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Mulberry Park Silks - 2021

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Client Testimonial of the Project

Transcript of the testimonial-video

Hi, my name's Tom Ceconi I'm president of Fine Linen and Bath. And today I'm here to talk about JadePuma and Scott Austin. So I first discovered Scott Austin through podcasting. I am a avid podcast listener when I first started with the company in 2019, I knew very little about e-commerce. So I started listening to all the different podcasts about Shopify and, and how to grow an e-commerce company. And it came across Scott's podcast. And the one thing that differentiated, at least in my book Scott's podcast is he talked very technical, but he made it very easy for a person to understand. And so I was immediately drawn to that, cuz that's my background. I was more on the technical side in a prior life. I just felt like this is one of the guys it's just not just talking, he actually walking, he's walking the talk and he, he knew the back end and the front end, the Shopify, the first time that we had a meeting with Scott, he took a look at our website and he was recording it and he made a, a bunch of very intelligent comments on how we could improve it.

And so one of the things that Scott discussed with us he was mentioning that he had and sort of a configurator for another one of his clients and a colleague of mine here at Fine Linen and Bath. And I was had been talking prior to that about like a build to bed feature where somebody can mix and match different colors of silk, cuz a lot of times, you know, person may want their pillow cases to look different than their sheets and their top of the bed duvet covers. And so Scott says, I, I think I can do this. So we were able to working through him, create this feature. We know, call, build a bed on the Mulberry park silks website. And it allows people to really configure the bed of their dreams. Actually it's very unique in our business.

None of our competitors have such a tool that allows someone to mix and match various products and colors together to, to really build their bed. So it, it has distinguished us in that sense and it's making money for us. So the, the proof is in the pudding at the end of the day, that's really the most important measurement of success of anything on your website is if it's, if it's driving revenue, we have gone from just strictly from a, a visitor standpoint from less than a hundred people, a coming to our website to over a thousand people a day, coming to our website. Now some of that has to do with more products that we're selling, some of that has to do with blogging and, and some of that has to do with you know, just a much better shopping experience for our customers. And that's where JadePuma was able to really help us.

He has a much broader perspective. I mean, I'm, we're very narrowly focused on our own website and we know our least, we, we hope we know what what's working on our site, but he sees what works across dozens of sites. And so he can come to the table with ideas that we may have never even thought of. So if I had to sum up what I wanted to say about JadePuma and Scott, he's a very smart market. He's a smart technician. He's able to get the project done in a relatively fast amount of time. That's not always the case in this business. I mean, there's a lot of people that will overcharge you and take a long time. And, and, and Scott is the polar opposite of that. Just want to thank Scott and JadePuma. They've been a, a fantastic asset to our company. And if you're considering using them, you should.

