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Episode 134 - Let's Look at some Shopify Welcome Series

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Hey, Scott Austin here.

In this episode, I'm going to do a show and tell with real brands.  I'm going to walk through the Welcome Series for three stores. 

A welcome series is a sequence of automated emails sent to new subscribers or customers when they first sign up for your newsletter or make a purchase. The purpose of a welcome series is to engage new customers, introduce them to your brand, and start building a relationship with them.  I think the Welcome Series is one of the most important branding tools for your store.

Back in Episode 110 in July of 2023, I gave a long list of ideas of content that you could add to your brand's Welcome Series.  Today, I'll walk through three welcome series and see what we can learn from.  If you are listening to the audio version, there will be a link in the show notes to the video version.

The brands I picked all sell electric scooters.  Now electric scooters are big ticket items.  The decent ones start at $500 and the prices quickly get into multiple thousands of dollars.  And there are many players in the market.  As such, I assume most purchasers spend a lot of time doing research before making a purchase. 

The three brands I picked were highly rated brands so I assume they'll be good example for us to learn from.  The brands are Voro Motors, Segway and Niu, spelled N I U.  I signed up for their email lists a little over two weeks ago.  I'll walk you through each email that I've gotten and we'll see what we can learn.  

Let's dig in.

The first brand is Voro Motors which looks to be headquartered in California.  So far, they've sent me 7 emails.  

Now, most of their emails, including the first one, is addressed from Joey from Vora Motors. So I like the personal touch of that. And the subject line is welcome to the whole family. Read more about us and we've got a gift for you.

now when I open up the email, I don't see a logo at the top in most of the emails, if I remember correctly, didn't have logos on them.

So I think they could do a little bit better on the branding and add their logo to each of their emails.

And this first email talks about the history of Auro Motors. They talk about where they got started, what happened during Covid and what their mission is. And then they end with a free offer. So it's a free gift with purchase for a bag for your electric scooter. If you buy an electric scooter.

and they even show you how that promotion is going to work inside of your cart in the checkout process, with screenshots of the cart and the checkout.

And that's really nicely done. Now, one of the things I noticed in looking at their emails is their footer has a lot of information in it. They talk about each of their locations in LA, New York, Hawaii and Australia. And at the top it even says shop online or in person. And it's underlined. It looks to me like it should be a link and I can't click on that.

And right above that, there's a 2.0 and I can't click on that. They do have buttons that are linkable, but I think they could add more links to their content throughout what they're doing. And overall, their email has some imagery and it's their own images that they've shot because it's their own products that they're selling. and, and they're good lifestyle photos shot in different locations.

And also they're pretty heavy on the tech side of things. But all in all, not a bad first email.

Now their second email, which came two days later, is again from Joey and it says were more than just electric scooters. Why choose for. So here once again, there is no, logo. When I opened it up, missing a branding thing. But here they're starting to talk about the people at Volvo Motors. And I love that. I love the fact that they're trying to make that personal connection, make that human to human connection.

Now, one of the things here is remember the emails address from Joey. It's even signed Joey at the bottom. But I don't know who Joey is. I've got a photo here of two employees. I don't know if one of those is Joey or not. So if they're going to make that personal touch and make all the emails from Joey, I think they should introduce Joey and tell us who he is.

Now, he might just be a persona, which is why they're not doing that.

Now this email has some images and text like I mentioned, but they also use quite often in their emails, emojis, which are very common and very friendly for most brands to be using.

And the three topics in here are the three headings in this email or unwavering trust are people and Aftersales support. And then it kind of ends with a pick your ride, a call to action, a link, which doesn't fit into what they're just telling me. I'd rather what they did is had some learn more links, you know, learn more about our people, meet them all or something like that.

They they're telling you about themselves and their brand and their support. And then just their call to action is disjointed in that it's, hey, go buy a scooter instead. So I think you could do a little bit better job on that. But all in all, another good email.

Now their third email, which came three days later, says the birth of the EMU line classics never grow old.

Take a look. I opened it up and all of their emails are generally, you know, generic or not. Not generic, but plain images. Right. So there's a photographs they've taken on their own. the ones I'm looking at now are cropped absolutely awfully,

heads are cut out of them. You know, a little bit of the product is cut out.

They should step back a little farther so they can do a lot better job not of taking the photos as much, although a couple of them could be improved upon, but just the way they crop them and present them. There's nothing production level done to their images. They just take some images, crop them pretty roughly and throw them into their emails.

