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Rush Order Promo in Your Shopify Cart

Here's a simple, yet effective, way to add a promo to your Shopify store for turning an order into a Rush order.  This is particularly useful for stores that have long processing times due to the product being manufactured after it is ordered - like with customized or personalized products.

Today's efficient e-commerce pipelines have trained consumers to be poor at planning ahead as one can get many products delivered next day or even same day.  So an all too often scenario these days is that someone orders a product at the last minute expecting it to be shipped quickly.  But many consumers don't factor in the processing time involved.  For stores making personalized goods or manufacturing on-demand, these processing times can be days or even weeks.  Some customers will want to shorten that processing time and are willing to pay for that service.

So here's a solution to elegantly provide that service in your Shopify store.  Here's what it looks like in the cart in a couple of stores that we've implemented the method in:

Example 1 - Invision Artworks 

You can see it in action at  Invision Artworks is using the Turbo theme.  In the cart, the customer sees the Rush promo.


Clicking on the MAKE RUSH ORDER button adds the RUSH ORDER product to the cart, which has a price of $75.  Because the RUSH ORDER product is now in the cart, the Rush promo is no longer displayed.  If the customer removes the RUSH ORDER product from the cart, the promo will return.

Example 2 - Bullets2Bandages 

You can see it in action at  Bullets2Bandages is also using the Turbo theme.  In addition, it is a Shopify Plus store, which gives more flexibility in the pricing of the Rush order.  The Rush promo is shown in the cart.


Clicking on the MAKE RUSH ORDER button adds the Rush Order Upgrade product to the cart.  The price of a Rush order is 20% of the cart total which is calculated using Shopify Plus cart scripts.



To get started, you first need to add a Rush Order product to your store.

Then in the theme, create a new snippet for the Rush Promo code.  I named mine 'cart-message.liquid'.  Here's an example of the code:

In the snippet on line 19, the id is VARIANT ID (not the product id).  Here's one way to find the variant ID.

Go to your Rush Order product in your Shopify admin.  Add .xml to the end of the URL where the arrow is pointing to.


This will give this XML view of the product information.  The location of the Variant ID is highlighted.


Then, in your cart template (or section), you'll need an include statement for the snippet placed where you want the promo in the cart.  Here's the code for that line.

And here's the CSS used for the example, which you can adjust to match your store:

For those Shopify Plus stores, here's the script for the dynamic pricing of the Upgrade.

We've seen the following results by adding a Rush Order Upgrade promo to the cart:

  • Customers who need it sooner are willing to pay for that service.
  • Customer queries through support channels asking for priority processing is decreased as the program is clearly communicated during the checkout process.

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.