background site, but it doesn't work well for every product. But it totally worked well for the tight survival brand. Let's actually go to a page without the banner. You can see what I'm talking about here. So we have this dark background almost, you know, this black and we're using this you know, slate gray for the collection images background. And we've so tight survival cells. So revival gear. So you can see here, there's this cord and they have this patented cord. This cord, you know, there's like a little element you can use for fishing wire. There's a piece of wire you can use for snares. You can, you know, it helps you start fires with this wax jute. So the there's this whole element, it's just not just, it's not just cord, it's actually cord that you can tear apart, uses components to help you, you, if you're in a survival situation. So the other products they have about, you know, starting fires, you know, protective blankets and, and, and, and sleeping bags for emergency situations and just clothing, and also, you know, backpacks and your everyday carry bags and that kind of stuff. So because they're outdoor for focused and survival focused, not just outdoors, but the survival side of things, you know, one of the things they have, they actually have their own patented camouflage. There's a patent behind this camouflage pattern that you see. So we actually started off with this camouflage pattern for the outdoor effect. We started off with this army green for the outdoor effect, a also, right. So you see this camouflage up behind the header. I think we've got it also in the footer, but then if we started playing with that, we went with this black and gray color scheme, which works really well with the green and the camouflage. You can see, we actually faded the camouflage a little bit to black to darken it up, same thing in the footer. And it, it, it all works together really well and, and lets the products come to the foreground, right? So we've got the outdoor, you know, camouflage feel. We've got the UUs toughest nails, outdoors person type thing with the darkness. And then we've also got this stainless steel or brushed metal look in the logo and you can see it in the, in the product seals also. So to me, the, the branding, the colors, everything we put together really makes it feel like, you know, you're tough, you're an outdoors person you're gonna survive, you know, yada yada, yada definitely not the kind of site you'd want for babies or, you know, baby gear or something like that. But it works really well for this brand. And like I said, I love a, a store with a dark color scheme when it works. And I, I think it ended up working really well in this store. So let's talk about how we merchandise their products. So we go to the homepage, you can see at the top level, we broke it down into the five CS of survival, which is cordage combustion, cover clothing, and then container. So we use the the mega menu functionality here in the flex theme when we have it available when we have enough products available for it. And you'll notice that for our collection images or here, the collection image is a square one other places like on this page we made them more rectangular. So we did a lot of work with the photography and making it consistent for the current situation that we're on, but not using the exact same photo, the exact same cropping every single time. So these images were better square and these images were better rectangular. So we made unique individual instances of those. And then on the product level, we actually used the white product photography, which is, you know, the standard, you know what I call the Amazon photography. So here, you know, you got the photography and there's, there's plenty of, of different there. And you can, you know, pick which color you want, which size you want and all that good stuff. So let's go back up to the cordage top level. And this is, you know, you cook on cordage. We let you see the same options we show on the mega menu, but we do that in a list of collections page. And it's sort of like a buyer guide. So here we're explaining the differences between these different products, making it easy year for you to choose the one that's most important for you. So let's say you want the original survivor cord, oh, let's go for the new survivor cord XT. And then you can see here's your options for the XT. You can buy it in a hundred foot or you can buy it in a spool. If you click on the a hundred foot, then you can see your colors and all that good stuff. And then we have the product seals. These seals are specific to this product, which is a lifetime warranty. It's patented. The business is veteran owned. There's free domestic shipping and easy returns. You can see on the homepage. We also have product seals. Some of them are the same, but these are store specific ones, not product specific of value props that were reinforced. And let's just go into the container, the, the bags just cause they're fun to look at. And you, you know, you see the similar thing where if you get into the product page you can see all the same elements. And one of the things that we have in this one is the featured review elements. So this is just a meta field that I add. And then with some liquid code, we show it so down below there's 13 reviews and these are all judgment reviews. And what we do is the store staff looks to them all and figures out which one is the best or which piece of one is the best and uses that as a verbatim quote, to show up here to really drive home, you know, instead of merchandising this bag with staff, copy, they're merchandising this bag with customer content instead, and then they still have all their description from store staff. But at the very top level, they're using customer words instead of store staff words to really drive home the value prop. And you know, one of the interesting things on this one that we did is a lot of people, you