Now that's way better than not doing that, right. So the fact they're doing their frittata, like I have this one photo here with, I don't know how many scooters it is lined up in their factory. You know, it's 50 of them all in a straight line. And I love that because it's showing their size and scale. They've also got another one of a couple pallets of stuff with a big truck behind it, once again showing their size and scale.

So I like what they're doing here. I just think they could do a better job with the presentation of the images and graphics, with better cropping and better photography.

But what they're doing here is telling you about their own line of scooters and a little bit of the story behind it. So once again, a good email.

Now the next email came four days later and it says CBU Invoice Pro Join Forces. It all began with the Mantis Pro SC. Now I don't know if CBU is a, brand of scooter. And they they merged or or what? but once again, they're telling a little bit of their history and story, and they're doing this in pieces, which is is really nicely done.

same comments as they had before on the photography. They've got photography. That's great. It could definitely be improved upon. They've got a graphic in this one, which is nice. and, you know, this one's a simple, call to action of, you know, view the cable collection, which is the line that they're talking about here. So I think that's well done.

Their next email came three days later, and it is titled check out the Wolfpack

Performance Scooters for that extra something. You up for it? So remember two emails ago they talked about the E move line and then the last email I talked about the CBU line and then this one they're talking about I guess their top of the line scooters, the Wolfe line.

So they're doing a good job and walking you through their products and introducing you to the different choices that they provide for you.

once again, photography that definitely needs improvement. I'm going to click into one of these products and I'll explain why I think this one needs improvement more than the other ones. Here's this Wolf King G2.

So I click on that and I open that up on their website. And this is a, it's on sale right now for $600 off, normally a $3,700 scooter. Right now it's 3195. So if I close that out and go back to the email, the image is not living up to a $3,100 scooter, right? It looks like an image you get for, you know, on a kid scooter or a $200 scooter and not something to spend $3,000 on.

You know, if you have high price point products, you need higher quality images to live up to that price expectation. It really needs to, you know, dazzle me a little bit more than this image does. So, you know, love the fact you're doing photography. Love the fact they're doing their own photography. But if they want to sell high priced ticket items like this, they got to up their photography game quite a bit.

But this email does a good job of explaining the the Wolf line and the different products that are available in the Wolf. There's three of them here that they're showing. So that's another good email.

The next email came another three days later. So they're about 3 or 4 days apart when they're sending out their emails. This one is how to pick your dream e-scooter. Easy peasy. With this guide, you'll make a choice in no time. Now, I think I'm going to love this a lot because remember they talked about their three different lines, individual emails on each one of them.

And now I assume they're going to compare and contrast those two for me to help me make that purchase decision. So they've got an ultimate beginner's guide, and it's a link off to read their guide on their website about scooters and five things to know before you buy. So I think that's that's really well done.

And then the last email which I just got today, so two days later it's a 72 hour flash sale. So this probably isn't in their welcome series. Now that they've been added to their list, this is probably the campaign they're sending out. and this 72 hour flash sale is for insane prices on refurbished scooters. And if I click on that, there's a little, countdown showing how much time is left for that sale.

and it shows me that for the next 72 hours, limited time, I save money on these refurbished units. And it shows me some of the products that are for sale and the savings and the prices. So that's that's nicely done. These are nice, what I call Amazon product photos with just the product with a a white background on them.

So I can see clearly what the product is on. They have lots of them that are for sale and these are all refurb ones. So the discounts off the total retail price are pretty significant there.

for example, I'm looking at a $1,500 scooter that's now $900. So $600 off because it's refurbished.

or $600 off their listed, retail price.

I don't know if they sell for the retail price most of the time or not. We talked before in this podcast about some people play those games. I don't know if these brands are doing it or not. I'm actually not spending a lot of time on their websites and just looking at their emails here.

So that's a really nice email also.

So they spent a first email or two talking about their brand and themselves and the people. Then they walked us through the different lines of scooters that they have. Then they gave us some tools to compare and contrast the different lines of scooters and buyer's guides, and then introduced us to a sale. and this is probably not the end of their welcome series.

This is just the first couple weeks of emails. What I tell brands a lot is you're welcome. Series can never be too long. You know, if you have 50 emails, you want to send out an email every week or two and you know you do it for a year, that's totally fine. You just want to have good, valuable content for your customer.

So I assume this welcome series is going to continue on, but I think it did a really good job in the first set of, you know, eight or so emails that I got in that welcome series. 

