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SEO Launchpad for Shopify Stores

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting organic traffic from Google and other search engines. We've developed a 7 point SEO Launchpad Program to get a strong, data-driven SEO foundation in place for your Shopify store. 

Here are the steps of the program:

  1. Create or take ownership of your free Google and Bing business listing.  Optimize the content in the listings. You can learn more about the importance of these listings here.
  2. We'll get the proper metrics in place.  We ensure that your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts are set up correctly and connected to one another.  We'll put in place the SEO reports that we've developed over time with our clients.  This includes adding the Google Analytics to your Shopify site so your team can see them without having to have access to Google Analytics.
  3. Next, we'll build the first round of keywords to target.  This effort involves building a list of prospective keywords. All of them are evaluated by two different metrics.  1) The search volume for the word.  2) The competitive situation for the word.  The first set of keywords is usually about 20 words and includes many brand terms.
  4. We'll build or pick a page from your Shopify store for each keyword.  We'll optimize the page in several ways for the keyword in order to improve how Google measures the page's relevance for the keyword.
  5. We'll ensure the Google search results page shows the page listing as desired.  Most people understand that higher in the search results a site places, the more traffic it will get.  Also important is the copy from the website that Google shows in the search result.  We can influence what Google shows thereby improving the click-through to your Shopify store.
  6. Measure results by determining the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rank for each keyword, seeing how the listing looks on the page and measuring traffic and revenue from organic search.
  7. Build a list of blog sites and articles that are ranking for the keywords.  This list should be used by you to approach the blogs to get your products listed in their content.  Links to your site is an important factor in the rankings.  This list is long-hanging fruit to getting quality, relevant inbound links.

    The SEO Launchpad Program takes some time to complete.  During the program we'll be learning a lot about how Google search works in your industry and specifically with your site.  So at a minimum, the program takes weeks and many times takes months.  Some of the learnings we'll gain during the program include:

    • How quickly Google indexes new pages and updated content in your store.
    • And how quickly page rankings are updated in your industry. 
    • How competitive keywords are in your industry.
    • How easily we can get ranked for specific keywords.
    • How easily we change the ranking for keywords.  

    It's easy to overspend in SEO and see little improvement to your bottom line.  So our SEO Launchpad Program is designed to be a one time check on how SEO works in your industry and how competitive your site can be.  Once the Launchpad has put a proper SEO foundation in place, we'll work with you to develop the right ongoing SEO program for your business to build and grow that valuable organic traffic.  In some cases though, we'll recommend other efforts that can have a greater impact on your business than SEO.  Those recommendations will be based on data learned during the Program.

    The base price for the SEO Launchpad Program is $1,000.  The cost can increase for larger stores or stores that use poor quality themes.