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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. I wanna show you some work we did on the spiral light candles, wholesale store. This store has been around for a few years. It's using a pretty old version of the turbo theme version three. And what we did for the store is we added some functionality to it. So we didn't upgrade the theme. We left it in the old version. There's no need to, to upgrade it, you know, to an online store, 2.0 version of turbo, cuz they're not doing a lot of merchandising in this store, but there's some functionality that they needed. So the first thing that we did is we required people to log in, to view the store. So, you know, you can see the the buttons down here for new customers to register or existing customers to log in. So, you know, I already have an account that is tagged as wholesale. So the whole store is locked down that you have to log in to see the store. And then we made things really simple for the wholesale customers. They can download the catalog if they wanna look through it in their retail store or they can order candles. And then they got, we got a couple of evergreen pages for terms and contact, but we put everything in one page for ordering candles. So spiral like candles has these unique candles that the wick is on the outside of the, the, so it burns in a spiral as, as it burns down instead of straight down. So they're very unique. And they sell them in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. And then in a bunch of different SCS in each scent has a, a unique color to them. And that's what you see in this big, long collection is a quick order form that we build that allows the wholesale customers on one page to, you know, decide how many of a given size and scent they want. And the unique thing here is you can order any quantity that you want of any particular size and cent combination, but you must order in quantities of cases. So you can see here up top. We now once, once we started adding products to this form, we started putting a counter up here that says, all right, a small, small, as you have to order at least 24 per case. And the reason you have to order all 24 is for shipping. If they don't fill the case up with all of the candles and, and have it full, they have damage to the candles. So they require the, the wholesale customers to order in, in the cases of 24 for smalls, 12 for mediums and 12 for larges. So now by add this to the cart, you can see I've got two, two and two, which is what I added on that quick order page. We can specify what our purchase order number is. And we can specify a shipping date if we wanna change the the immediate one. And we have locked down the cart saying, Hey, case minimums are not yet meant. So I, I can't click, you know, a checkout button here. And we're showing at the top, you know, once we, once we have quantity in the cart, we're showing what that quantity is and how many you need to add to get to the case quantity that's required. So if we go back to our candles page, we still have that counter up there. So that's persisting across the site. And the nice thing here is this is now showing my quantities that are in my cart. But if I add them here, also, if I add some more, we're combining those two numbers together. So we're combining how many you haven't added to cart yet, but have specified in this form and how many you have in the cart and showing that dynamically as you are ordering. So you can see here I am at 10, I need two more to complete my case. One, two, boom, I've gotta a case. We give it a little green check box. I can go beyond that if I want, but now I'm going on to two cases. So I need to do 11 more to be able to order that. So let's actually finish out ordering our smalls. We probably need to add a bunch of them right there and larges. We need six more. Oh, wasn't too many that looks good. Now I'm gonna add that to the cart. And this form can take a minute to process, but now I get into the cart and I can see I've got green check box, green check box, green check box. I'm good. I need to agree to not sell these products on Amazon. And then I can check out. And if they don't check the box to agree, they won't be able to check out. They'll get a message and they must agree. And now I can check out. So what we've done is on the front end, we've locked down, logging into the website that, you know, you must be a wholesale customer, be able to log in and see the products. And then once you're in the store, we control that you conform to ordering by the case and hard code that in so that you can't get to the checkout, unless you, you know, you've got your quantities of small mediums and larges all in the case, quantity that's specified. So that's the, the added functionality and protections we added inside the spiral light candle's wholesale store. Thanks for watching.

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