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From when I first used Scott, I wanna say, it's been about four years. We've gone three X, the company easily, easily, you know, you pay this, but the potential is to get this. So my name is Tyler and I am the owner and operator at a company called guiltless food co, which is a gourmet meal, prepping service. We service all people in Riverside county and San Diego county here in Southern California. And so my role here is to create a great customer experience with a meal prep that they don't get anywhere else. So we actually first started off with a huge need for a better website. We were using things like Wix and things like that. Customer experience was horrible with it and how we were presented on our website. I wasn't too happy with. So we had actually a customer that owned another company that used JadePuma. And so after I looked at his website, got what his testimony and experience has been with JadePuma. That's when I actually started looking into using him as my wizard to create an easy from point a to finish line experience for customers.

Yeah, it was, it was reaching out initially via email. And then from there, that's when we got on the phone together, he better explained what his offerings were and the different ways that he can help. And that we just from then, we just kind of started out as entry level and then just started recreating everything as we went, a lot of my trust came from him sharing what a customer experience was like. It was the whole beginning to end, you know, what, what customers want, how the process needs to look to convert sales and then, you know, going upselling obviously from there, you know, to the end and then getting that created. So a lot of that came from there. And even when I'm leaning to adjust my offerings or what's available, he's giving me a lot of good insight on coming from a customer and really what they're looking for and what, you know, might be more attractive to them. Cuz not always what we want to offer is what the customers are needing or requesting. I mean, ideas are great, but if it's not what customers want, it's not gonna get you anywhere. So they wanna again know what they need. Have the easy way to just see it, understand it and check out. He's got pretty much all of that just wrapped up. And so he could take my product and then just deliver it the, the simplest way possible.

So with working with JadePuma, where we were at once we've gotten the website recreated, we have seen more recurring customers and then also just customers subscribing and staying on longer from when I first used Scott, I wanna say, it's been about four years, we've gone three X, the company easily, easily, you know, you pay this, but the potentials to get this you know, and again, a lot of it is a lot of elements involved, but I put a lot of that on JadePuma in creating, you know, a, a really attractive ship that we're cruising on for people to wanna jump on board with. He helped me with all the email automation and then he also helped me with Klavio for like mass emails that go out, you know, I I'm seeing sales weekly come from those automated emails that are shooting out there to people that maybe haven't been on for 30 days or so.

So friend of mine who owns a really large supplement company, he was always asking me questions about who I use for the website and how my experience has been with who I'm using for the website and what sells have been like while using JadePuma. And he now actually very recently is becoming a customer of JadePuma because just with what I shared with him, it's literally less abandoned carts and easier checkout processes to have people entering the website more likely to purchase. And then even with the upsells coming up for those customers that didn't come on for 30 days, it's those retargeting emails that automatically flow out to capture them again. And so you're looking okay, well, is it worth it, you know, hiring on this guy or should I just stay with what I'm at? It's once it's running, it's automated, you know, and it's just gonna slightly scale up and scale up and scale up. So that bit of money that you are paying for the services are paying itself off, you know, shortly after. So JadePuma is just a massive Shopify brain that knows how to create the tools and implement them for customers to go in and go aha, and create an easier checkout and a win-win for both myself as a business owner and the customer. Scott, thank you for all of your intelligent work. And I continue building this relationship for the future.

Video Walkthrough of the Site

Transcript of the walk-through video

 Hello Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. And in this video I'm going to talk about the site redesign that we did for BC fit meals. BC fit meals is a meal delivery service located here in Southern California where they make your meals for you breakfast, lunch and or dinner and deliver it to your house or you can come pick it up at their office or locations they have throughout the delivery area and just have pre made meals that you can throw in the microwave, heat up and eat and they focus on healthy nutritional meals that are supposed to improve your diet and your health. So the site that they had was a hybrid site of WordPress on the front end and Shopify for the cart functionality cause they had a lot of evergreen pages and marketing content that was, you know, built out in, in WordPress years ago.

But in today's Shopify world with, you know, themes like turbo, we have the ability to build rich evergreen pages just like WordPress does. And they look as compelling as most WordPress pages do. So there really wasn't the need for that hybrid site anymore. So the first part of the project was combining all the WordPress content into the Shopify store and getting rid of the WordPress site. So now they have one platform, Shopify to manage where all their content and product catalogs are in one place and all their orders come in through. But then as we were looking at the theme that they were using we've been upgraded to the most recent version of that theme, but it made the product purchasing experience really confusing. So then we decided to get rid of that theme and upgrade to the turbo theme instead. So here in this walkthrough, I'm going to show you the current state.

