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Hey, Scott Austin here from JadePuma. In this video, I'm gonna show you the store redesign we did for FitMyFoot. FitMyFoot sells custom insoles that are 3d printed to map to your foot's contours. And here's the original site before we did the redesign, I close that preview of the old theme. Now you can see how we've upgraded it. So we have a lot more color coming in here and a lot more consistency in the color. The theme came with this nice blue and green color combo. And then we ended up driving that more consistently across the site. And to do that, we started off with defining some brand guidelines in our color palette, our topography, and then consistently implemented that across the site. Cause the site did not have consistency before that, you know, the site had been around for the, you know, the past eight or nine years and many different people have come in and out of the company. And you could just tell that, you know, people did things different ways without consistency. So the first thing we like to do in our projects is define that brand guidelines and put it right onto the store and a page so that everybody can go look at that and refer back to that. So there is consistency in the brand. Now the challenge that FitMyFoot as a store redesign is what they're doing is they have an app for your phone and they, the phone app, whether you're on Android or iPhone walks you through the process of taking photos of your feet. And as you take photos of your feet it builds a 3d model of what your foot looks like so that it can build these 3d custom printed insoles that are designed just for your feet. So the challenge there is we have to connect some FitMyFoot servers that are being connected to from these apps where they're storing the customer's profile and the photos and generating that 3d model for the feet. And then we have to connect that to their Shopify account. So this is a Shopify plus store that allows us to have API access to the customer records and, and the ability to log in. So we're logging into both the Shopify store and to the FitMyFoot servers. And we go into login page here and we're already logged in right now and you can see there's my foot profile. And that's talking to the FitMyFoot servers and my profile on my account here. You know, I had downloaded the app under my phone, took the photos and the photos were of the right quality. They could build a model and that's where you get the little checkbox that says, Hey, you know, your profile is good. Let's go back to the the homepage and just walk you through the the shopping experience here a little bit. There's two types of products you're selling right now, insoles and sandals. So you just made them both top level navigation elements, the sand, the insoles, you get to decide what color or pattern or if you want woo for your insole. And then when you make that choice, you decide between full length or three quarter length. And we have some product citizen in here talking about the value props, some nice imagery with consistency of the photography to talk about the value props. Also tying that together with an infographic and some more graphics. So we got lots of different information on this page with text, video images and icons, right? So all this information is gonna give the customer as much information as they need and answer any different questions they have or, you know, bust any objections that they have when making that purchase fitdecision. And then we also ended up with reviews and we have, you know, lots and lots of reviews for the products cuz the store has been around for quite a bit of time now. So the customer makes those decisions, adds it to their cart and what will happen. Let's get rid of the gift cards. What happens in the checkout experience? We have a custom checkout because this is a Shopify plus store. It enables us to have a custom checkout and you can see you're required to log in before you can check out. And that's so that we can see if you already have an account with the FitMyFoot servers, because you can start your shop experience on the Shopify store or you could start your shopping experience on the phone app, right? So we have to log you in to see if you've already created your profile on an app or not. And if you haven't then we'll, you know, do one set of actions with you. Like have you download the app and those good things. So we have this custom checkout experience that we walk the customers through to do that check, to see if they already have an account in a foot profile so that we don't need to create a new pro foot profile. And then the other type of product they have is sandals. And the decisions there are men or womens and when you pick, you know, men or women's, then you get to pick the footbed color. And then also the strap colors and the straps are also replaceable. And you see, we got lots of good imagery here. Also lots of content. I'm a big fan of rich product content pages. We add that to the car. What we do is give them an upsell using the linear shopping app made by Jade PMOs free in the the app store. And what this says is, Hey, You added a pair of sandals to the cart. Do you wanna look at additional straps? And you can say, no, I just wanna go to the cart or you say, yeah, show me the straps. So this is a way to increase the RPU by letting people know of relevant upsells for the products that they're purchasing. We don't send 'em to the straps. If they purchase an insole, we only send 'em to the straps if they purchase a pair of sandals. So in this case, they've already gotten the plums color, and let's just add the black ones to the cart. And now you can see they've got sandals and an extra pair of straps by going through that linear shopping experiences app. We also have a lot of testimonial videos. Some of these are from consumers, others are from medical professionals and others are from influencers, but lots and lots of video testimonials. I'm a big fan of customer feedback, whether it's in reviews or testimonials and any way that you can get it. So here, the team has been collecting the video ones. In addition to all the customer reviews that we're getting through the judge, me review app right here, you see, we have 304 reviews so far, and then we also have a app download page because people can, you know, download the app first or they could find the store first and then need to download the app. So we give the ability to download the Android and the iPhone version. And we walk them through a video that explains how to use the app to take the photos necessary so they can create their foot profile. So that FitMyFoot and create that 3d model of their feet to create the insoles for them. And let's look at our evergreen pages. We've got a team page with, you know, good photos of the team members and explanations of their, you know, experiences, get people confidence in the staff. The history of the store on the store has been around for a while. They've won some awards, they've done some cool things. Like one of the things that I thought was really interesting that we put in here was one of them team members actually ran the Boston marathon in under three hours wearing the FitMyFoot sandals, right? Little things like that, I think are fun to include in there. And they've also done some Kickstarter. So there's lots of information in the history and they talk about the science of, you know, the problem that people have with their feet and then the solution on, you know, making these 3d printed custom insoles and how that's better than just getting a generic insole off the shelf in the store reviews were already talked about, they got a rich, deep blog, lots and lots of content in it. I think this shoe ITT chart is, you know, ironically one of the most commonly traffic pages in their SEO. It's, it's, they rank really well for That. But, you know, they're using the blog articles to drive traffic to their site. And then what we do is on the end of each article, we have, you know, different promotions. These are the promotions for the five different product categories, the three different insoles and the two different sandals. So after they finish the article, we, you know, trying to drive them into that shopping experience. We also include the email sign up form on the blog article pages too. And then these guys are doing some innovative stuff. So there's lots of press, we've got your typical press page notice we're doing the blue and green to alternate years just to give it a little variety there, but tons and tons of articles about the business, going back to 2015, the evergreen or the policy pages. I put those inside of pages. This is in the flex theme. So we put in a nice banner on the top of it and just pull the content from the policies in the settings. But that way they look a lot better than just showing the policy pages themselves. And then we have a gift card we've carried that branding throughout the the whole gift card process. So there's consistency in it. I dunno if we've edited the gift card redemption page before, but it's not that intuitive how to do it the first time, but it it's the kind of, you know, Polish to a site that I really like to, to do. They've got an affiliate program. So that takes 'em off to their external partner for affiliates. And they talk about different partnerships that they do. There's a lot of B2B lead generation that they do. So we put in some explanation about that and also have a contact us form for that purpose on the partnership page. We also have a referral program they're using Yapo for this and I've already logged in. So it's, it's showing me that I haven't done any referrals yet. But you can see here, I sent a test one out. So it shows you the status of any referrals you send out. If they, if the person has accepted it or not. And you can see rewards for your referrals right in this page here. And then we have a let's go to contact first, you know, typical contact page contact form. The nice thing is they're showing their phone number. They're willing to talk to customers on the phone. That's a great way to build trust. We can show the phone number again with a hyperlink, so anybody can just click on it and open it up on their phone. Show a map to show that they're in Arizona, if their manufacturing is done, and then a link to the FAQ where they've got a bunch of questions and answers that they're building out and always continuing to, to beef that up. So that is the FitMyFoot store redesign. This is done in the flex theme in an online store, 2.0 version with lots of, you know, custom sections added into different places throughout the experience. Thanks for watching.

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