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Heritage Park Laundry Detergent - 2020

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Client Testimonial of the Project

Transcript of the testimonial-video

Hi, my name's Tom Ceconi I'm president of Fine Linen and Bath. And today I'm here to talk about JadePuma and Scott Austin. So I first discovered Scott Austin through podcasting. I am a avid podcast listener when I first started with the company in 2019, I knew very little about e-commerce. So I started listening to all the different podcasts about Shopify and, and how to grow an e-commerce company. And it came across Scott's podcast. And the one thing that differentiated, at least in my book Scott's podcast is he talked very technical, but he made it very easy for a person to understand. And so I was immediately drawn to that, cuz that's my background. I was more on the technical side in a prior life. I just felt like this is one of the guys it's just not just talking, he actually walking, he's walking the talk and he, he knew the back end and the front end, the Shopify, the first time that we had a meeting with Scott, he took a look at our website and he was recording it and he made a, a bunch of very intelligent comments on how we could improve it.

And so one of the things that Scott discussed with us he was mentioning that he had and sort of a configurator for another one of his clients and a colleague of mine here at Fine Linen and Bath. And I was had been talking prior to that about like a build to bed feature where somebody can mix and match different colors of silk, cuz a lot of times, you know, person may want their pillow cases to look different than their sheets and their top of the bed duvet covers. And so Scott says, I, I think I can do this. So we were able to working through him, create this feature. We know, call, build a bed on the Mulberry park silks website. And it allows people to really configure the bed of their dreams. Actually it's very unique in our business.

None of our competitors have such a tool that allows someone to mix and match various products and colors together to, to really build their bed. So it, it has distinguished us in that sense and it's making money for us. So the, the proof is in the pudding at the end of the day, that's really the most important measurement of success of anything on your website is if it's, if it's driving revenue, we have gone from just strictly from a, a visitor standpoint from less than a hundred people, a coming to our website to over a thousand people a day, coming to our website. Now some of that has to do with more products that we're selling, some of that has to do with blogging and, and some of that has to do with you know, just a much better shopping experience for our customers. And that's where JadePuma was able to really help us.

He has a much broader perspective. I mean, I'm, we're very narrowly focused on our own website and we know our least, we, we hope we know what what's working on our site, but he sees what works across dozens of sites. And so he can come to the table with ideas that we may have never even thought of. So if I had to sum up what I wanted to say about JadePuma and Scott, he's a very smart market. He's a smart technician. He's able to get the project done in a relatively fast amount of time. That's not always the case in this business. I mean, there's a lot of people that will overcharge you and take a long time. And, and, and Scott is the polar opposite of that. Just want to thank Scott and JadePuma. They've been a, a fantastic asset to our company. And if you're considering using them, you should.

