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Client Testimonial of the Project

Transcript of the testimonial-video

If you guys are questioning, if JadePuma's the right choice for you, I would just recommend booking a consultation call with him and getting some time set aside where he can review your product, your brand and your website. That's something that we did. And after that call, we just knew that Scott was the right partner for us. And so I think if you guys are wondering what the next steps are, be book a call with him, you'll like it. Yep. So my name is Bryce Hudson. I'm the owner and founder of the company grip clean hand soap based here in Southern California, out of Marietta, California, to be exact. And I do a little bit of everything here at the business from ordering raw materials and making sure the website's up to date and running a little bit of our social media videos.

We've been on the Shopify platform since we started the business, which was back in two 15 for the most part, you know, I can click my way around Shopify, but obviously Scott there, JadePuma is our, our true Shopify guru. We ever have any technical questions or coding that needs to get done. That's definitely where he comes into play. Yeah, so we reached out to JadePuma originally years ago, we were just looking for a more advanced Shopify website. So we reached out to Scott as we found him online and he just seemed very well versed on the platform and how to navigate it and was really confident when speaking with him about how he can help grow our Shopify sales by just making us a more complete website in general. You know, I think Scott won our business just through again, his confidence of being able to navigate Shopify.

He, he had all the right lingo and, you know, knew which themes to recommend and whatnot. And we spoke to some people in the past, but it seemed like they didn't have any real world experience or examples. Scott, on the other hand had a bunch of customer testimonials and case scenarios of other websites that he could show us like, Hey, look, I built this one, I built this one, I built this one and it just made us feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing like, Hey, he's, he's done this. We really like the design of these sites. Let's do it for ours as well. So the biggest contribution that I think JadePuma has made to our business is just rolling up his sleeves, diving into our website and getting dirty and making the changes that need to get changed. A lot of the times, some web developers, they're more like consultants.

They're like, Hey, we think you should do this, this and this. And on the other hand, when I had Scott do something, I log in a few days later and it's done. So that's the difference is he's quick, he's responsive. If something needs to get changed, he does it quickly. And then he keeps us updated all the time, too. You know, he does really cool video reviews at the end, whenever he's made changes to our site, you know, he walks through and shows me exactly what he's done. Yeah. I think that's just been the biggest thing is him rolling up his sleeves, willing to get dirty and diving in there and getting the work done. You know, so if you guys are questioning, if JadePuma is the right choice for you, I would just recommend booking a consultation call with him and getting some time set aside where he can review your product, your brand and your website. That's something that we did. And after that call, we just knew that Scott was the right partner for us. And so I think if you guys are wondering what the next steps are, be book a call with him. You'll like it. If I had to sum up my experience with JadePuma, it would be basically get stuff done, man. He's able to roll up his sleeve, get work done quickly and in a timely manner. So for that, thank you, JadePuma, Hey Scott, thanks a ton for all the help on the business. The last few years, our website has changed a ton from when you first came in to where it is now. It is just light years ahead and our sales are justified because of that. So thank you for everything that you do. And we're looking forward to many more years of work to come.

Video Walkthrough of the Site

Transcript of the walk-through video

Hey Scott Austin from Jade Puma. And in this video I'm going to show you the redesign that we did for GripClean.  GripClean was an existing Shopify store or they're out of California. They've been in business for quite a few years now and they make Hansel so they take your greasy hands and make them all clean.

And we built there a new design in the turbo theme. So I'm going to walk you through the homepage first. And on our homepage you can already see our color scheme. So if we look at the packaging here of the products, you know they sell in retail also. So they've already got a lot of branding and packaging developed and they've got this green as their primary brand color, which we use throughout the store. And then we pick this purple because it's opposite on the color wheel, the highest contrast to the green, the complementary color. And then we also took the color from the hand here, which is also the same color of their soap, their soap as a Brown color because it's made from clay. So taking that green in that Brown, we came up with the color scheme of the green and the Brown and then the purple because it's complementary to the green.

And on our homepage we have lots of content because grip clean does a really good job in generating content about their products. So the first thing we did is put a big bold image across the entire width of the page and put it underneath the the menus and the logo. And it's really simple, we're trying to do here is explain what grip clean is about. We want you to know that you've come to the right set. If you're looking for heavy duty soaps for your hands, you're at the right place. So this is a really quick and easy way to make people know that this is what we're about. They got some texts here. They also have a lot of videos throughout the site because they'd done a really good job in creating videos. And Bryce, the owner of the store is really good. Public speaker. We'll quickly just jump up

That the cosmetic industry has to offer grip clean was founded on quality products and we've been sustained.

