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Hello Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video, I'm going to walk you through the new Shopify store that we built for Marcy. Rule art. Marcy rules an artist who does paintings. She does predominantly a seascapes and golf landscapes. And we built her a website from scratch. He didn't have one before so that she can sell her originals and her prints of her paintings online. So we'll use Shopify and the turbo theme. And here you can see the foot with banner. We're using a turbo really tall one here to really set the tone about what the art is. And you notice we've got the header nav underneath or the banner underneath the header nav to give that really large image to bring the brand through. We picked some green colors to go with the, the fact that most of her golf in, you know, landscapes is her art and some soft earth tones around that for the color palette.

And then off the green we picked the opposite purple in the color wheel for the call to action color. So what we're doing here is allowing people to see the prints and also originals that are for sale. So for example, you can see in the navigation, we have golf, seascapes, Italy, originals and all art. If we go into golf, we'll see that there is originals right here. We have a tag put in there for originals. So all the originals are tagged as an original. And then we pop that up on the collection page. You can easily see which ones are the originals and which ones are not, so that you can differentiate between them. And on the originals, walk into one of those,

You know, we have a quantity of one is the only available, right? There's only one original. So what happens is when an original gets sold, we then move it into a, the gallery of past art. So this, this collection here are all the originals that have been sold and we have a process we built up to move them from the originals to the gallery of past art section. So let's walk into one of the prints that are available. This one's from Augusta. So if you click on that, you can see we have different sizes that are available in different formats. We explain a little bit about the art and then we also explain about the formats. Some people understand the differences between the metal, the canvas and those kinds of things. We're also in this theme showing the recently viewed. So instead of cross selling and promoting based on, you know, best-selling and that kind of thing.

Instead we're allowing customers to keep track of what they've been viewing by this recently viewed items section showing up so they can see the history of the art that they've been looking at. So we have the, the golf art, we have seascapes, we also have Italian, there's a couple of pieces of Italian art. And then there's the originals and all art. And then we also have a page for commissions because you can hire Morrissey to create your own art that you want of whatever you want it to be. So we haven't you know, explaining their, what the costs behind that is in a contact us form. And we also, you know, normally in the header nav for a store, I keep it all focused around the shopping experience. So here we have products you can buy and the service you can, you know, render of the commissions. But I also, because it's art, the meet the artist, you know, the about us type page is really important because the artist is an important part of that purchase making decision that the customer is going to be making. So we have the meet the artists right up in the header nav where normally I would only have that in the foot nav, her traditional type store. And here we talk about Maurice, the different arts. She's done.

So on the evergreen pages, what we have is we've got the meet the artists, we already showed you exhibitions. So Marcy's art gets shown a lot around the world. So what we show is upcoming and current exhibitions that she's done, the different locations. You see, Oh, she's in Italy, she's in California, she's in Tokyo. So you get a sense of, you know, the stature of her art and it's getting shown around the world. And then we also got the evergreen pages for, you know, policies of privacy, refund, shipping and terms. And then we also have a contact us page using the turbo themes. Really rich ability to have these engaging pages. So we show the contact form, we've got a map to see, you know, you know, Morrissey's now in Southern California and there's also a link to the FAQ page and you can see the FAQ. We've got, you know, the accordion functionality going on, which is a nice compelling way to, to show that content. And then if we take a piece of art, we'll add one to the cart just to show you what the cart experience looks like.

Pretty standard cart page. And then when we go into checkout, You've got some rich branding going on here with the logo over the, that crown banner ad. We made that banner, or not banner, but not a banner ad, but a banner. We made that banner black and white which we've done a couple of times in the site also. We're not actually using it for art, but using it for backgrounds. And you can see that, I think we did that in the homepage for the email signup, right? Yeah. There we go. There's the same thing going on there and then the rest of the content on the homepage. What we're doing here is really setting a tone for what the site is about, right? Fine art for your home or office. We're trying to sell on this banner here. We're trying to set the context of what the store is about, a little explanation on what's going on, and then we mimic the navigation that we have in the header where we have golf, seascapes, Italy, originals and all art. We mimic that navigation here on the homepage content for people that are on their mobile phones who maybe don't want to click on the menu and open up that hamburger menu. And we also have the commissions, which is another one of those header elements and then an Instagram feed. So that is the a store that we have done for Marcy rule art. Thanks for watching.

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