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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. And in this video, I'm gonna talk about apex chassis and a new store. We built for them for their wholesale business. So this here is their consumer business, and I've got a separate video on that. And I recommend you watch that one first. There's a lot of functionality in both stores that I'm not gonna repeat in the wholesale store, cuz I go to Intuit in depth in the the retail store. But I want to talk about the wholesale store and unique features. We added to the wholesale store for that business model. And the reason we went with two separate stores between retail and wholesale is there's different business rules for shipping payment types and inventory management pricing. So we just wanted separate stores to manage that. And you see, I clicked on the link in the retail store, bring you over to the wholesale store and takes me to the page apply and I can actually see this page. And there's a form here. If I haven't applied yet, I can apply for a wholesale account where apex chassis. And if I have an account already, I can log in. And the reason we have that login button there is if I go to the homepage, I'm already logged in. So me log out. If I go to the homepage of the site or any page on the site, it requires me to log in. So if I click on about our products, it's gonna say, Hey, log in. If I click on warranty, it's gonna say, Hey, log in. If I click on search vehicle, it's gonna say, Hey, log in. So we've locked down the site, except for that page you saw for applying, we left that one open for people to view without being logged in. But if you go to any other page, you're gonna be redirected to the account log in page on the store. So, and that's just some custom code. That's easy to add reason the flex theme here. And I've got some code snippets that's easy to add and, and get that required login to work pretty easily inside the flex theme. Like it it's easy in any theme for that matter, but let's log into our store. And you know, some of the things we've done here is if I go in and add a product or look at a product, we have a map price, which is, you know, the resale price and then the wholesale customers price and there's different tiers of customers. There's different price lists for the tier of wholesale customer that they are. We were very clear on these pages, what their map price was. You can see, we increase the, the tech size quite a bit, so you can see your map, price, your price, and we even do the math for you to show you what your discount is. Right. And if I go into the cart we're showing that here also, right, we're using a pricing app for doing that. And you probably saw as this page loaded up, we refresh it again. This'll show 51st and then the JavaScript from the pricing apple come in, cross that out and add in the for and change the Price to 40. Let's just refresh that page. You can see page load of the Java script came in from the pricing app and then put it in there. So you can see here, we're, we're showing the price. We're very clear all the time that Hey, retail customers pay more and you as a wholesale customer and some people aren't truly wholesale, it's more volume discount kind of thing. But we're always showing them what their discount is. So it's always top of mind that they're saving money by being a part of the wholesale program with apex chassis. And those are the unique things we added to the store. So thanks for watching.

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