So Bryce has, you know, lots of things he does talking in his videos, we put those in wherever we can. We also allow people to mimic the navigation here on the categories of shopping. So up here we have soap bundles and apparel and we mimic them down here. We also have a review slider coming across. They've got 204 reviews to date and they're getting new ones all the time, which is nice to see that, you know, freshness and that fear of missing out, that social proof going on. And then they also collection of their bestsellers. We also give more social proof from the professional level, you know, as what they've been seen on. Bryce actually pitched this to shark tank. They've also been on Forbes and ABC and other stuff. And then we try to walk through a journey of the story behind clean, right on the homepage, right?

It was founded on quality and you can learn more about that. They've got these, you know, proprietary formulas that are unique. You can learn more about that. They've also got professionals who have tested this and are given testimonials. You can go see that. And then you can see the reviews from customers that really prove that this, this is all useful, unique product that most people, you know, find very useful for them. So that's the journey that we're trying to walk the customer through in building awareness and an affinity towards the bare end and the product. And then here we have some of those affiliates that we talked about or the testimonials from the the professionals. And then blog posts. They actually are doing, you know, lots of blog articles and then an Instagram feed. So lots of content because they're generating lots of content in this store and for this business.

And then we have a ma or sign up for newsletter. And what I did here is I just took a product photo and made it black and white to have it blend into the background and provide more contrast for the text and signup box and button. So now let's look at a couple of the products. They've got a whole line of hand soaps in different sizes and a delivery mechanisms. Like there's pumps, hand soap, and then wipes. They've also just launched a new one for, for dog washing. So you can see all these different sizes and formats I guess is the best way to say that of their hand soaps, they also have bundles so you can buy, you know, and then we've also got some accessories for dispensing of them and brushes and then of course some apparel to show off the brand.

So let's walk into one of the product pages. This is one of their most common products, most popular products. And you see what we have here is we have a quantity discount going on one tube or a 12 pack. You can see right there with the, the savings is when you buy in bulk and you can also just order to, if you don't want to do one or 12, you can add that to the car. And then we've also got some trust being formulated here using the brand colors with these icons that are unique for this business. 100% natural chemical free made in the USA, a hundred percent money back guarantee. And then some information about the products of video about the products. Like I said, they've made a bunch of videos, we tried to use them throughout. And then customer reviews right on that product page. Most of the product pages are very similar to that. Show you one for a bundle and it's going to look pretty similar. So then something else that we did is up here in the top bar, I've already added to my cart hand in tool Watts for 1299 and what they're doing is they're offering free shipping at a $50 threshold. So here you can see I've got in my cart something for 1299. That means I'm just $37 and 1 cent away from free shipping. And as they add more content to the cart, we have that counter click down. Now you're $5 away. And then when you finally go over that $50 threshold, they're like, congratulations, you have free shipping.

Also in the top bar we have going on is a phone number, which I think is great for establishing trust with your customers. And also a link to their wholesale cause they, they do sell in retail outlets. So there's a way for people to understand what that program's about and get started on that process.

Go back to our homepage and now we'll go down to the footer links. And the first one we have is about us. So grip clean is owned by Bryce and his wife is the other person who's heavily involved in the business. So it's, it's bracing Courtney and we, they show photos of them and talk about them. And there's another video of Bryce. He's actually like at a farmer's market or something and just pitching his a product to someone who walked up. And it's a really great video to walk through. He's such a good spokesperson. They also talk about their formula and why it's unique and different from the competition and for ambassadors. We talked about the testimonials from industry pros. What we did for this is we use blogs. So each one of these industry pros is a different blog article. And you'll notice up in the URL here it says group for slash blogs for slash. Ambassadors. So we created a unique blog instance in Shopify for the store, for the ambassadors. And that way we can lay them all out on one page pretty easily. And then we have a reviews, which is just an a widget that come from the reviews app. But think we're using stamp that I owe here. For the reviews, it's easy to just add this into a page.

And then we have another blog. So we had one blog for ambassadors. This one is grip for SaaS blogs for slash. News. So this is their articles, their, their news and what they're posting out there. So a second blog in the store. And then we have a third blog, which is how to videos. So this store has three different blogs, ambassadors, news and videos. And in these videos they talk about, you know, how to clean, you know, dirty hands, how to clean air filters, how to, you know, all the different types of message you're going to get on your hands and explains how to clean them up cause they're all about clean hands. And then industry served. These are pages one for each different industry. And these are pages, not, not a blog, but we go into the specifics for instance, example on landscape and you know, we explained what products are good for landscaping that they sell. And talk about the problems that landscapers get into, you know, and, and how to clean it up in that good stuff. We do those for a bunch of their different industries and they can use these as landing pages that are directed towards these different industries for any advertising or, or marketing that they're doing.

And then on the contact us, yeah, we'll get the normal contact information. And we also have an FAQ link there and that takes you to an FAQ which has the accordion style that I like a lot.

And that is the Crip clean site. The thanks for watching.

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