The second brand is Segway which is located in the US.  So far, they've sent me 8 emails.

Now, the, email address. The name is Segway Official Store. And if I was them, I would make that. Not as long as you make it Segway. But they might have problems with copycats or something like that. Trying to, you know, copy their brands. So that's why they have to say official store. But, you know, if they could just make it Segway, be simpler and easier for me to see it in the subject line or in the, the list of emails.

Oh, that one's from Segway. and the first one is welcome to Segway. Now they aren't using the secondary line on the email address, so it's just starting to show some URLs and links from their email so they could do a better job. And it looks like maybe their email tool doesn't allow because each one of them does it, or their email team just doesn't do it.

but when you get an email in your inbox, depending on what platform you're using, you'll see the subject line and then a second line. I forget what they they call that second line. And like in Klaviyo I enter what that information is. And if I leave it blank, it pulls the first line of content from the email.

if you have an HTML email, your first line is usually some links or some images. And it's a bunch of HTML code which just looks really messy. So it's a good best practice is to definitely put that second line into your email address or into your email subject line area so that it gets filled into your inbox really well.

And they're not doing that in the segue emails. And that first welcome one, I open it up and it's got a nice image. There's a woman on a scooter and she's scooting along. It kind of looks like a fake background image. it may or may not be. I would say it is.

but it's it's a nice you know, tone setting image that, hey, you're outdoors, you know, you're roaming around, you know, out there in the freedom.

Oh, and I get a welcome 20 on your first purchase. So that's $20, on your first purchase. So you get a coupon code immediately from these guys when you sign up. and they've got, a little explanation about the different types of products that they have because they have scooters, go carts and some other electric transportation devices.

I don't know how to explain them.

but they're trying to show a little bit of bit of that. But basically what they're doing here is showing you the, $20 off coupon. And I click on that link and it takes me straight to their shopping page. And what I just want to see is I'm going to add one to my cart, and I want to see if that $20 coupon shows up in my cart automatically.

add to cart functionality is weird. very weird.

Proceed to checkout.

Yeah, I don't see my $20. Oh, it's going to check out their cart. Behavior is really wacky. I'm clicking multiple things multiple times and it's going all over the place. this is not a Shopify store. and I do not see my coupon automatically added. So I don't know how I'm supposed to get this coupon that they sent me.

It's great. They sent me one. Oh, it's just you coupon code welcome 20. So it's not even a unique coupon code. That wasn't too clear to me.

now that I read it, it's clear, but I'm such a skimmer.

they could have had, like, a graphic that highlighted coupon code and, you know, really called out that this is your code to use.

they're not doing that here. It was just bolded text inside of of of a line of text. And I just skimmed right over it. because I'm totally a skimmer when it comes to, copy.

Not everybody is. That's the way I am. But. So this email. Okay. definitely some things I can improve upon upon it.

Now, the next email they sent was, two days later, and this one is Light Up Your Outdoor Life with CIG Cube. So we'll see what the cig cube is.

so this is a battery. So not only do they sell scooters, but they sell, portable batteries that you can take camping with you and those kind of things.

and the image that they have is a really nice one. It's actually of their battery outdoors and people are toasting toast, which is kind of odd because it's nighttime and it's actually movie night. So I assume this battery is powering the projector that's lighting up a screen in the distance kind of thing. And there's some lights and toaster and stuff.

So they're just trying to show how their batteries do, you know, have lots of power that you can use kind of thing. So that's that's a nice email. There's a, a giveaway. Oh, follow us on Instagram to win. So that's a call to action there. that's kind of nice. So this is a good one of introducing more of their product line.

Some good imagery on this one. some nice calls to actions here.

The next email came, four days later. Revolutionized the way you live, work, and play. That sounds compelling. It's a good subject line.

the more you move, the more you'll save.

So that doesn't support the subject line.

The subject line is revolutionize the way you live, work and play. So that to me, sounds like they're going to tell me a story.

Like I'm going to tell you about how cool it is to live this lifestyle of commuting or getting around town on an electric scooter versus a car. That's what I thought I was going to see. But then as I open it up, the first thing I see is the more you move, the more you'll save. So that's more of a sales pitch there, right?

It's probably you. Instantly you receive Segway Miles points. Yeah, this is confusing. When you sign up for your new account at the Segway store, you'll instantly receive 600 Segway Miles points. They don't even know what the program is. So they're trying to sell me on their retention program, but they're doing a really poor job in explaining it. and the call to action is sign up now.

