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Creating a Judge.Me Feed of Reviews to use in Klaviyo eMails

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Hey, Scott Austin here.

In this video I want to show you how you can connect, judge me to cleave you and get a feed of your reviews so that you can use the feed of reviews in a cleave you email that looks something like this one. So this is a typical email we'll make for a welcome series in Klaviyo.

And you can see here it just shows recent customer reviews. So we're showing the most recent five star customer reviews for this store. So whenever this goes out it gets updated with more recent reviews. And it's not just a static list. In the past I've done this by, you know, taking images, snapshots just like this, but it being feed base is much more dynamic and it's actually easier to implement.

So I'm going to show you how to do that. In the first step you're going to have to do is you're going to be inside of Klaviyo and you're going to want to get your Klaviyo API key, and that is you're going to take that and you're going to add that to judge me, to start the connection of the integration.

Because what happens is judge me sends information to Klaviyo using that keeps you going to cleave. You create a key which is basically going to unlock klaviyo for judge Me. Then you hand that key to judge me and it's going to use it to push information into Klaviyo. So the way we do that, let's just get to the top level of our Klaviyo implementation here.

And I've done it all these steps already. so I'm just going to show you where they're done and how they're done. But I won't be doing them because they've already been connected. Right. And have been set up. So down here now on the top level of Klaviyo, go down to this, section here and we go to settings and we go to API keys, which is right here.

So it's under the account tab and then API keys. And what you want to do is create a private API key. And he said I've already created one for judge me. So you'll create private API key. You want all permissions. So you want full access. and you'll create it, which I'm not going to do because already have one and it'll give you an API key.

So then you'll take that API key and you can see here see if I can see my API key here.

I no I can't see it here. Maybe I can only see it when I created I didn't realize that but when you create it you'll have the API key. You can copy it right there. All right. So then what you're going to do is going to take that API key, and you're going to go into your Shopify store and you're going to go to your Judge Me app.

So in the Shopify admin you go down to apps. I've got Judge Me pinned open already here, but if you don't you can select it. And you have to be on the awesome or the paid plan of judge me for this feed stuff to work. And then once you go to your Judge Me app, right, you're going to want to go to your general settings and you're going to go to integrations right here and select Email Marketing.

And you'll see Klaviyo on the list. And there it is. And you'll see connect. Now we're already connected. But here you can see this is where you're going to paste that API key that we got from Klaviyo a moment ago. and then you're going to check the settings down here. All right. So this is for sending review events to Klaviyo.

And up here. You know I always turn that one on because that lets you know who left positive reviews. And then you can trigger emails off of that. But what we want for the situation we're working on today, which is a Klaviyo review feed, you want to check these checkboxes. Right. And the one we're going to use in the welcome series email is this enable review testimonial feed.

So we're turning it on up here. And it's telling us what the URL for it is down here. You're going to want to copy that information. And then once you know you set that up you'll have the save button be activated. You'll click it, it'll save all of that and you'll you'll have it all working for you.

So from there then what you want to do is you want to go into Klaviyo and create this feed. So what we do there is we want to go into, our settings again. So we're already on the settings, but the way we get there is down at the bottom, we click on settings and we want to go to other the last tab at the top.

And then there's web feeds right here. We're going to want to add a web feed. And what our web feed is going to be is I'm going to give you a name for it, because we're going to use that and code a little bit. Right. It's going to be judge me, review testimonials, feed all one word right.

It'll look like copying it from another source on the screen. It will look like this. All right. You're going to want to paste your feed URL. And that was right here right. The the middle one. We copy that go back into Klaviyo and paste it. And then we leave the request and content type the way they are getting Json.

And then you would add that web feed. I'm not going to click that button because I already have that web feed. And that's what you see. Here's here's that website already created. So then that gives us a web feed coming from judge Me in your Shopify store that shows your recent reviews. So then what we do is we go into our email flow where we want to add the, feed information.

You know, I usually do, like I said, in the welcome series, and this one here is the fourth email in the series. We'll scroll down to that. Customer reviews.  And we're going to edit that email.

I've already got it set up here. But the way we do that just to show you is you can add a text block. I'm going to add it down below for right now. And I'm just going to go in here and go into source code. This is where I've already got it from. So what I'm going to have for you is this code is going to be in a little snippet.

if you're on the JadePuma website will be right on the blog article page you're watching this video on. If you're in YouTube watching this video, there'll be a link to the blog article on the J. Puma site that you can click to and go grab this code. Okay. so you'll just copy that code and then in the block that you just add the text block, you're going to want to go to Source Code View.

Select that, highlight everything that's already there and delete it. And then just paste the code you copied. And there's going to be one update you're going to make on this if you want to make that update. Right. And that is the color code right here for your stars right there. Color code I have here right now is a subtle green, which is part of the the brand for this, the store here.

the code you're going to grab, there's going to be a generic, you know, review star yellow in there. But if you want to change that to match to whatever your brand colors are for your review stars, you just update that that hex code right there. and that's the only change you need to make to this and what this is bringing in for you is, you know, you're going to get the, let's actually show it to you in preview mode.

This brings in the review text. Right now we're showing up to 140 characters. That's another setting you can adjust in the code. We're bringing in the five stars, and the code filters out to show only five star reviews. We bring in the review name and the product name, and it links to the product. I tried to get it to work with the, product image, but haven't gotten that to work yet.

So in the future, I'm going to want to update this video once and update the code once I figure out how to get the product image to show up, because I think that'll make the the the page a little more compelling. and here you can see the testimonial content, and I truncate that at 140 words. So if you wanted to show the fuel, you know, the full text that they leave in the review, you could just remove that code there from code view.

Right. It's right down here. You can just remove this bit right here if you wanted to, or if you didn't want so much text, you could make this, you know, 40 words or whatever you want. But that's another adjustment you can make to this element. And then that's it. it's easy as that to get these dynamic feed of judge me, review showing up in your Klaviyo emails.

So, thanks for watching.

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.