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Hey, Scott Austin here and here is a new store build that I did for claims as they were coming to market with two new products for a UV cleaning. So here you can see one of them, the handheld, and then there's also a desktop version case. And they came to me with the purple concept for their brand already. And you can see because this purple is so strong. We went strong with it, right? And we use it a lot of places and we found some compatible bright colors also, and use them throughout. And this is actually that purple over a stainless steel backdrop, which this is about UV cleaning and purifying. And I came to the idea of, well, stainless steel is considered a clean surface. Let's just put that just, just purple alone, became a little dominating. So we put it over this, you know, stainless steel texture to give it a little bit of life to it instead of just this dominant purple everywhere. But let's, you know, go into the site here and on the homepage, you know, they just do a simple photo of showing you what it's about here. And then there was a message from the founder and why he did it. And I love telling the story and showing the family and, you know, you know, making that human connection is always a good thing. A couple of value props here and then some video testimonial, and there's a few of them spread throughout the store. It's just really nice. And here you see, we've got some more iconography going on, lots of reviews. And then, you know, the, the bullets of purify, sanitize and protect. So let's drop into the product page. And I often say, it's it, there's no such thing as a product page that is too long. And claims is a really good example of a lot of content on a product page. And it's not a bad thing. So here we have the, we can add it to the cart. We can buy it now. There's some, you know, some light description here, some product seals with some value propositions and then more content. And then we go into the first video, which is, you know, about the product. You know, if people aren't sure how to use it and all that kind of stuff. And then we do an infographic, I love infographics. And I like giving content in multiple ways to the customer. So if some people like videos or some people like reading text, or some people want to skim and see, you know, like infographic and things highlighted, no matter which way you want to consume your content, this product pages are really good job in delivering it to you. And then we've got some, you know, lots of photos here of, you know, how you can use it another infographic and then three customer testimonials, right. One at work, you know, and then, you know, a mom and then a guy here, so a little diversification Diversification of styles of use. And then we've got some customer reviews. This is using the judge me app, and then some FAQ's right. So this is a really long product page, but it's all, you know, it's also got lots of good information and it flows well. And what's really nice here with the flex theme, we're able to easily add a content block here and then a content block here with a purple background, even though the graphic has its own purple gray background, the HTML has a purple background here beyond the graphic. And then another content block with a white background, another content block with a purple background that alternating effect was really easy to do inside of the flux seem it'd be harder to do in other themes. As you can tell it, I like the flex team. I use it a lot and we use that purple theme even throughout the judge reviews, right, doing the purple star is kind of thing. So I'm really consistent in that coloring throughout the site. And if we go to the other product page for the desktop case, similar thing where lots of content, and then, you know, a bunch of different formats and intimates have as many videos for this one, then have any videos for this one. But we put in lots of content, nonetheless, right? The team was really good about going out and building infographics and all that good stuff. So we've got two product pages that lots of content about the products and we take it to the cart. And here, if you've got the case in the cart, we have a promo that shows you, Hey, do you want to get the, you know, the handheld also, and we can put it into the cart for them. And then once they do that, promotion goes away. So whichever one you don't have in the cart, we promote in the cart. And once you have both in the cart, we stopped promoting because you've already got them in the cart. And then if we go into the checkout experience, you can see what you've got the cleans of branding coming through there also. So the about us is a really nice, you know, making that human connection here. Here's Brad, the founder of the company show showing the family. And then they've got some content behind the technology. You know, once again, you see we're doing that white purple, white purple alternating thing inside of the flux scene. And then another FAQ or to seem one of them and then a contact form. And there, you can see our stainless steel coming through there. And then, you know, for people that are doing this for work, they've got, you know, another set of content about a workplace. And I think we even, I think we've shown you most of the pages there. Yup. Let me show you most of the pages there. So that's the claims website. This is a new store built in Shopify with the flexing. Thanks for watching.

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