know, are comparison shopping for this product and they may just wanna buy on Amazon instead. So we put the buy on Amazon button right on, on the page. And this was also a me field that we added that if you click on this, it'll take you to the Amazon page for that exact product. Some people may wanna buy on Amazon cause they've already got their credit card registered there and they want to get prime shipping and all that good stuff. So instead of trying to get in the way of that Titan, survival's totally embracing that. Like if you'd rather buy an Amazon and this is very cut customer focused storage, you'll see here in a minute, you want to buy on Amazon. We'll totally let you do that right from our own product pages. Lots of good information here. I love a got questions thing. Especially if you show your phone number these people will actually answer the phone and answer your questions, which is totally awesome. They talk about the shipping and warranty and, and policies. And then, you know, what I love about judge me or any review app for that matter is when they, you know, customers start uploading their photos and here you can see this, guy's got the bag, he's already put his patches on it. You can see the kind of gear he's carrying in it, you know, just, just drives home. You know, the words are great also, but the fact that people are putting up their photos and then some of the reasons I noticed they also, some people are actually putting up videos, which judge me allows you to do which is really good content for customers to learn more about the product, not from the store staff's words, but actually from the other customers words or, or point of view. So let's add this product to the cart and here in the car, you know, we got that dark color scheme going through again and let's just go into the checkout. And we carried that dark color scheme all the way through the checkout. I think this the darkest checkout experience I built Shopify and I love the way it looks right. We've got that army green going on. So we got the, the call to action, orange, the stainless steel BLEs, and the two shades of black and gray right there in the car. So there's a complete consistency in that branding element. So let's go back to the homepage and let's just scroll down to, so you've got the normal, a scene in all the different press reviews that they've gotten. Let's go down to there footer and look at some of the evergreen content. I'm a big fan of, and I'm about Paige that talks about the team. And as I always ask my clients, I'd love to see pictures of babies and dogs, because it's not just about the person at the store, but it's about that person being a human being, right, and having friends and family and a life. So these guys totally follow that. And here you go, here's Jared the owner of the business. So remember this is a veteran own business. And I, I didn't notice this till I just started reviewing the site a minute ago to get ready for this video. It's pretty subtle, but he's wearing his veteran hat, right? I, I just it's subtle, but I, I just think it's genius on his part to do that. But here you see a baby here. You can see his wife and kids. So there's more kids there. Here's an animal in the background. We got dogs in this photo and dogs in this photo. So, you know, not only did we see the people, their, their family, but you get to make that human connection to them instead of some corporate gibber Jabber here. So I really like this meet the team page. They put together, they also talk about their products, you know, how they got started, what their whole process is and all this good stuff. And as I said before, you know, they're, they're very customer focused and, and they, they do their messaging a lot, right? Customer experience means everything to us. That's why they have, if we go back to their, their main things here, right? Easy returns and lifetime warranties. So they're very customer focused. They answer their phones. They, they listen to their customers and they respond when, when customers have issues. They've also got plenty of video reviews. A lot of people on YouTube will review their products. We, we wanna around YouTube and found all those different people that are doing that and put those up here on the page. We also have the customer reviews page, and they've also got some evergreen content for SEO purposes. So, you know, their number one product is their cordage, the survivor cord, and here there's a whole hundreds of them, paracord projects. So things that you can make let's just look at the, make a bull whip one where you can buy this power cord. And here's a video on how to make a bull whip from power cord with all the instructions. So this is really good information. Then there's a ton of it up here, or a ton of different ideas you saw on that page a second ago, of all the different things that you can make from power cord, other evergreen things they have are survival tips and not. So, you know, lots of good SEO content going on here doing more than just selling products, but also letting people know how they can use their products or get the most out of the products. Lots of good information. And they've got discounts for military VIPs, all that good stuff and product instructions. And then they talk about where you can buy their products. If, you know, if you want, like I said, they're very customer focused. They wanna buy from their store. You can go to these places and buy it. And then they've got a nice branded contact us page. And here you can even see for the banner. What we did is we just can continued this camouflage and a total black and white look instead, or gray scale look to bleed that from the, the colored camouflage all the way into the black background. And that works really nicely. So that is the tight survival store redesign Shopify store using the flex theme. Thanks for all watch.

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