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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jane Puma in this video, I'm going to walk through the new store build that we did for 80 bike jerseys. 80 buy Jersey sells their own manufactured, a bicycle jerseys for men and women with their own designs on them. And their designs are based on different locations. So what we did is, you know, there's, what's ways to shop, but the first way to shop is by destination. And you can click one of these destinations and here you see we're using the turbo theme here. So we've got this nice mega menu popping up with these brilliant images. And because we picked, you know, scenic destinations or Andy, the owner of 80 black churches, he picked scenic destinations to build his Jersey designs around. It was really easy to come up with fantastic stock photography, right. You know, if you're looking at lake Tahoe or Tuscany or whatever, it's easy to get multiple images. And what you'll see is we use stock photography. If I just go into, let's go into a destination, right? So Hawaii, we've got one image here and then we've got a different image here. So we use, you know, multiple different images that were easy to find through stock photography. And the other thing we're doing for stock photos, just to give a theme to the site is anytime we have a banner, we want a background image. We use a vintage bicycle and there you'll see those throughout the site. So with, you know, really good product photography on their side, and then the ability to add in good, compelling stock photography. And we've actually got a rich and engaging site going on. So for the brand colors, we went with an orange ours already in the logo. So then I pivot off of that on the color wheel and came up with a blue or using a couple different colors, shades of blue throughout. So first thing we do is when I, you know, pick a destination, we can shop by destination and here, you know, we've got the whole, you know, list of collections pages at the top, and we show each one of them with another image, you know, with what's going on with the juices underneath. These actually look really nice. I really liked the way this site came out because of the combination of these brilliant designs, you know, graphically brilliant, a lot of imagery going on in colors. And then also with the stock photography mixed in, there's just, you know, a lot of color and stuff coming at you really, really nicely. That was the really fun one to make here. So you, once you pick a Jersey, what'd you get to it by, you know, you can browse also by men or women's and just see the designs. We've got some filters here that are included with the turbo theme. So I could say, Hey, I'm really looking for something with some blue in it. And then on here's one that I like, let me click on that one. And then once you got on a product page, there are a lot of options to these jerseys. You know, you can pick the sleeve lengths, you know, the size of the Jersey, you know, how much of a zipper does it have and you know, what fit it is tight or even tighter. So what we did for this, because this is way More than, you know, a Shopify variant can handle because there's more than three options with the comp you know, greater than a hundred combinations. We used an app infinite options by shot pad app to show these product options. And it was really fun to see each one of his designs was inspired by a place he had been in a photo he had taken. And for each one of the designs, he actually shows the photo that he took. And then you could see, oh yeah, that design looks just like that. That's pretty cool. And then you can add it to your car, you know, pick different options that you want and add it to the cart and here in their car, you know, we got a Privia pop-up showing up there, here in the car that shows you the options that you've picked and they can go in and check out. And it looks like we haven't updated the branding on the checkout experience. We'll have to fix that. And then another way you can shop is you want to see, you know, all the products in one destination, you can see that. And there's, you know, it's, it's the same product, bicycle jerseys, just different designs on. And so we're just pivoting a couple different ways to get into those that is by location by men or women or by any of these filters that you want to filter by also the other filter being color. And once you're in, you can select the options that we talked about. And we also built some evergreen pages around the experience. You know, there's one for a gift cards, which has taken a second to come up here. There we go. I'm going to bring you a gift card in there. We've also got a sizing chart for the jerseys. Something's kind of funky in my browser, even just the links aren't clickable at first. So, you know, I'm gonna have some graphical sizing chart here. And then we also talk about the features of the jerseys because, you know, people have to make some choices here. They can learn a little bit about the jerseys and the choices that they're going to make for them on, you know, what are your sleeve length, your zippers and stuff like that. We've also got that embedded in the accordion on the product page. The product page has an accordion down here where the sizing information from that page, and then the about our jerseys has also got the accordion embedded inside of the accordion with all those different options. So we show that information in the header, but we also show it on the product page so that if they're on the product page, they can get more information without having to go to another page and lose their place in their shopping experience. We've also got an about us page where Andy it takes a lot of photos of him and puts them up there, which I absolutely love, right. But that human face and provide that authenticity. Like he actually bicycles all the time. Right. and FAQ, and here you can see here, we've got those banner ads with, or banner images, the backgrounds where these different vintage bicycles on them, a customer gallery of photos using the gallery functionality, built into the turbo theme, a contact us page vintage with white wheels, a bicycle there, which can interesting. And then just the policy pages and all that. So, you know, there's not a lot of complexity of the site, cause it's, it's one product that of different designs and you get to shop into it. You know, you get to the one you're looking for by three different accesses of destination, gender and color. So that is 80 bike jerseys. Thanks for watching.

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