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Hello Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video, I'm going to walk through a store that were recently build for a company called leather express. They're a leather furniture store in San Marcos, California. And this store is a retail presence, right? They're a physical brick and mortar store and they only sell [inaudible] additions, leather furniture, and they're not allowed to sell it online. So their, their store, their online store is basically an average Heisman or a billboard to draw traffic into their retail store. So I'll walk through a, what we've done for them here. So the first thing we did a, we're in a Shopify store, we're using the turbo theme and we picked a color scheme that was reflective of colors of leather. So we're trying to, you know, bring home that, that feeling of soft, luxurious leather, the colors that we've picked. And what we have is lots of good photography and assets and we've got lots of great product photos with the white background. We've also got lots of lifestyle shots of the photography and we've even got videos that we have throughout the site. Also, so the first thing we have on this homepage is a link to the store cause a lot of people are just going to come to this website and just want to know where the story is or a phone number and address and that kind of thing. So right in the header we have a link to the store where we show, you know, where it's location is, hours and those kinds of things. And then we also have the ability to shop by two different methods. Let's go back to the homepage. I'm one of those methods is by product type, you know, sectionals, sofas, chairs, that kind of thing. And the other is by collection. And, and Susie sells lots of collections. They make lots of collections of furniture. So if I click on just the collections link, you can see each one of these link links off to a collection page that just has, let's look at energy a, for example, this right here. So they, they have a sectional and a love seat in this collection. Others have, you know, more products. Some have less. I'll just look at a elegancy and see what's there. So there's three different products there. So you can see these are all matching furniture. They're all the same style. And when you click on one of the products, remember I said they weren't allowed to sell online. So we have here instead of a buy now button, we have, you know, put them your email address in and get a price list from the retailer directly. And we even tell you, Hey, you know, you've got to buy in our showroom, here's our showroom info. And we also have this download schematics PDF link, which when I click on that opens up in a separate tab, the PDF about that collection and the dimensions which are really important so people can see if it's going to fit in the spaces that they have. So this is really valuable information for customers. And then we also have, you know, a little bit information about an a to Z on that page. And then related items show the same products that are in the same collection. So, you know, we're on the Lindsay of sectional and now we see the L on, don't know how to say Italian word, sorry, the elegant, the elegant a couch and the organza chair. And then we also have these value props for the store, which are very important selling propositions for them cause they are low overhead and do have a low price guarantee. We wanted to make sure that that's front and center here. You can see it on every product page. We also have that front and center on the homepage. Here's their value props for their customers, which are really important to drive home. So we try to do that consistently throughout the site. So let's go into the collections one more time and go to that one. That's a, I want to show you live a video on, I get to this one here. It's the same video. It's on the homepage, but on product pages we're also embedding videos where we have them for the different products. So we just use the YouTube embed codes to put those right in there on that product page. And then some other things to show you here. We have a nice page that explains a lot about an a to Z and its founder and owner of the company. And also, you know, some of the reasons that they're such a, you know, a high quality, a high end brand that people really desire. So we try to let people understand that a tizzy story and the nuts as the value props. We have that, you know, page dedicated to this. We also have this condensed as you saw before on the product pages. And then we also have a contact us page which has the normal contact information. You notice the banners we have across the entire site, they're all in a tizzy furniture on them. They're really nicely done. They did a lot of good stage photography which made it easy to put it the site together with all those photographic assets. And that is I think are an a to Z. Our, our, our leather express store walk through. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email or give me a call. Thanks a lot. Bye.

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