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Hey, Scott Austin here from June Puma. And in this video, I'm going to walk through the new store build that we did for new sport. They're a, women's focused casual wear resort wear a company based out of Palm desert, California. So we built their store in the turbo theme and they have products that the manufacturer, their own they're not reselling other people's products is their own products. They also have a, a big wholesale relationship that we had to, you know, bring, bring to the forefront on the site also. So I'm a big fan of in the sh you know, the main menu, just having shopping links. And here you can see, we have a byproduct types, tops, bottoms, Jacksonville, so does sale. And because they also have physical store in their Palm desert location, it was important for us to put that in there too. I consider that a shopping link, even though it's more like, Hey, we're here, come find us you know, map type functionality. So if we look at one of the collections, you can see here you know, casual wear leisure wear resort, wear whatever you want to call this focus for women. Rather than just, you know, photography here, nice colors. If we go into one of our products, you know, all sorts of colors and sizes and different, you know, and availabilities showing up people, you can see here, the turbo, team's done a really good job with all these swatches. And, you know, here, we've got the inventory count showing how many are left and that changes, you know, per, per a variance. So that's, that's really nicely done and useful for the customer bunch of product photos that can sort through, we got product reviews. This review app, if I remember correctly is And then we show the reviews here. So, you know, they can just scroll through all the products. They can even get too many where they want to lots of good information. I love reading reviews. And then if I click one of those, let's see, you know, pick a combination here, add it to the cart. You can see our cart here is pretty pretty, you know, it's, you know, nothing, nothing exceptional in the cart, good cart functionality, you know, good colors. And what you'll notice throughout the site is because they're focused on resort, where we used imagery, besides the product entire, from the lifestyle photography, just different places that people go to resort and vacation and relax. So here you can see sailboats. Let me just pick a, another page and see if I can find something. Yeah, here we go. I went to a lounge chairs by the ocean, and if we go to another page, you know, we'll probably find, oh, I'm using the same image on that one. And another one, you know, it's just, you know, so we kept it fanatically accurate to me, their target audience is, and they have, you know, tops, there's a collection for them. There's bottoms a little one in that right now. And jackets they've also got sale for all the products that are on sale. People love to shop by sale. So, you know, I always, you know, like collections for sale and for new depending on your store is a business model. And on our homepage, you can see, you know, we're promoting all of the same stuff. We've talked about where, you know, doing some, you know, most popular and then, you know, some lifestyle photography showing, showing this stuff on, on human beings, instead of just these flat lights, I have photos. And then some blog articles they've got in an email signup. And in our top bar, we also repeat what's down in the footer. You got the social links, a phone number, which is a great way to add trust. If you can put your phone number on your website, I only do that if you're actually going to call or, you know, listen to the voicemail. And then here we have an about page. And what I love is, is Don and Trisha, the owners of the company, they put a photo of themselves. So I'm a huge fan of showing, you know, the human beings at the company. These look like nice, friendly, happy people. You know, I think it's a great photo. And then they give their street credit. They talk about their professional backgrounds also. So I love that for their wholesale customers, you know, they talk about, you know, the value props and all that good stuff, and then they give you the information to contact them through. They also show some of their customers. This gives them a lot of street cred because they're in a lot of high-end type of boutiques at different places around the country. You know, you can read those. You're like, oh, they've got a really impressive list of places that I can buy this, these products at. So next time I'm visiting in Hawaii, I can just go by this, you know, Kahala resort and check it out. And I'm joking cause I've visited Hawaii many, many decades and press, press articles are in here. She can read more about their coverage and then they've got their blog. So that is a new sports Palm desert. This is a Shopify store, a new store that we built for them using the turbo theme. Thanks for watching.

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