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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video, we're gonna go over the new store build that we did for Bixby Chocolate with the new Shopify store for their wholesale business. We had previously done a redesign for them for their consumer business, and they wanted to automate more of their wholesale business, so bring that into an online store. So we made a new Shopify store, added in the flex theme, brought over the branding from the consumer store, and then started building out our wholesale experience. And you can see anywhere that you go on this wholesale store, you have to log in to see anything. So we locked the whole store down behind a login. I'm gonna go ahead and log in and just go to the homepage. And the wholesale business is a little bit different than their retail business in that they're selling in different package sizes. So in the wholesale business, they're selling in cases. So let's just go to the chocolate. Let's just pick up drinking chocolate. And you can see on most of the collection pages we have our bulk order process. So here I can see each of the drinking chocolate, you know, products, and I can add multiple of them to the card at one time. So it's easy for the wholesale orders who are familiar with the product catalog to not have to go in and look at every single product page if they want to. They can totally do that. They can go and see a product page and see all the information there, but a lot of the customers will actually just stay on the collection page and place the quantities they want. And then in one add to cart button, they'll add that to their cart. Now, I mentioned before that they're ordering in cases. So what we're doing here is we're actually letting them know what the price of this is, the retail price per product, their wholesale price, and then showing them the price per case that they're paying. And we're also doing the case size. So if we add all that to the cart, it'll take a moment. There we go. All those products are in the cart now, and they can, they can see the details and go ahead and check out. And then at the product page level, we do the same thing where if we go into a product, we show them what the the case size is, the unit size, and also do the math for them of, you know, here, here's the price you're paying, here's the price each. So when you give 'em that, that information, that's important for them. So they don't have to do math like, oh, there's how many per case, so I'm paying how much per unit and all that good stuff. We're helping them out with that. They also have a sell sheet of all their products, and every product page allows the, the retailer to download that and see that information offline. And then, you know, in our about pages, we've got a good story page going on where Kate talks about how she got started with all this and how they're a main focus company. Talk about their process so people wanna understand why their chocolates are so good, the quality behind them. So lots of rich content there. A pretty standard Contact us page. And then we've also got the we need to, we need to fix that one. We've also got the standard, you know, shipping policies and all that kind of stuff going on on these pages. So not a lot of content in the store because the store, you know, the store customers, the wholesale customers are gonna be familiar with the product catalog, so we don't have to like enrich with, you know, blog articles and all that kind of stuff. They also have a lot of award winners. So we did a collection specifically for that. And then also main theme, which is an important way that people shop so they can get chocolate lobsters. And then also by dietary habits. So if people are gluten-free or kosher, you can, you know, see which products are vegan, for example. And there you go. All right, so that is the wholesale store build that we did in the flex theme, a new Shopify store for big speech chocolate. Thanks for watching.

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