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Hello Scott Austin here from gene Puma. And in this video I'm going to walk you through a new Shopify store that we built out for a company called spice Lux. What they're doing is selling a spice jars in different sizes and accessories to go around them to help clean up your kitchen and make things more uniform. Usually when people buy spices, they come in different size jars and bottles and a lot of people want to just make them look more consistent. So that's what this company is doing. So you can see here we've got some, excuse me, some pretty simple and clean branding going on, right? We've got two spice colors, the cinnamon red and the spice Brown we're using for the branding colors. But what we're doing most of the time is keeping the colors gray and black. So the product pops more to the forefront and not the color scheme. And they've got a really nice logo. I like that one a lot. We use that in the header and footer and throughout the rest of the site. So buying spice jars is a three step process. You know, for them, you, first thing you have to do is pick the size of the jar. [inaudible] Excuse me, my squash, my throat is all scratchy. Today you have to pick the size of the jar, then you have to pick the color of the cap. They have multiple options there and then you can add accessories to it. So we've done, we've broken the shopping experience down into those three steps. So you notice here, the first thing you do, if you click on any one of these three, it takes you to the same first step, which is pick your jar size. So they've got multiple sizes of jars and also shapes. They've got the four ounce square, six, eight 16. And then what we can do is we click on any one of those. It'll take us to that product. In that product page, the customer gets the choice on what caps they want. So the, now I've said I want four ounce glass jars that are square. Now we get to say, well, what kind of a cap color do you want? And you can see we're changing the product image to map based on what they select and we've got the swatches set up for the variants. And they can, you know, order more than one set of jars. You know, if they want to change the quantity. We've also got some branding down here, some icons for, you know, some of the value props behind their products. And we've also got product reviews in place. So now when I add to cart, I'm actually not going to go to the cart, which is the normal scenario here. In this theme we're using, which is the turbo theme. We've done it. Who added some custom code that takes them to, you can see it up here, a page that is add accessories. So these are the accessories that are applicable for the four ounce jars. They can get a silicone spice funnel, they can get a stainless steel funnel and some different label options. So we're letting the customer know what additional choices they have for that product. So if we, you know, go to a different product, let's say instead I'm going to order the 16 ounce jars. The 16 ounce jars have also number of jars as a a variant option and I add that to cart. I'm going to go to a different ad accessories page. Now I'm on the ad accessories page B and in this one, cause the jar sizes are different. The stainless steel covers that they have in the spice rack don't fit those jars. So we don't show those accessories. So depending on which jars they add to the cart, we take them to the accessories page that shows them the accessories that work for that. And then we allow the customers to opt out of accessories right at the top and bottom. You can just, you know, go to the cart if you want to or you can add the accessories. And then I added accessories to the cart and there you can see the two different size jars that I've added and the accessories also showing up. A couple of other things we've also done for this site is we have a, a customer gallery. We've all sorts of photos that our customers have submitted. So we added some of those to the homepage, but if we hit the see more button we have the full idea gallery and all these different customer photos, which there's some really nice ones in here, some nice ideas way. They use these, these jars and how they make their kitchens look nice. So here we're using the turbos masonary layout. So even though the photos are all different sizes, each row is the same height. And I really liked that effect. It's really clean looking like a rows of bricks. We've also got a testimonials page and we've also got a wholesale page where a potential wholesale customers can come and click, enter their information and start the process for wholesale. You'll notice on most of our evergreen pages we've got these branding banners going on. For instance, on the, about us page, we've got the branding, you know, we can try different, you know, images on each one and same thing with the contact us. And on the contact us, we start off the contact options with an FAQ. So they're building out FAQ here, you know, frequently asked questions so that customers can self-help and not have to, you know, wait for an email or a phone call to be returned in their, their support process. And then we show all the other support options that are available to them, like email, phone and addresses and the nice map function with the Google maps put in this page. So we're also using a mega menu on this shop page here. So the get started kicks off the whole three step process we talked about. Or they can go straight to jars or they can look at, you know, a specific accessory or all their accessories. So if I already own a set of glass jars, I can see, you know, how I can augment that. And it's, you know, you always opt out to see everything that's in the product catalog, which some people like the reason, the mega menu functionality for those four different menus. And I think that explains this store for you. So hope you enjoyed watching it. And thanks a lot.

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