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Episode 126 - Video Content in E-Commerce

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Hey, Scott Austin here.

In this episode, I want to show you an example of a company that is doing a really good job with videos. In the last episode, I talked about bearskin tactical hoodies and showed how aggressive they were their email marketing and showed some of the pros and cons of what they were doing. In this episode, I want to dig into that same brand because they're doing, you know, such aggressive marketing and show you what they're doing with video and have been doing with video and how it's progressed since they launched.

So from what I can tell, this brand started a year or so ago. This is one of their very first videos on the screen right now. And I'm going to walk through a bunch of videos. We're going to play them. You're going to hear them if you're on audio only. If you want to watch them, you can go to the show notes for the podcast and look at the video link that I'll have there.

But we're going to go through I'm going to give my feedback. And, you know, I think they're a really good example of absolutely aggressive, fantastic video based marketing. So I first saw this brand, I think it was on YouTube with their videos. One of their ads popped up. You know, they're targeting managers. You'll see really quickly here in their videos.

So somehow, you know, my demographics targeted me. I got an ad and I started, you know, watching it. And then they once you get in their list, you know, once you watch one of their videos or go to their website, their remarketing is really, really aggressive.

I can't be on YouTube right now. You know what's more than two videos without seeing one of their ads?

They're just everywhere. So they're spending a lot of money in advertising. And I see that increasing over time. That's just a sign of how successful they're being. And you're also going to see their videos progress and their product progress over the past year. So this first video, 3 minutes and 47 seconds long, came out, you know, a year or so ago.

It's had almost 10 million views on their YouTube channel, which does not include, you know, through other channels and through advertising. So let me just play this for you and I'll give you some feedback after we watch it.

You're not a child. You're a man. So stop worrying So many layers to go outside and get a bear skin tactical hoodie. The average hoodie made these days is weak, flimsy and has one weird kangaroo pocket in the front. And listen, you're not a kangaroo. You're a man. The bearskin tactical hoodie has six secure zip pockets to store your gear safely.

It's made with 280 grams of double napped and brushed polar fleece. That's windproof and extra durable for any weather. So why not get yours today? You're seeing this video because we want to give you 60% off the bear skin hoodie. And you may not see this video again. So make sure you go to WDW. Got eight layers AKA or scan the QR code on the screen right now to reserve your body.

We spent years designing this hoodie because all our hoodies at home sucked. They were all either bad fitting, bulky, boring or weak. That's why we fitted the bear skin hoodie with a specialized elasticated waistband and drawstring that's hidden on the inside. Now you can customize your fit, block the wind, or let it loose when it's time to relax.

The perfect blend of strength and comfort with ultimate weather resistance finished with reinforced zips, hems and cuffs never too baggy. It fits perfectly over clothes or on its own, gets a barrier, wind and rain protection with a softshell hood and extended beak and enjoy extra mobility with the custom thumb holes for comfort and versatility. Need more storage space?

Make the most of six secure. Pocket two front pockets to arm pockets and two extra pockets at the back. This is what ultimate weatherproof comfort looks like. Great for hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, traveling or crawling up an iceberg on your hands and knees. If you want to get your hands on one of these before it's too late, just go to I hate layers dot com or scan the QR code on a screen right now to reserve your hoodie and discover why 50,000 men around the world already love wearing a bear skin hoodie.

We've already sold out twice in five countries delivering world class hoodies to the US, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and even Germany. And our five star reviews just keep coming yet with a super low return rate. Just because our custom sizes fit all body types so well. But if you did want to return or exchange roti, our special Ode to sales team is ready to help you out.

We have a super easy returns process and a 100% fit guarantee. Our job is to make sure you get the perfect hoodie. So what do you have to lose? We make sure you get the perfect hoodie and you let us know how you feel about it. We didn't spend years designing the perfect hoodie, only to let them sit in a warehouse.

We want you to try them on. So go to w w w i layers dot com or scan the QR code on the screen right now to reserve your hoodie. Because honestly, the demand for better skin has been insane. And we want to make sure you get the chance to try yours before we run out of stock. Don't let this be one of those chances you wish you took.

So if you want 60% off today, open your browser type in w w w dot layers dot com and get your bear skin hoodie delivered for free. Or just scan the QR code on screen now with a camera on your phone and open the link to get 60% off the hoodie. You won't regret this.

All right. There is so much to say because they pack so much into, you know, a video, right?

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures. And after 3 minutes and 40 odd seconds, they packs in a lot of information now. Obviously, they know their target audience really well. Right? They're picking manly men, right? They're not they're not going after. And you could even say it's toxic masculinity. You want to It would not be much of an exaggeration there.

I don't think any of the models were were clean shaven. I think they all had beards. Here's the thing, that the video is really professionally done. So there's multiple models. There are good looking young men fit, athletic, Right. They're all in. They shoot indoors, issued outdoors in multiple different locations. So and there's a lot of editing in it.

So they're not just shooting video and showing you the video. They've got text or animations or graphic X overlaid and highlighting and pointing things out. So the, you know, shooting of the video is multiple locations, multiple models that took some time and energy in the editing of the video was really heavy also. And then obviously, the guy's voice is just, you know, out of a video game.

It's so, so deep and mentally kind of thing.

But, you know, totally know their audience and know how to talk to their audience for the visuals and the audio only. You didn't see what the men were doing, but they're running around the woods. They're climbing up mountains. They're there, you know, climbing through trees and all sorts of, you know, things that, you know, manly men want to do kind of stuff.