And I have even bought a product yet. Why am I going to sign up for this thing?

so that's that's really weird. And I think poorly done.

really poorly done, actually.

so let's move on to their next email and see what we get from that. So in the next email came the, the next day and it says 50% off one day on and off.

This is part of their flow. the automated, you know, welcome series. Or if this is just because now I'm on their, their campaign list. so this is a flash sale for the whole day, up to 50% off, shop now and they show their different products,

which is nice.

it gets actually kind of confusing.

There's so much going on in this, it's just image after image after image. Some of them are cropped square or some of them have border radius is I don't understand the effect they're going for some the buttons built into the images, others don't. It's it's and buttons have different border radius is different colors. There's no consistency in what I'm seeing here.

kind of looks like it's supposed to feel like an Instagram feed or something, but it's it's just poorly done. Right? And and it starts off with a flash sale for the whole day, up to 50% off. And then farther down, I see that there's a summer sale. Start your summer adventure now, I don't know if that's the same thing as the Flash on those.

Refer a friend. Give, give 5%. Get 900 miles. And now this is a retention program. Like there's just too much stuff going on here. What I like to see in an email is one message and one call to action. Now if the action is, we've got a flash show. You may want to show a bunch of products. That's fine, but I'm going to click on the flash sale.

Whole day, 50% off shop now. And that takes me to a flash sale page. and this email was a long time ago, so it's over. So that's good. So that was accurate back then. So I like that. Right. It actually took me to a flash sale page that had a counter on it. So that's good. So that was our first call to action was the flash sale.

Now the the bottom of the page, there's other call to actions in the middle. At the bottom there's a summer sale save. Now I click on that.

It opens up in their website to a page seasonal promotion. So yeah, they've got two different sales that they're promoting in the same email for the same products, like just poorly done.

just just confusing. I'm not sure what the message is or throw so many messages that me, I can't understand what they're trying to explain because you're explaining so many different things.

so, so far Segway is not impressing me at all.

So the next email came two days later and it's game night. Was Segway Go Kart Pro two.

and this looks like a go kart. Looks like me. So a go kart let me shop now because I'm confused by this. Also, the message is confusing to me. This is an actual go kart for $2,200. It looks kind of cool.

All right, the reason I'm confused is the subject line is game night was Segway Go Kart Pro two, and they show a game controller like a PlayStation or Xbox controller. How is a real go kart related to video game game night? And I look at maybe it's supposed to be that this go kart is like playing in a video game, and then they show the go kart with like a monitor in front of it, like it is the controller or something.

yeah, I'm very confused. Like, is it a game because because, oh, immersive gaming experience.

Maybe it's not a real go kart, but it looks like it is. That's why I'm very confused. Right. So Segway Go Kart two is back. Don't miss out on a chance to play like a pro or today, earn double miles and save more on your next purchase.

as I'm looking at this, all of their imagery has just the product except for one where they say it's adjustable from four foot 3 to 6ft three and they show two people in it, but they're not sitting in the cart right there. They're in a workshop. So if I'm supposed to drive this thing while playing a video game show, show a person in that because I, I'm really confused by this, and maybe I'm just being stupid, right?

But, it looks like this hooks up to a video game, but which one? is it for PlayStation? Is it for Xbox? This is your own thing, I don't know. Oh, there we go. But if I click off to the, product page, it says,

yeah, it's it has a top speed of 26 miles an hour and is compatible with PCs.

So, yeah, I don't understand it. They could do a way better job explaining that. And sometimes the way you have to explain these things is in a video

now, you can't embed a video inside of an email, but you could have a, animated GIF.

what this should say? So I'm thinking that this is a real go kart and can be used as a game controller as I'm reading things.

So you know, what they should have is an image, like a split image, where they show a person on the street in the go kart, driving down the road, having a great time, and they show a person in the car inside of, you know, their house, using it as the controller, as a game controller. So both of those situations side by side.

So I understand I can do both of them. And then, you know, maybe click off to a video that shows that happening. So I can see the motion. Right. When things are static, it's hard to understand what they do and how they interact where if they gave me some videos that said, you know, look, you can take this outside, you know, in your backyard and play with it, or you can, you know, connect it to your computer and game with it and that kind of stuff.

They're doing a really poor job in explaining that here. So, Segway is continuing to disappoint me.

