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Hello, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video, I'm going to talk about an APP that I add to most of my clients stores are the APP is called photo resize by Pixie. Here you can see it's a listing on the Shopify APP store. It's got over 1100 reviews that are 4.8 rating. So it's, it's well used and a highly rated. Um, and what this APP does is one thing, but it does it really well. So what it does is it takes all of your product photos and allows you to resize them to be square. All right, so the best practice that I use that that many people use is to turn all their product photos, whether they're landscape or portrait into square photos. And that way they line up really well in collection pages. And they also, it's kind of a compromise between, you know, a phone screen, which is portrait and a laptop or desktop screen, which is landscape.

So we just picked square as the aspect ratio to standardize our photos on cause it works in both mobile and in desktop. So here's an example. I'm going to go to a client's store. Um, and we haven't run the Pixie APP in the store in a little while and we're going to run it soon cause we're adding new products. But here's an example of product photos that aren't square. So here's when we added a while ago, we ran the APP and it turns it into a square photo. Now these other two products have been added recently, but they're their portrait photos and you'll notice the text is that different heights. So it's harder for the customer to read what's going on on this page. Now here's another example of a store where all the product photos are squares. So you can see the photos are all lined up at the same size and the text all shows up.

So you can easily scroll across with your eye and see the titles for these different product descriptions. So that's what we want is we want all of our product photos square and this APP's going to do it for us. So now I'm going to walk into a client's store. This is new Lonnie. They make a height, they make high end faucets and I've already added the APP into their store and I'm going to click on it. We've run it a few times. Also, I'm going to click on that APP and it's going to take a second to come up. And you can see here that I've already run the check, right? So it says you have a total of 70 images. One image is not square. And I did that right before running this video because you know the first thing you want to do and you open the APP after.

I've run it a couple times probably for your store. So you want to go in every once in a while and just check that you know any new photos you've added or they squared off. And if they're not making square for your products, remember this is only for products. This doesn't work for collection photos or anything else. It's just looking at product photos. Um, so what you first want to do when you open it up is click this little button that says recheck. And I'm not going to do that right now because what happens is it goes through a process of checking all your photos. And this store only has Sydney and imagery is right now. So it would only takes two minutes or so to check it. I have had stores where I click on that and you know, literally I walk away and go to lunch and come back and it's still checking them.

So the recheck process is really slow. What happens when you do it, um, is that you get this yellow bar across the, the thing that the progress bar and you just have to wait until it's done and when it's done, you'll see this screen, right? And it'll say you have Sydney images total. One image is not square or whatever you're not total number is in there, automatically selects the not square ones. You can see down here that I have one of them selected. I'm going to deselect all the photos. So now it's going to be zero selected, um, and show you what this user interface looks like. So here's little thumbnails of all your photos and you can see here that this little green checkbox in the lower right corner means that this photo is already squared. If you hover over photos, sometimes it actually shows you me. If I click on it, it'll tell you if it's square or not. Um, no I thought it was doing that earlier. Um, so what I'm going to do, so it's here, I can see quickly that they're all a little green check boxes. So I'm going to go to page two.

And you'll see the last photo, cause there's added this a example one to run this process. Oh there it is. So when I'm hovering over ones that are squared, nothing happens when I hover over one that's not square. You see I get that little dialogue. Images not squaring in touch with the aspect ratio is. So then all you have to do is select the images that you want to run this process on. So there I go, I just checked it green and now I'm going to say make all images square. And what happens is it's a three step process. The first step was you scan the store. I skipped that, but I explained it to you. The second step is we're going to have the APP make the images square. And then the third step is once it makes a square, it doesn't make them live. Then you have to tell the APP, yes, please make those images live. So we're going to do step number two, make all images square. It's going to click on that button.

And we only have one photo here so it shouldn't take that long. Um, but if you do have a ton of photos, it'll take a very long time to do this. I have run stories where I'd have to do it over a couple of days as we have thousands and thousands of photos. Um, so now if I go to that, so you can see here the image of square. Um, but I still have not, uh, I still have that x there because I haven't had the APP replaced the image on the product page, you can see a change that button up at the top to be replaced. All images. So now I just click on that button, replace all images.

Images are being processed. And then as we go into the, uh, the store, uh, you can see it. There, it, it'll is now a square photo. So couple things to note about this app is they have a pretty generous free program and what it is is the first hundred and 50 photos you process through this app, it does for free. Um, and then after that it charges you a nickel per photo. That's a onetime fee to process them to be square or you can subscribe to it for $20 a month. But for $20, that's a lot of photos at a nickel a piece. So, um, for most stores I ended up just paying the ad hoc fee. Every once in a while when we get over that 150 photos, we'll just run it and it'll actually, if it were over the 150 photos right now, you'd have a dialogue that pops up that says, do you want to authorize this payment?

And that kind of thing. But that's all there is to running the APP. Um, the biggest problem with it is it's not a problem. Just the fact of, of the complexity board is doing. It takes a long time to check all of your, um, photos in your store if you have a lot of photos and it takes an evil even longer time to process them to be square. So you just have to be patient and wait for the dialogues. What I normally do is I keep this open on one screen and I work on my other screen doing whatever I'm doing. And then while this screen here is, is catching up to what I've asked it to do and just, you know, let it take some time. I do things over lunch. Sometimes they do it overnight because some of the stores I work with have tons and tons of photos, but that's the Pixie App. Hopefully that explains to you how to use it. Uh, thanks a lot for watching and if you have any questions, let me know. Thanks.

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