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The Way We Conduct Ourselves

As you look for a company to partner with to grow your business, its important that the two companies work together well.  As such, here's some facts about the way we like to operate at JadePuma to help you decide if we are a good match.

We Are Proactive

We are experts in business and ecommerce (in other words, more than a bunch of techies that setup online stores).  As such, we'll work hard to understand your business and propose growth solutions.

It's Your Business

Yep, we'll give you lot's of advice.  But in the end, it's your business.  As such, we'll respect any and all decisions that you make and follow your directions.

Growth is Iterative

We believe in taking things a step at time.  Site and advertising expentitures should be justified by increasing revenues.

Ship Often and Early

A key part of being iterative is to get things in front of users.  We'll learn much more by watching how they interact with it than we would debating it internally.

Measure Results

Every effort and expenditure should be towards a business goal.  The results should be measured and decision made to keep or remove the effort based on the data.

It's a Partnership

We want your business to be successful.  As such, we'll act like a member of your team.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Give us your contact details here.  We'll call you shortly.  If we can't get in touch we'll send you an email link to schedule a time for a call.