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Hey, Scott Austin here from Gene Puma. In this video, I'm going to show you the new store that we built on Shopify for Monarch Chocolate to automate their wholesale business. So no matter where I go on this store, I'm required to log in before I can see anything, because we've restricted the whole site to just authorized users. So I'm going to log in and this logging on this account page shows me my past orders and I can place a reorder. I can look at the different products that I ordered or I can just go to the the order link in the header. And what we've got here is, you know, the cattle log for their wholesale business is fairly small. So it's a really simple page to to lay things out in this grid, in this bulk order capability that we've built in for them. And some customers, you know, most customers in their wholesale business are familiar with their products and just want to place a restock order so they just can go here, collect the number of cases that they want. Notice we are purchasing in cases in the wholesale store and they just add that to their cart. But if we have a new customer that comes to the store and hasn't placed orders before, they can click on the grid view and actually look at the products and understand more about them. And it's as simple as that for this store because it's just a simple order processing capability. So we don't have any about page. You know, information like that because that's all in the retail store for the wholesale customers to look at before they sign up for the retail program. We do give the wholesale customers the ability to contact the store staff if they need to. So that's it for the new wholesale store on the Shopify platform that we built for Monarch Chocolate Company. Thanks for watching.

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