Video Walkthrough of the Site

Transcript of the walk-through video
Hey, Scott Austin here in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the store redesign we did for Mulberry park silks. It was an existing Shopify store and we did a redesign and used the flex theme on this one to start off with, for brand they, they use this this strong purple color I call it print and we use that. And then shades of that purple across everything. As you can see here, right? We've got all sorts of different shades of purple going on, but it's that consistent thematic purple throughout everything for the, the brand elements you see when they shoot videos, they've got 'em on purple backdrops. Our iconography has purple. Everything's got that purple except for judgment in which we couldn't control the colors on. Unfortunately. So Mulberry park silks sells silk, basically sheets, bedding, and also some accessories like scrunchies and head scarfs. So let's talk about the silk bedding. If we go on to the silk pillow cases, you can see here, we're using the mega menu to graphically display all your options. If I click on the silk bedding, it takes me to a page where I'm, you know, picking making decisions here. We don't drop 'em straight into products, and you can see a lot of text and copy on this page. The Mulberry park team does a great job in creating content in writing copy images, infographics, and not just displaying their products. So they're really trying to educate their customers in addition to, you know, providing the, the right, right products for them. So if we click on, you know, the, the pillow cases here this is a collection page and you can see we've got some filters on the side for color and size and Mae and the product types. Now, you know, it's really nice here. Like let's say, oh, I like that Ruby color. I've got the color swatch here. I can click on that and see, well, there's only one pillow case that comes in that color. So that, that makes that choice a lot easier for you. But let's look at like the 19 Mame pillow case here, and you'll see it comes in lots of colors. So we've got options for that. We've got options for the size, you know, standard queen and king. We're telling you what those size is right in the product options you can pick which color you want. And it actually, you've got an app added in here that when you pick the certain color variant, you'll notice all the product images show up that are in that color. So here we are on white, and this is a white image. And these at the bottom, you know, all, all these little ones here are all the white one. If I go to the black one, they are, they're all the black images show up. So it's really nice functionality. And they've also, you know, they're giving you a, you know, you can choose one or by two, you know, get a little discount for buying in quantity. They've got an app here. I think this one's called cell for a bundling products together. And most people when actually buy, so pillow cases is something I learned they're, they're doing it for skincare reasons. So the Scrunchies and stuff like that, which help your hair also skincare or, or hair care having silk scrunchies, you know, makes common sense for your daytime when you're, you know, sleeping on a silk pillowcase, trying to help your hair and not have split ends and those kind of things. So that's a logical there, and we've got the product seals all with the right color scheme in them. And we've got the hover effects where we tell a little more information about those. Some of those are even clickable. We can learn more information and then we've got product tabs where, you know, give the description of the product, a contact us. They actually will enter the phone. So we pump list the phone number. First and foremost, you've got any questions about their products or how the benefits of silk give 'em a call. They'll answer it for you. We give, you know, a nice long size guy and lots of information about sizing for your Ben. And then product care. You know, if you buy, you know, silk, how do you care for it? Is it more complex to care for than normal know materials, some facts about silk. They put in, you know, together, some videos to get that stuff done. And this here is a nice program. They have where, you know, if you want to actually see the colors or feel the different textures of the ma ma of silk, you can order swatches. So here they actually talk about, you know, in a video their, their swatch program. If you click on this, you can go and order, you know, your free swatches and they show you different colors. You can get 'em in kind of thing. Which is really nice customer service. And you'll notice, you know, they're using videos a lot, which I'm a big fan of. So not only do they have copy about things, they have infographics and images. They actually, you spend the time and energy to write up a script and put together, you know, a professional video. And then the last tab is for shipping and delivering. And then below the tabs, there's this long content section where they explain more and more about, you know, the, the value prop of silk pillow cases. And, you know, one of the strategies that I fully believe in is you should put as much content on your product page as you have about that particular product. And they do a good job of that here, where they talk about, you know, different benefits. Like if you want it for skincare or hair care or comfort they'll go through all those different things and explain them to you. So we took the flex team, which allows us to put in lots of different content types like this, and use the power of that. And flex team also allows us to easily change the background colors and that kind of stuff. So you can see we're alternating background colors to make it more readable, especially on the mobile phone. You know, I use background colors a lot on mobile to group content together. So it's kind of obvious on desktop. This is a single row. This image goes with this text, but on mobile where it's stacked image, text image, text image, text, it's harder to tell which ones go together, unless you do this background color alternating thing. So lots and lots and lots of content here that said, it just goes on for quite a bit of time, lots of good information. And then we go to the product reviews, which are done by judge me. So let's just look at another product. So let's go to a silk accessories and just pick a head scarf same, same type of layout. We don't go as much information on, on the silk benefits on this one. And then if we add that to the cart, you'll see here in the cart, we have an upsell or laundry detergent. This is laundry version that it's specific for silk which is logical sense. And they also talk about, you know, the fact that they're shipping right now as I'm filming this in 2021 supply chain issues are kind of common. So here, they're saying, Hey, we don't have supply chain issues order. Now we'll get it out to you immediately. And then if we go into the checkout experience, we're gonna see that name purple branding carry straight through to the checkout. So we, we keep that, that same brand look and feel throughout the whole store experience. Now, one of the things they did here that I, I really like is they built out a buyer's guide. So if you go to the buyers guide, we can see here, you know, are you looking for a gift? You looking for, you're looking for pillowcase, you're looking for kids' beddings. So let's, let's say we're looking for bedding and then they're like, all right, great. What is your bed size? Well, I have a queen size bed, and then it will show you the different products that fit a queen size bed. And then if you wanna start over again, you can restart the buyer's guide and, and go through the, the navigation again. And we talked a little bit about how to add more types of categories of what they're interested in to the buyer's guide, but the buyer guide is a nice way for them to educate customers and walk them through whatever questions they have or what's important to them and give them that information. If we look at the food or they've also built out a lot of content, well, I like there about us. So here here's the team. And I like the fact they're all dressed in, in, in, in black tops. They give that, is there, this there's a consistency behind that. And they actually said it was actually, I don't know if that happened, but it it's a nice effect in the end where there's that consistency of even how the staff is dressed, which makes it look more holistic, but they also do a good job in explaining, you know, information about silk, which, you know, that content is used on the product pages and the collection pages also, but it's a good standalone page. And then they can use that as a destination for their email marketing, same thing with a silk care guide. So once somebody does a per it's easy to send them to this page in an email after the fact, like, congratulations on purchasing your silk, learn about how to care for it. So there's lots of good information in a bunch of these different pages with all the content that they've built out. So that is the Mulberry park silks Shopify store, a store redesign the flex theme. Thanks for watching.

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