Now, the next one I have is the next day, and this is my discount expires soon. So

this is a lie, right? So your savings await you earn yourself $20 off your first purchase.

is what they're saying. Well, so the subject line says discount expires soon. The body of the email doesn't tell me that it expires. And the reason I know that that's a lie is the coupon code is welcome 20.

So anybody can use it at any time. It's probably, you know, you can only use it one time per person. Is the limit set on the code. Probably. But so this is one of those, you know, just kind of expire soon. You know, they're lying to their customers. And I'm not a fan of the lying thing. Right. You could say, hey, use you know, you can use your coupon code.

You know, you should use it now because there's lots of great things you can buy. But I wouldn't say that it expires when it does not.

All right. The next email after that is two days later. Beat the heat. Summer sale ends tomorrow. So remember I had that flash sale and the summer sale on the same email. Now on this email, it's closing out the summer sale. So I actually like the fact that they're creating a sense of urgency around their sale. And this email is all about the summer sale, so it's a little bit better.

This is less confusing than the last one, but they still have the refer a friend get 5%, get 900 miles. You know. So this is a welcome series or actually this is probably a campaign email.

but I would be sending this out to people, you know, who haven't purchased from you trying to get them to make their first purchase.

That's me is a call to action buy, buy a scooter right. Adding at the bottom of it. And a lot of brands do this right. They clutter the bottom of their emails with a bunch of other things than the one message they're trying to deliver. So it looks like they might even just have in their footer refer a friend and, you know, get this bonus thing every time.

They just have that in their footer, which is just a confusing message, right? It's this image. It's large. It's got a, you know, big black button call to action, clear that crap out of there and just stay focused on the one message, which is, hey, we've got this great summer sale going on right now. It's about to, and so here's the savings you can get.

Click down and buy a scooter for summertime. Keep it on that message, and then don't confuse people with other messages.

So that was on May 26th and the next emails on May 28th. So two days later. So now we have a 24 hour flash sale. Save big today only. So this brand looks like they just do sales all the time. Right. We had a flash sale just like nine days ago. If I remember correctly. If I'm doing the math right and they've got that same confusing email style without the summer sale confusion in this one, but it's just the big, long, messy email I talked about before.

Lots of inconsistencies in presentation.

so it looks like these guys just do flash sales all the time. every couple of weeks or even less than that.

so, you know, in the two weeks that we've been getting emails from them, they've had three sales are promoting with us. So they're just always on sale kind of thing, which, you know, can be effective.

it's just it totally supports the the lack of quality that we've seen in their email strategy that they're really not using. They're welcome series as well as they could in building a relationship and telling a story about their brand.

All right. The third brand is Niu, which is located in Hong Kong. And so far, they've sent me eight emails. now, their first email, the subject line is four things that make new, unique. It's hard to find a really good scooter on market unless, you know, new. So I click into that.

They've got some decent imagery there on their scooters because these guys are all making their own scooters.

They have to go out and shoot their own photography, and they'll do a pretty good job of, you know, well, these guys are doing a better job than the other ones have, actually showing people on their scooters in motion. At least this email does, better than the other guys have done. But in here they're talking about what makes them unique, and that is they're battery technology, smart and connected.

So we've got an app that you can use with your scooter car level features. So that's nice. They're they're calling out their differentiators in their very first email I like that it's well done. Now they're not trying to create any personal connection and talk about humans here, but they are talking about their products and how they're differentiated. So that's a good job.

And then the second email, which comes out five days later, oops, sorry. Three days later,

what's the difference between KQ i3 and KQ i2? Choose your new scooters. That's probably just two different models, so I like that they've got a comparison chart side by side actually with three things side by side. the differences between, the products.

The image is kind of blurry. they could work on that a little bit, but it's a nice little table. Right. You can see what their top speeds are, the distance, the weight limits and different features that are probably important to people when picking a scooter. So love that. and then they actually show the scooters and their actual prices.

So that's a really nice, concise email like, hey, here's your choices and here's the differences between those choices to help someone make that decision.

News doing a good job so far. Now the next email comes out two days later. Start your new way now, but pay later. So now they're talking about a, Klarna buy now, pay later feature.

So yeah, I've already explained to you why their products are different, showed the different, you know, the differences between their different products. And now they're telling you, hey, if you think it's too expensive, well, we can do installment payments for you also. And they've also got some product reviews from customers in here. So they're actually doing a really nice story.

