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Featured Articles Section for the Flex Theme

This tutorial shows how to add a section to your Flex theme that you can use on pages, products, collections, blogs and the homepage to promote specific blog articles in your Shopify store.

Steps to add this section

  1.  Add the section below to your theme files.

Watch video for complete guide.



Hey, Scott Austin here from JadePuma.

And I wanna show you a new section that we've created and are sharing with you that you can add to your flex theme and your Shopify store. And it'll allow you to feature specific blog articles on your site. So on the homepage of my demo store here, I'm using fine learning and As, as my example, here today, we're using the builtin section that allows you to pick a blog and what it does. It shows the most recent articles in that blog. So if we look up here under resources, which we're calling the blog, you'll see these three articles are the same ones that show up on this homepage section. And that makes sense. Here. We wanna show, you know, the most recent content here on the homepage, but that always doesn't make sense, right? Sometimes you want to show specific blog articles and we've this section will allow you to do that.

So let's go to the bed page and down at the bottom of the page, we've got some popular betting guides and you'll see all of these are blog articles and they all refer to betting. So if we had used the builtin section, it would show the three most recent or, you know, five, most recent whatever number we wanted, but we couldn't pick specific articles. Now, if you're using blog articles like most stores are for SEO purposes, you probably have a concept of skyscraper content, and you wanna promote your skyscraper articles throughout your store, as much as possible to reinforce the Google, the, the signal that you're trying to send them, that this is the important pages for them to index. So this is a tool to help you do that. And the way it works is if we go into theme customization onto that bed page and I scroll down to the section that we've added here, and this section is called featured articles and had to refresh for some strange reason.

You get out to featured articles, just like in the built in section. You get to pick which blog you're looking at in some other settings. But what we've added to this is the ability to add blocks. And each block is an article. So you get to decide how many articles you're gonna promote, what order they're going to be in, because now you have drag and drop capabilities in the blocks. So it's not just the most recent ones being shown at the top. And also you get to pick which specific blog articles they are. So here you can see, you have the ability to pick any article you want really easily inside of this theme, customization widget here. So that gives you the ability to promote specific content. And this section works here, it's on a page, but we're also doing the same thing. If we go into a blog article, we're using that

Same section and we can do different content on different pages and different articles. So this section, you can add it to an article page. You can add it to a blog page. You can add it to a page or a collection or a product, or even the homepage. You have lots of flexibility in where you put it. In every instance you create of it is going to allow you to put unique content in there. So go back to our top level nav. We just saw the bed category. Let's go to the bath. And in that one, we are showing bath specific resources or blog articles and the same thing with table, right? So it's really easy to use. Once you've got it added to your theme, and it's also really easy to add to your theme. So let's go into the Shopify admin under the theme that we're using here, which is actually an offline one for flex.

And I'm gonna edit the code. And over here, I'm showing you, this is the code that's shared on the blog article on the Jade Puma website. So you can just grab, you hit the, the raw button here. And before you do that, you wanna note the name that you're you want to name this section index, featured articles, click on the raw and just hit control a to select, all right, click and hit copy. So you've got, now you've got all that code in your cash. So we're gonna go over here into our theme code editor and go down to our sections folder, add a new section using that name, which was index underscore, underscore featured articles. Now I've already got this section, added some people to dash one in here, and then just select all this text, delete it. And then I'm gonna write, click and say paste. And that's gonna paste that content that we got from that raw section of the gist. And all you gotta do is save that. And you now have that section added to your store. You can go into theme customization, add it anywhere you want, and then pick the specific articles that you want or promote. So it's super easy to add to your store if you're using the flex theme and super easy to use. So hopefully that's of helpful to you.

Thanks for watching.

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.