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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. And in this video, I'm going to do a walkthrough of the store redesign that we did for Medthusiast. Medthusiast is based out of Austin, Texas, and they sell a medical theme to t-shirts and other types of attire. and they create, they make their own t-shirts and the, you know, they, they produce them and stock them kind of thing as opposed to print on demand. So they're the quality of their t-shirts. According to their customer reviews is much better than you get from a print on demand service so that their products are very popular with their audience. So basically, you know, it's, it's, t-shirts it's sweatshirts and, and other products like that, you know, stickers and mugs. And what we did is allowed the customers to find the products, a number of different ways. You know, first of all, you can see the best sellers or you can look at what are the newest designs, and you can look at it by profession. And at the top level of these, we have a list of collections page, which, you know, helps them navigate. We don't have to drop them to products right here. We let them navigate one more step before we show them the product so that when they say, Hey, I'm a pharmacist, they can see that. Okay. You know, I've got, you know, six different designs here that are good for a pharmacist. And you know, if I'm a EMT, you know, they've also, they've got nine, 12, 15 designs that they can look at. So we're allowing the customer to, you know, slice and dice the content up in different ways. And there's also by specialty, another list of collections pages, you know, drops you to critical care and you get to see all the products and designs that are appropriate for that specialty. And then of course, by product type where you can say, I want t-shirts or I want sweatshirts, let me see stickers. And we always give them the option on all these, just the product pages to see all, if they don't want to, you know, specify a profession yet when a freshman parade page, we always let them drop into the all products option. So we allow them to navigate into the experience a number of different ways. And then when they're in the experience, let's go to speech pathologist here. We also use those same structure there for filters. So you may have said, you know, sir, off of speech pathologist, there's only two products here, so this is kind of unnecessary, but then you can filter down and see just the teas where if they'd gone on to, you know, so let's see t-shirts first. Then we let them say, well, I'm looking for t-shirts for nurses. And then they can see the designs that are appropriate for nurses in just t-shirts or they could have done the opposite way they could have said, well, you know, I want to look at nurse products and then say, well, just show me t-shirts I'm not interested in stickers right now. So multiple ways do you start the experience and then filter from within that experience? And this is all done inside the flex team, and this filtering here is built into the flex team. So let's drop into a product page here. You know, we're showing the variants for sizes. So some products have, you know, color choices. So it's either one or two choices they're making on a product page. There's some good information. And we also got the product accordion which has the size guide in it, which we also link to up here year and have the modal version of it. And, and we also show the shipping rules in case you're curious about those and, you know, the, the return policy. And then we also have product reviews. And when we did the redesign, the store had no reviews on the site. And the amazing thing is because of the store is so popular, right? It does a lot of sales and people are very happy with it. The review app that we added was judge me, and then I sent out review solicitations to all the customers from about the past year or so. And immediately there was like 150 reviews on the site, which was absolutely fantastic. Now that the site's been live for a couple months, they're up to 232 reviews, and they're getting, you know, a couple of reviews every day. So adding that review engine has been really powerful in providing that feedback because a lot of the comments will talk about the quality of the shirts, how fun the designs are and, you know, supporting, you know, what the, the marketing message is from the store. But it's also really great when the customers are saying the same things, right. And the nice thing here is the judgment reviews. We turned on the option for customers to add their own photos, and they've started doing that. So, you know, there's not a ton of them, of course, but we start seeing customer photo is starting to pop up and that allows people to see, you know, different, you know, different, you know, human beings and different body sizes and all that kind of stuff. What are these products look like on them? And then, you know, as we talk about what the products look like and the photography, you know, what are the interesting things the store has done is, you know, the, these very authentic you know, models for, for their products, they actually use models, right? A lot of people are doing t-shirts, don't actually have, I have unique photos for each of the product, right? You have that same shot that came from the, the print on demand app or any of the other apps out there that allow you to quickly pace the design onto a t-shirt. And it's the same photo over and over again, with different design on it. And here, what you'll see is each of the photos is unique. It's a different person and it's authentic, right? So that, that bit of quality comes through an experience like this. So instead of each of the photos being the same person over and over again, with just a different design, you know, this looks like they've invested more time and energy because they have invested more time and energy in building out the store experience. And, and that, that sort of quality comes through. So let's look at some of the content pages. There's a nice about page where Andrea is the owner of the store. You know, she talks about the fact that she is a medical professional and, and doing this, it's just her side gig. So, you know, she's not only a PA, but she's also a mom and running the store. I don't, I don't know how she does it all to absolutely amazing. And you know, here's, you can see she's kind of fun person and authentic there. And then we talked about the reviews already. She also allows people to submit their own design ideas. She lasts recruit borders. So there's nice pages about that, which is showing the content for, you know, w what your group by could look like in a unique design for, for your team. And then we've also got the sizing guides, again, a nice little contact us page. You know, here we are in the flex theme, we're allowed, you know, all these evergreen pages, we can have things like videos, photos, forms, and maps, and, and all sorts of good information mixed and matched in there. And the FAQ has that nice of according functionality that the flex team does so well that I really enjoy. We have the same, you know, accordion functionality on the product pages. And they've got the normal policy stuff and the store, you know, Andrea definitely knew what she wanted the magically from a branding standpoint, you know, she had the strong black color, and then this teal and the, and the pink, which are kind of, you know, a nice, bright colors to really contrast with, with the triple zero black kind of thing. But also when you look at, and this is kind of a fun little thing on a product page, right, we use this this kind of handwritten looking font, which reminds me of Sharpies, right? And to me, that seems like, sort of like a medical thing where there, the writing on white boards with Sharpies kind of thing. So I think I was really authentic to the products and, and the, the audience that they're talking to, where all these products are, are focused on medical professionals. So that is the, a store redesign that we did existing Shopify store called [inaudible]. And it's done in the flux team. So thanks for watching.

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