They're not building the brand. They're not building, you know, a relationship, but they're building a decision making engine. They're educating their customers about their products in nice, you know, bite sized bits that are easy for people to understand. And those things are building on one another doing a really good job here so far.

Now, the next email came two days later and it says how far can you travel for $5?

Kick scooter versus car versus motorcycle.

yeah, they've got a little infographic here. This is awesome. All right, so it shows you that a car on five miles of energy gets you 50 miles a motorcycle gets you 80 mile, 89 miles.

A scooter gets you 2325 miles. Right. And the little bar graph and it's just way longer there kind of thing. So that's really nicely done. you know, they're highlighting the fact that this is, you know, energy efficient transportation for you. You know, obviously you can't load up, you know, groceries in the family like you can't in a car, but that's not what it's for.

So I love this. And it's really calling up the value prop of an electric scooter product. So that's really, really nicely done. Again.

And I love the fact that they actually, you know, built their own infographic for that and spent the time creating that content.

the next email came two days later and that's become a new member. And her loyalty points without even digging into it yet, I'm going to the same comment that I had for Segway. I would not be highlighting a rewards program in your welcome series.

I would be talking about a, rewards program, you know, post-purchase series, right? You want to get people to make a purchase first, and then once they make a purchase, you want to, you know, get them to make their second purchase or their third purchase, which is the reason you have a loyalty program. So get their first purchase first and then explain to them after they've made that purchase, the benefits of the loyalty program.

Right now, if I haven't purchased a scooter yet and they're trying to, you know, explain to me all the benefits of their loyalty program. Well, it's just confusing me, you know, or at least for me, it does. Right? Imagine never having shopped at a grocery store and they're trying to get you to sign up for their, their loyalty members, you know, card kind of thing.

it's just too early for that.

Their next email came two days later, and it says your new way forward. New isn't just a better ride, it's a better life. So that's really aspirational. That's nice. now when I click on that, I see a windbreaker, a, drawstring bag. Yeah, they fell short on that. So that subject line, which was awesome, about it being a way of life, you know, I thought it was going to be a little more altruistic and talk about, you know, the emotional connection you're going to have to your electric scooter and how it's going to make you feel about yourself.

Instead, it's just they're branded products, they're accessories and that kind of stuff. There's nothing wrong with selling accessories. I was just hoping that that subject line is going to lead them to tell a better story, to make me feel better about making the purchase that I'm making and and spending all that money. so I think there's a little bit of an opportunity missed there.

Next email came two days later. A key factor that you probably missed when purchasing an electric scooter. Do you consider the warranty? No. I love that subject line. Right. So by this time, you know, you're doing a lot of research on electric scooters and you're understand the differences about the products. But now they're saying, hey, there's something. Also consider there's also a warranty and they're saying, hey, we have a two year warranty.

And they say compare that to the one year warranty on competing scooters. that's a really nice job. Really, really well done. They're they're actually, you know, taking the conversation and changing it. Right. You know, early on, people were probably talking about the battery life or how many miles you get, and they're saying, yes, but there's something else to consider.

And let's talk about that and how much better we are in that space also. So that's a really good one.

And the next email came another two days later. And that's been consistent for them. And it's leave traffic behind. Your new way to work. Tired of wasting time in traffic or finding parking. So this this once again sounds like a really nice subject line, where they're talking about the value of their scooters. Right? It's going to change your lifestyle.

It's going to make things easier and all that good stuff. And I open it up. And here's our first, I actually think second, and all the emails that I've seen animated GIF and this animated gif is really nice. It's it's sped up a little bit and it's someone on a scooter, it looks like in New York by the subway sign thing, and they're zipping down the road and they're passing a car, and then they fold the scooter up and walk into the subway with it.

So just showing you how quick your commute can be, especially in densely populated areas like New York City. If you add a scooter to the mix, in accelerate, you passed all the cars and stuff like that, and the scooter folds up and portable, and you could take it into the subway with you. So that's a really nice email there, a really nice message.

So that is all of the emails that I got for these three brands in a little over two weeks of signing up for their welcome series, and I think that, Viral Motors did a good job. I think Segway did a really poor job and new did the best job right. And hopefully in my explaining those to you and why I liked what I saw and how I saw that some of them had welcome series that were adding to a bigger story, and they weren't just one off emails.

how that is a more compelling way to build your brand with the welcome series. So hopefully this helped you in thinking about your welcome series, and you can take some of the things we've talked about and apply them to your brand.

Thanks for listening.

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