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Hey, Scott Austin here in this video, I'm gonna go through the store redesign we did for Sophia and Chloe. It was the existing Shopify store. We upgraded it using the turbo theme and did a, a full store redesign Sophia and Chloe is obviously a jewelry store, right? They sell their own custom design that they design and manufacture here in the United States. It's owned by Natalie the designer, and it's actually named after her children. I looked the name of Sophia and Chloe. It comes from her two daughters. So she's making her own products and selling them. And what's really nice is she actually went through and did some photo shoots with some models. So we don't just have flat lay product photography. And I'll show what that looks like here with a lookbook let's go here. So it was nice to be able to come in and have a whole library of images that we could choose from and use throughout the site. And you can see here in our look book, what we're doing is if you know, you can hover over and oh, peace, love and happiness. That's the, the collection here. You can click on this and go see that peace, love and happiness collection. So the, you know, the outline thing is really subtle. You don't even see it half the time. It doesn't obstruct from the image too much, but you hover over it. You can see it, but, you know, know just highlighting the fact that it was really nice to have, you know, a professional photo shoot, you know, with the objects on people. So you could see what they look like, get inspiration. And then, you know, we use that, that photography throughout the site. So one of the ways we have multiple ways to shop here, one is by, so the designs, you know, Buddhist kisses, a design and a lot of these are different designs and there's different ways that you can shop. You can see throughout here, there's a whole bunch of different ways to do that. So the, the mega menu here in turbo helped us list out all of those ways. And then we also have some, you know, more generic shot by, by product type and by price. If I click on, you know, by type, you can see here that, you know, different bangles belts, bracelets, charms, cufflings earrings, and that kind of stuff, the, the normal product types. And then also, sometimes it's always helpful when you're looking for a gift to have shot by price. We put that in place and we also put in a sale for people that are, you know, just looking for the, the products that are on sale. So let's go to a shop by earrings, for example, and here is the collection page and we have filters, you know, for the product type, the finish gold, silver, rose, gold, that kind of stuff. And we're using the swatches for that. And we're using swatches for the stones. And it was really nice how the, you know, we, we could make little swatches of the stone shapes and they look like little gems. I think that looks really cool. A lot better than just a generic color, you know, square swatch kind of thing. But, you know, customers can filter by, you know, whatever those parameters are important to them. And if they click onto a product, they'll see, you know, plenty of product options, you know, here you're get different stones, you're can attach to it and there's, you know, photography for all that. So you see tons of photography lined up and, you know, good information about the products, a little infographic saying, Hey, you know, it comes, you know, with a free gift wrapping. And it also says it's part of this collection. Remember before we talk about all these different collections up here, while we see which collection the product is in, we cross merchant dot that collection right here on, on the product page, Hey, this is part of the kiss Moroccan collection. If you wanna see more products, here's the full collection. So you can see everything that has that Moroccan kiss design, which is this, this outline shape here and click on any one of those and, you know, learn more about them. And then when there was press, we put that on the product page also, and farther down here, you'll still out. A lot of press. You have a little bit of, you know, about the designers is all made by Natalie and we have product reviews because this is such a browse inspired store. We put, you know, recently viewed items. So you can see things that you would recently looked at and go back and review them again. If you have interest in them this one here you can see, it was also, you know, has, has some press stuff in it. We take a product, we can add it to the cart. Got the standard, you know, checkout experience here, go into the checkout. And we've got that with some, you know, the, the branding from the store. Also. Now let's go back to press is a great example of a page here where this store, this brand has been around for, well over a decade. They have press going back to the, the two thousands. So, you know, we have a really long press page of all the different things. You know, it was on this two EV show was in this magazine and all that kind of stuff. It was worn by this person. So you can see just tons and tons of those articles. And some of them are so old that the original image sizes we have are by today's standards, very small, which is why we kept all of the elements small so that you didn't notice like how grainy some of them were when we got the image 2008. So lots of good press information there. We already talked about the, the look book. I wanna see if there's anything else, just show you. Let's just see what our contact list page looks like. So we just took some imagery there for the banner and, you know, put it to gray scale. I think we did that on the the footer all, so yeah. Then this is subscribe kind of thing. So that is the Sophia and Chloe Shopify store using the turbo theme. Thanks for watching.

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