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Hey, Scott Austin, here in this video, I want to show you a new store build that we did in Shopify. And the fun thing that you see on the screen here is this is the website that we were replacing. So this website was built on a homebrew system probably around 2002. And here 2023, 21 years later, it was time to upgrade it to a more robust platform, Shopify. So here's the store we ended up with and what they're selling is they have products that are, you know, manufactured in Mexico. They import them into the United States and then they sell them wholesale to gift shops and other stores that are going to resell them. So they have a lot of products that, you know, catalogs large lots of inventory and some B2B rules that we needed to automate. So this just drop into a category of Baja hoodies. Here we have all sorts of categories that, you know, people can browse by. They can also search for this catalog so large they might want to do a search. And if we look into a product, we've got some product photography. That's what actually is one product photo, although we do have photos for the different colors, which is nice. And then we did some descriptions and we did this using a AI to take the really short one sentence product descriptions that were on the old platform and the beat them out and make them a little bit more robust so that there's more information about the products there. And if you add a product to the card, it's just, you know, order a couple of them, add it to the car, go into our car, you'll see that we have an order minimum because it is a B2B store of a $100. So we're tracking that as we go because the minimum is not met yet. We can't check out. So we can go back and look at other products. Let's just look at some leather bags. You, you know, visually see what we're looking at. And the nice thing here is because it's B2B, a lot of the customers know the products from retailers coming back and doing real retail orders. So we do is we have this grid view that we're on right now, which is your normal view of a collection page. And we can toggle to the list view in here. In the list view, I can take a product and say, Well, I want two of those and two of those and two of those three of these. And then with one add of the cart button, it'll add those all to the cart. And now I could see that I've exceeded my order threshold of $100 and now I can checkout. So it's a pretty simple yet functional for their business model website that gets their whole product catalog exposed and allows people to place orders much more easily than they could in the old platform. Thanks for watching. So we found that merchandizing these products, packaging them up and merchandizing them in different ways enabled us to sell them, you know, obviously subscriptions is better when you get the repeat purchases, but also the average cart size was larger when they're buying a $20 box, an assortment of gummies. We also came up with the concept of staff picks, which there's all these gummies to pick from. And so people have a hard time picking. So the store picked three different gummies that they like best. Which one was the most sour, which one was for sweet fans? And then the best bears are lots of different types of gummy bears. So this is a short list of three different gummies to pick from. So if you look at the full list and you don't know which ones to pick, well then we recommend. Why don't you try out the staff picks, you know, pick one of the ones that you like, and if you don't know which staff pick you want, then you can go and get the sampler pack and get a small sampler of each one of the three. And then from there you can pick the one that you like best. One of things we do is if you're shopping for gummies, let's just throw some in our cart. These are sold out, which is throwing in our cart. And then we also do in the card, have an upsell here for the staff, pick, sampler, pack. We say, hey, you know, once you add a, you know, a sampler pack for only $5 and it's it's kind of nice to see how many customers actually add that to their order. Once again, increasing our RPU. But it's also enhancing discovery of the different gummies that are available. So then we also do as anybody who adds a staff pick, we have a Klaviyo flow that goes out afterwards says, Hey, which one of the three did you like the best pick, the one you like and you know, place an order for it. Another collegial flow has been really successful for the stores to restock notification after 30 days. Hey, you've run out of your super sour fruits skulls. Do you want to buy a replacement order? And if they don't place an order from that, that email, 15 days later, we'll send another out saying, Hey, why don't you try other of our more popular products? So adding tools to the business of subscriptions in Klaviyo has enabled them to grow the recurring revenue that they're getting and reengaging their existing audience, which is obviously all good for the business. So that is the store redesign that we did for jelly gummies. Thanks for watching.

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