Video Walkthrough of the Site

Transcript of the walk-through video
Hey, it's Scott Austin here. And I'm gonna show you the redesign we did for heritage park laundry essentials. The heritage park store had been on shop buy before. So what we did was a redesign of it using the flex team, but the site was pretty inactive. This company owns a number of brands and they were selling their laundry deter and under their other stores brands, but they weren't really selling on the heritage park site itself. So the heritage park site was just like, you know, billboard, placeholder information site, all that wasn't Shopify, they weren't driving traffic to it. They, they didn't have good, you know, merchandising, and it was just kind of sitting there, you know, laying dormant. So we did a read as a and at the end of it, it was amazing how quickly it started generating new incremental sales. Just from the SEO benefit of upgrading the site and putting content in there and adding the conversion funnels in there for the shopping experience. And then also once they had that good experience up and running, they could put advertising every marketing toward, and, and now it's actually driving significant revenue, which is, you know, really great to see happen. So here on the homepage, you can see they had this nice color scheme picked out of, you know, there's colors reach of the bottles. And I was able to use those and create a color scheme across the whole site. And on this homepage, I like a banner that just says, you know, this is what we do, right. We're not trying to sell here, just trying to tell you the value props, uniqueness of the product. And they're doing that here really well. And also they take this really adorable little you know, stock photo, a mom, and a baby by laundry. And they just, you know, Photoshop some product placement, you know, kind Indi discreet in the background. And it, it makes it, you know, really nice and holistic and looks complete. So let's look at the shopping experience. Basically they sell laundry detergent and a couple of laundry accessories. So the detergent side of things, you know, we tried to make this like a buyers guide page. We like, Hey, these are all purpose, you know, detergents, we got two different fragrances. And then if you want silk and wool, we got you know, two different fragrances for that also. And then here's the baby and toddler detergent, it's, it's hyper and, and easy for, for their pediatricians and dermatologists. So this kind of try to a buyer guide page, helping you pick which of these, you know, different laundry church, which is best for you. So let's say you want you leg regular laundry and you want it free, and it's free you click on this one. Now this is one of the first stores that I built in the flex theme. And this was one of these features that really sold me. A flex theme is here. You can see this bottle has this light tan color scheme on it. So I was able, and the flex team to make the tabs match that color scheme. So you notice if I go to the blue bottle the tabs match that color scheme. So subtle little things like that, and how easy that was to Inflex early on is one of the things that sold me on flex now on this product page, you know, the bottle comes in different sizes. And we also, because it's a consumable, we also added subscription functionality in there and people are actually, you know, they can buy the whichever bottle they want, or they can subscribe in their, they're doing both those things. And then we've got good rich content on these product pages, just and product seals. And then we've also got a description. We talk about the ingredients and every ingredient that we we talk about, you can click and see more about it. So they actually explain, you know, what, what is this ingredient for? What does it do, yada yada yada. So people that really wanna understand what is in the product they're buying has a lot of, and for information here to do that. And then we have a shipping and delivering a delivery page. And then they've also got product reviews from judge me, they've got, you know, lots of reviews and that's all good stuff to see someone actually put in their own user photo. That's great. So that is their laundry detergent. And then for the laundry accessory, they've just got a couple different products. You add the mesh bags or the wool wool dryer balls, and let's just, you know, pick up this, add it to the cart. You can see the, the product seals are very holistic, you know, they, they're consistent across the different pages, the different products to make, you know, to make that whole site, bring the whole site, look and feel together using the same color scheme that we're using throughout everything else. And if we go to the cart, you know, we can see we've got some upsell here, which is, you know, do you want to, you know, also add this product sort like the impulse purchase. If they add that product, they, you know, it takes 'em to the product page cause there's more than one variant to pick from. So they pick the variant, they will, they add it to the cart. And when we go back into that cart page, we'll see that that upsell is now gone because that product is already in the cart. And that was just some custom liquid code that I added into the cart. I also have some code for this, which is a message that they can control. As I'm recording this in, in late 2021 supply chain issues are real. So they actually are saying, Hey, don't worry. We've got this in stock. And we ship 'em out in one to three days, we'll be meeting you, won't be waiting weeks for these purchases. So pretty simple shopping experience because it's a, it's a simple site, right? We've got five different detergents, two different accessories stuff in total products, which used from, but we, we do allow you to pick different sizes and subscription offering if you want to do all that. And then they've also built a lot of good content around their site. Like they've got blog articles and lots of good information. You know, we already talked about the whole ingredients page. Here's the, the top level of that, where they can navigate into seeing all these different ingredients. We use blog function for that. So you can see up here in the URL that this is a blog and each one of these is actually a blog article. So that was just the, the framework we used to hold that data and display it all in a consistent format, which worked out really nicely. And then, you know, they've got the normal, you know, about us pages. They talk about their detergent and, you know, all good information that, that people care about when making decisions on, on this kind of products. So all in all, you know, a simple site redesign because it wasn't a used product catalog, but I think it looks really nice and, and really drives home that holistic brand feel for this store. And as I said, in the beginning of this video, it has, you know, definitely paid off in driving incremental sales for them that weren't there before. So I'm really happy with this project. Thanks for watching.

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