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Hello Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. And I'm going to walk you through the store redesign that we did for ortho bracing. They're on the Shopify platform. We upgraded them using the turbo theme and let's start off with the color scheme. They had a new logo made by a graphic designer and it had this very cool blue and gray color scheme to it. So we pivoted everything on colors off of that. So you can see, you know, most of it's a white site. So the content pops to the foreground, but where we are using color rise, either using that blue or the gray or shades in pigments of those two colors. And you can see here we have in the top bar a free shipping promotion, which was just some liquid code that we added into the turbo theme. Some show you how that works. To start off with, I go into a product and add it to the cart. Notice this product is $76 and there's free shipping on orders over 85. So if I add that to the cart, it now appears says only $8 and 10 cents until free shipping. So if I change that quantity to be two, now my cart size is going to be greater than the $85 and up here it says congratulations, you have free shipping. So that's how we were promoting free shipping in the store. And for the main navigation, what we're having is there's a bunch of different ways to browse this product catalog. So customers will come in looking for a specific brand or they want something for their back or or whatever way they want to find the products. So we gave them three different ways to do it. The first one is they can shop by brand. So on this list of collection pages, we're showing all the brands on the site because a lot of times they'll have a doctor recommend, Hey, I want you to go get the brig. So a products or the comfort track or whatever the doctor will recommend by brand. So without the customer to come in and see things by brand, or we do it by product types. Maybe they're going to do a cold therapy system for a post-surgery recovery or maybe they want braces or compression sleeves so they can look at it by product type and they can also do it by body area. And you know here we list out all the body areas that they support. So if you're looking for something, you know for your wrist, excuse me, You can see all the products, whether it's braces or I'm cold therapy that are good for the wrist and reach of the collection pages. You'll see that we have the filters in place. So the best place to see those as on the whole a catalog. And you can see, you know, we're, we're using the filters along the similar lines of these top level navs. So you can filter by body area, you can filter by product type or brands. So you could start off by looking at brands, brag and then saying, well I want to see everything that's a brace. So you can narrow down to the products you're looking for pretty easily, regardless of which way you enter that shopping experience. You can start by brand, product type or body area and then filter on the other two. To find what you're looking for. And let's just go into a product page. So we're using judge meat for the reviews. And in the past this product had multiple products across the catalog for each one of these pad types. And what we did is we combined all of them into one product using variants. So the reviews from the past was 28 reviews. We're spread across 10 or so different products. And using judge me, we made groups for reviews, review, review, review groups and that allowed us to consolidate all the reviews and the different products into this one product. Now an interesting thing here is that they're selling medical products and there's certain terms, conditions you have to accept before you can purchase them. So the way we decided to do that is you'll notice if I click add to cart here, it won't add it to the cart. I've got JavaScript in place. It says you must agree with terms, conditions of sales by checking the box above the add to cart button. So here I can see you know the checkbox and I can actually click on it and see what the terms and conditions are. It opens that up in a new window and the customer can read through the legal policy and then they can check it. And now that that's checked, they add it to cart and that product can get added to the cart. Let's go back into that product page and show you some more about the product page. So we've got icons that are showing up. We show the free shipping icon for any product that's already over $85 and we have tags that allow the approved icon to show up. And we also use tabs heavily in this cause there's a lot of content for a lot of these products. So you can see here we broke up the contact of the content, excuse me, into these different tabs. If I go back to the cart. Also want to show you something here is in the cart. We've got this subtle text but actually works really well on the mobile phone that says, okay, order now and we'll ship it on Monday because these are medical supplies for people who are recovering from injuries when they get it is really important. So the company usually will send out the product the same day you order it. So if you order before noon East coast time, they're going to ship it out the same day. But if you order it afternoon, they're going to ship it out the next business day. So we've got JavaScript in place right now as I'm recording this, I'm on the West coast, a three o'clock in the afternoon on a Saturday and the Java JavaScript says, Oh, it's Saturday. This isn't going to ship until Monday. But if it was Monday and it was new, you know, noon on East coast or 11 o'clock and East coast we'd say it'll still ship on Monday. And then at noon it would say order will now ship on Tuesday. So we've got the job script in place. Let the customer know when that is going to ship out for them. And we've also got a Corona virus notice in here, it's, it's in the middle of the, the pandemic or you know, the shelter at home crisis we're going through is what I'm recording this. So we had just have a notification that says, Hey, we're still open even during the coronavirus crisis. So if you place an order, it will get fulfilled rather quickly. And then you can see here on the checkout we have a branded checkout experience for carrying that theming through the whole site. And now let's just go back to the footer and show you some of the evergreen pages. Here's the contact page. If a queue only one FAQ at the moment of notification for Medicare patients and a summary of the reviews and the footer. We've also got, you know, the link to their social presence. Lots of reviews, lots and lots of reviews on the footer. We also have the link to the social networks. So that is the ortho bracing site redesign that we did. And as I said that's done in the turbo theme. Thanks for watching.

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