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Transcript of the walk-through video
Hey, Scott Austin, here in this video, I'm going to walk you through the store redesign that we did for Heritage Park. Heritage Park sells laundry detergent and other laundry accessories, and we had built their Shopify store for them a few years back, pre online store, 2.0 in the Flex theme, and they wanted to implement an updated version of the flex scene that includes online store 2.0 so they could more easily build out the robust content they build around their products. So we went in and added the new flex theme and then rebuilt the store and added some functionality for them. And as you can see here, you know, they're using all sorts of different types of content modules and sections to present their content. Some of them are custom ones. For example, this one here we designed for them that allows them to pick the width of the image. So different images have different aspect ratios. They can just adjust the width using the slider and have them all, you know, layout. Normally this is the normal 5050 image with a text section, so we made them the custom one that they can, you know, choose what the width of the image is going to be and therefore the image of the text also, let's go into a product page and show you what that looks like. Here we have, you know, we picked one product and the other products that have the same, you know, type of cleaning. So this is a silken wool laundry detergent, but it comes in other fragrances. This product is for the fragrance free one. But we have the element up here where they can look at the lavender mist, one or the other. Scents also easily to navigate between them. So that way, you know, you're fragrance choices are for that specific laundry detergent because there are different types of wonder detergent. We scroll down that page, you'll see lots of content on it and we've got these tabs and each one of the detergents has a color palette for it, and our tabs match that color palette. If we go over to the lavender, we should see more purple tabs. Yep. And then in the tabs, we you know, one of the fun things we have, which are the ingredients, and each one of those ingredients is linked. It opens up in a new tab. We built a blog out for all the different ingredient so you can read in more detail about each of the ingredients and what it does for cleaning and any concerns that people may have about what's in their laundry detergent. You can see each of these product pages has lots of content on it. And they also, you know, because they're so content rich, what they do, there's also a laundry blog. And if we look at the the first one here, you'll see lots of content there with, you know, upsells, emails and purchasing. And we've also added a related products section to this store so that at the article level they can just at a Merrifield select the products they want to promote in that article. So we can turn that education consumer into a shopping customer right from the blog and drive them directly into that shopping experience. They've got different types of products. They're all built the same way at the product page level with the tabs and the rich content. And then we've got some good, you know, about information. It's a little bit of their story and there's, you know, other content like featured in, you know, what kind of press have they gotten and that kind of good stuff. So a nice robust store for a product catalog that isn't that large or they've probably got a dozen or so products, but it's elegantly presented their consistent branding going on with the color palette. It's a nice it's a nice looking shopping experience for them. It's for watching.

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