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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video I want to show you a new store build that we did in Shopify for a brand by the name of Plug Shields. We did this using the Flex theme like we do for all of our stores. In the client had come to us with the brand defined already. So they knew that they had this logo here. They've got this orange and black color and they've also got a third color of green. Right. And these are colors of extension cords and what they sell are gaskets. That help you protect your electrical connections outdoors for light displays and things like that. So they're selling these little connections that help you with electrical outlets and cords. So therefore they use these three colors of extension cords that actually think it comes. Together really nicely and you really get to feel that authenticity about the space that they're in. So let's go to their homepage and you can see some of that coming to life here, right? We've got, you know, green extension cords, black extension cords, you know, mapping into the color scheme of the site. So what they're selling is two different versions of their product. So the first one is they've got these gaskets that go in between plugs, which you can see right here. And then they've got gaskets and covers that they sell in combo. And that looks like this. So you put the gasket between the plugs and the end cap at the end of them. So it's these two different products packaged in a couple of different ways. And that makes it a nice, concise shopping experience where we get to say. A, you know, you've got this choice or that choice and it simplifies the shopping experience as opposed to if they had, you know, 25 or 100 different products. And what we did because of that, right? So at the top level, you're actually picking your product, plug gaskets or plug covers. And here, you know, we in the mega menu actually help you make that decision. So we show you an image of what plug gaskets look like and then what plug covers look like and give you a little bit of text around it also. So right up here, we got this little mini product. Promotions, right? Because usually at this level, we're promoting different collections, but because the product catalog is so small, we get to promote products here. And actually, you know, I've never done it before. Actually, it's three different columns about the same product in a mega menu. But I like the way that that becomes a nice little decision making engine. We also have the top level natto buyer's guide and instructions. So let's look at the plug gaskets page first, the product page. We added in some product seals, map them to the color palette of the brand. And then, you know, there's a little bit of information or actually, you know, a lot of content here. We got text, we've got images, we've got gifts. And I think we also have so we got some infographics and we have a somewhere. We don't have the video on this page, but there's a lot of content around this product. So we're letting people know the value props of the brand and the purchase experience. We're also looking at the different scenarios that these, you know, ways of connecting plugs. We also go into all the different types of scenarios of situations, right? You know, you have a Christmas light display or a hydroponic setup or, you know, different, different ways that you'd want to use these plugs or for different reasons you'd want to use these plugs and even an FAQ. So lots of content on the product page to really help people understand what the product about. The value prop and giving the all information they need to make that purchase decision. And we do the same thing on the plug covers page. Lots of content, similar type of content, but for this situation with the end plugs just the gaskets and then in the buyer's guide. What we're doing here is we're helping them do the math behind, you know, because if you, in your neighborhood, if you have this Christmas displays where you have the whole yard is Christmas lights. That's what this is meant for. And they're saying, hey, if you got a big light show, you know, you're going to need this many. You have this many light strings and this many outdoors plays, you're gonna need, you know, this many plugs and this many gaskets. So we recommend you buy 200 packs of gaskets and 250 packs of the combo. And what we did, you reach one of these scenarios, you just say, add to cart. It adds. All those products and puts you into the cart right here. So it was an easy way for customers to get, you know, the math done for them and how much they need. And of course, while they're here, if we go to the check out experience, we've got that same, you know, branding the color scheme and the logo is going on here in the brand in the shopping experience. And this is actually taking me to the shop checkout, not the Shopify checkout. So we actually lose some of the branding in the. In that that's just because I'm logged in with a shop account. And then if we look at the instructions, you know, we have the instructions on the product pages also, but this instructions page, we built just for the purpose of post purchase. And here's where that. The video comes in. And we did it for post purchase. So when we send out the thank you email, thank you for your purchase, the delivery notifications and any kind of, you know, future emails, we're going to do a clave you know, what we're doing there is we're sending that to this page. Hey, now your purchase product, you know, learn more about how to. You know, the right and wrong way is to use this product is a lot of that same concept. Like I said, from the product page, but here we're not trying to sell the customer at all. We're just giving the information about how to use the product once they've purchased it. And the client actually made their first video. Which is a nice, a nice first video and they'll keep getting better and better quality content over time. So that is the top level nav. And on our home page, right, we get the value proper stop tripping GFCI's. So people that had outdoor displays, they understand what that means because they're always tripping their breakers kind of thing. And we set them some context with some lifestyle photography of, you know, different display setups. Some value props, you know, hey, it's all weather. It's simple to. Install. It's easy to store and reuse, you know, that good information. Once again, here's that decision making between the two types of products. Just another reinforcement like, hey, if you're doing this, you know, wrapping your cords and tape, well, you're amateur hour.You know, why don't you come join the big leagues and use our product instead. And those same photos, oop, same photos I showed you before on the different scenarios, just to set that context so people know, hey, yeah, it is for, you can use it on boats, you can use it for trees, you can use it in construction sites and all those different scenarios. And we, you know, I said, new store, so they've only got three reviews, because it's a brand new store, but we added Judge Me for reviews and are starting to get review feedback for the products, which is awesome. Are about us, I'm establishing some street cred here, so the store owner actually has and this is, he lives on what's called Candy Cane Lane in Southern California, and the whole block, you know, goes nuts every year for Christmas, and that's how, you know, he got started, you know, he lived the problem, had the problem himself, came up with a solution kind of thing. There's even a press video of Candy Cane Lane, so just establishing the street cred behind that experience, and then we get reviews, blog you know, we get a couple blog articles, we're gonna be adding more soon as we start building up for SEO. Nice. You know, FAQ in place already and they'll keep adding that as they get more questions from customers and a contact page that allows them to ascend in an email, of course, and direct them to the FAQ. Now here we said, hey San Marcos, California, from location. I always like showing a location for America. I mean companies or American companies, even if you don't want to show the address just so people, you know, know that, hey, oh, this is an American company. And then all of their in San Marcos, that's why there's so many palm trees and all the photos they send. So it kind of adds to that authenticity. The trustworthiness of the brand. So that is the overview of the plug shields new Shopify store using the flexing. Thanks for watching.

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