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Creating a private app for Theme Kit

Here are the instructions on how to create a private app in your Shopify store for Theme Kit. Theme Kit is Shopify created solution that I use to copy a store's theme code to my computer, where I can edit the files. I also save the theme files in GitHub which gives me a history of changes made and allows me to roll-back in case something goes wrong.

Video Transcript

Hey Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. And in this video I'm going to talk about theme kit and a private app for it. A theme kit is a tool that's released by Shopify that I use. And what it does is it allows me to download all the code files for a theme down to my local computer. And then what I do from there is I save those files to a, an app called get hub. And that allows me to track code changes and see what's been changed by who or at least when. And that way I can sometimes troubleshoot problems or if you know, we make a mistake and something gets deleted in the theme, it's easy to go back to GitHub, get the file that was deleted and then upload it back into the store. So I use theme kit in every store that I do and what I need for theme kit to work.

So right now I'm in a Shopify admin of a, of a demo store that I just set up for this video. And I'm in the store as the store owner in store admin. And what I want to show you here is right here. What I need for theme kit is a private app. So most of you are probably used to over here clicking on the Shopify app store and adding an app that way. But we can also set up private apps. And what private apps do is it gives you know, local code that the theme kit code that I have already downloaded installed on my computer. It gives it access to your store, this thing called API APIs. So I need a private app created. And what I want to show you here is I'm going to go into settings and over to account and show you here that for Jade Puma, we have a collaborator account with this store.

And that's a limited access account. And even in that limited access, if I click on it, you can see the access it's given. I've given access to Jade Puma two apps. But now I'm going to show you the view that I get. I'm gonna over to a new browser that's logged in to that same store, but I'm logged in with my Jade Puma collaborator account and I'm on the apps page, right? And here on the apps page, you'll notice there's, there's nothing here. And I'll show you what this should look like. So with limited access, if I don't have full admin access to the store, I can't create a private app. And I can see that because there's no link here that says create a private app. If I go back into my shop owner view, go back to the apps page. Here you can see manage private apps.

So if I had full access, even as my collaborator account, I'd be able to log in and create my own theme kit app, which I do for most stores as opposed to people giving me full admin rights. But for those of you that don't, which is totally fine, right? I need you to create that private app for me. So here's how you do that. So now remember I'm in the admin as the store owner. I'm went to the apps section here and I'm going to click on that. Sorry my phone rang. I'm going to click on that, a managed private apps link. And now all I'm going to do is create a new app. And private app name I usually put in theme kit. I usually put my Shopify domain email address in here, these two actually it can be any values that you want. And then for access if you see down here, I expanded the list out. There's one called theme templates and theme assets. That's the only permission that I need for this app. So I'm going to set that one to read, right. And the other ones above it that were already turned on, I'm going to put on no access. So all this app will be able to do is access the theme templates and assets to theme files. I mean it's same on that

Underneath the affirmation that we understand we're creating an app and now the app has been created and all I need from this is this password right here in deem kit on my local computer. I'll use that password to access to this store and some other things that I already know about your store, but that's the only thing I'm going to need from you as the store admin creating this app for me is this password. If you just click on this little clipboard here, that'll copy that password automatically or you can show it and then copy and paste it that way. Either way, it works, but just send me that password and then I'll be able to set up theme kit on my side and track changes in the code of your store. All right, so that's how you create a private app for me to use theme kits so I can use get hub and track code changes on your store. Thanks for watching.


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