We're still a work in progress on this site. They've got a long roadmap of improvements we're going to be making from the marketing of their products. But here's where we're at with the new site, combining the WordPress and the Shopify and upgrading the theme to be turbo. So when we first come to the site, you know, we focused on a really stark color scheme where it's very white. Most of the places just tack, just black text. And then we're using red for, you know, calls to action. But the point of that is to bring the food front and center, right. We want people focusing more on the product photography and seeing the foods, then a great color scheme. So we purposely made our color scheme move to the background. And these guys actually, you know, they do a good job in making videos and explaining what's going on.

So here on the homepage you can see on the first call to action is order now, which is the same as the meal plans up here in the header. And we do it also here. It gets started. It's, it's, it's really simple to get started. You have to pick from there, four different meal plans to start with. And then from there you would customize that meal plan to meet your needs. So let's walk into that shopping experience. When you click on the order now button here, it'll take you to a page where we talk about the four different meal plans and we explain briefly the differences between those meal plans. You can decide which one is the best for you. So let's say you want the select menu, you can pick that plan. And now on the product page and this was, you know, one of the big reasons why we went with the turbo theme was the previous theme that we had.

If you had clicked on a different variant, it wouldn't update the various images. So you know, we're trying to do is have a visual identifier. When you click, you know, a three meal per day plan, we show you three meals in that photo. So it's that reinforcing of the choices that you're making. You're confident that you know, the system is responding to your, your inputs. The other problem we had with the other theme was it didn't break the variance out into separate choices. So here you see we have three different variants, you know, how many days of food types of meals desired, and then additional options. And under those three buckets, there's a bunch of different choices to be made. You know, it was probably a total of 30 comp, you know, combinations of these three different choices. And in the old, the other theme, all 30 of those were separate boxes to be chosen from.

It got very confusing. When you're making the choices. So in the turbo theme and with most other themes is you know, for that matter those choices could separate it out as separate variant, you know, areas under the variants in the, in the product form. So the first thing the customer can do is pick, you know, five or seven days and then they can say, well I want breakfast and lunch or lunch only and you know, what meals they want and then they can look at what other additional options they may have. You know, they want extra protein or double vegetables and those kinds of things. And a really important part of this service is people don't just buy these meals, you know, ad hoc for a day or a week. A lot of their customers are subscribing and this is their regular meal plan.

They get it delivered weekly or pick them up weekly. So we also have the subscribe functionality and that's brought to us by the recharge app in this case. And then of course we would give a 10% discount off for customers that subscribe. So here, you know, a customer is signing up for Brent breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days per week. They see the price and they see the, you know, the discount they get for script subscription, they can add it to their cart. And then we go to the checkout and we've got, you know, the theme to checkout experience going on here. We bring the logo through in the same color, you know, color scheme that we were talking about before. It's very white and just letting the content come to the forefront.

So that's the shopping side of it. We also knew it was just IX explained to customers a lot of information about this. This is a longterm commitment people make when they sign up for that subscription. So a lot of customers are actually spending time researching on the site what their different options are before they make that decision. So we have a how it works page where, you know, we talked to the customers about, you know, the steps they got to do to pick their plan and how it all works. Some videos that explain what's going on, some questions. We also have a delivery area page where we show a little map of, you know, if you're within this area, you know, we can deliver to you. We also show the pickup locations cause there's multiple of them in, in that area. So they can see the different places where they can pick their food up at. And we also go through a FAQ where there's, you know, lots of questions and answers that they may have about the plans. So we're trying to build out all that content around that decision-making process for the customers.

And then we also have a nice about us page. The last page I'm going to show you here on about us page, you know, where they explained, you know, about the team. Here's Tyler the nutritionist and there was a video on Tyler and all that good stuff. So we had the ability to turbo to mix lots of different content. We've got copy here, we got images, and we've got videos, and we can lay it out in different ways on the different evergreen pages. You know, like we were shown before on the FAQ page. You know, it's got that accordion functionality built in. So this content is as rich and engaging in its presentation as it had been in the WordPress site before. So that's the, a BC fits a site redesign that we've done. Thanks a lot for watching.

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