So that's absolutely fabulous. They know their audience and their talking streets, their audience, their product. Also, they talk a lot about their product and the features. And, you know, here's what we're not and here's what we are. And other ones are weak and we're manly and all that good stuff. And they talk about the specifications like it's polar fleece, it's this GSM, these zippers and the specs about the zippers and, you know, wind flaps and all these other things.

So they keep highlighting, you know, different feature, different feature, different feature and repeat that a few times, actually throughout the video to really drive it home for customers. One of things I like to say is if you don't tell your story, whether that you're about a story or your product story to your customers, then they can't repeat it.

So what they're doing a really good job here is telling their story of the product, not about the company, but about the product to their customers and then the customers can then repeat it. So they're telling them all the things when they want to. When you when you buy one, it's what you want to show it off to your friend.

If you watch this video, they've given you a whole checklist of things to mention which you tell your friend. Look how many pockets it's got. Look at this thing over here and that thing over there and, you know, all that kind of stuff. So really nicely done there. And insane amount of sense of urgency created in this video, Right?

You heard them talking about the 60% off, you know, But, you know, get it now before it sells out. We sold out twice. You know, we want to reserve one for you and all these senses of urgency to get you thinking, this is the greatest hoodie ever. I've got to get one before they're sold out again kind of thing.

And also, interestingly, you know, the bearskin hoodie, you know, their domain is bearskin hoodie icon. But in this ad, the call to action is I hate layers dot com, which I've never actually gone to I bet you redirects to bearskin hoodie Let's see I hate layers dot com

and it takes you to bearskin hoodie it redirects through to it but you know their call to action URL isn't their domain and one of the reasons for that is they spell bear.

BAIER Which most of them are probably going to misspell. So by having a call to action URL, it's different. Helps people spell it. It also doesn't remember it. I hate layers because you only need one hoodie, right? It's reinforcing their value prop for their product and you only need this one hoodie to stay warm and you don't need to layer up.

So, you know, really nicely done. So that video was done a year ago with what they called their V one products. So the next one we're going to go into, I believe is for their yeah, this is for their V two product. So this video still says about a year ago this one's been seen 39 million times just through their YouTube channel in their video, their ads have probably seen, you know, hundreds of millions of times.

I would not be surprised. And this video is 2 minutes and 46 seconds. And what you're going to see is, you know, in a short period time, they went from their V one hoodie to their V two hoodie. So they're actually listening to their customers. Right. And probably getting feedback from their customers on what features they like and don't like.

So you're going to see them talk about different things and not talk about other things that they mentioned in the V one hoodie. So here we go. Are you still wearing enough layers to insulate Alaska? That's why you need the new and improved bearskin hoodie, the six pocket polar fleece tactical hoodie that blocks wind and regulates heat for incredible comfort wherever you are.

That's why we designed the bear skin hoodie with improved wind selection technology on the waist, arms and hood. Plus, an extended storm flap that runs the length of the front zip blocked when double time. Finally a functional hoodie you can actually take outside. You're seeing this video because we want to offer you 60% off your bear skin hoodie today with free delivery and you might not see this video again.

So head over to stop at hoodies dot com to activate the 60% off deal because just like you we hate carrying mad bags, duffel bags or messenger bags on top of our hoodies. That's why this hoodie has nine pockets with six secure zip pockets on the outside and three super soft inner pockets, two with premium zipper attachments across the two front pockets, two arm pockets and two extra pockets at the back.

This is a hoodie you can take out in the wild, wear at home or in the office or while climbing a glacier on your hands and knees. You see that material? It's called polar fleece. That's because it was handmade from real polar bears. Not really, but it's double napped, double brushed for an incredibly smooth finish that never wears away.

And you can adjust the waist sleeves and hood. You can tailor the way it fits you while blocking the wind when you go outside. But hey, don't take it from us. Take it from some of our customers already wearing the bear skin hoodie. We use feedback from 50,000 men around the world to refine the design of the bear skin.

Be the world's best outdoor hoodie ever made. We've already sold out twice, delivering world class comfort all over the world. Once you place that order, we ship it to your door for free. Our goal is to give you the perfect hoodie. So if you're not happy with your fit, we have a super easy returns process. Now that you know there's a better alternative, why not get a bear skin so go to stop that hoodie XCOM to activate 60% off with free delivery.

The 60% off deal only lasts a short while, so make sure you choose your size today and reserve yours. Plus, we're already running low on stock. Head over to stop bad hoodies dot com. Choose your size and click the buy. Shipping is free. So what are you waiting for? You won't regret this.

All right. So that one you can see and hear some of the evolving that they've done in their messaging.

And the thing I think is absolute genius and what they've done here is so they've got this. And I think in the first video it was 280 GSM polar fleece, and now it's 330, I think GSM. So they've gone thicker with the material, but now they've branded their their material. They call it wind solution, right? So they've invented a term that didn't exist before and they use it and they use it from now on in their marketing.

And they talk about insulation a lot. And I just think that's genius, right? It's one of those things that when you say that to your customers and they can say to their friends and get that word of mouth like this thing is win solution and putting a term to something that just, you know, their big value prop here is obvious is a thick, heavy hoodie that prevents the wind from coming through and you getting cold kind of thing.

So so putting a name to that I thought was nice. And now they've also changed their call to action. You are able

stop bad hoodies dot com. I don't know why they did that versus the other one they had and maybe they wanted to do it to separate out their marketing for the different versions from 1.0 to 2.0 of their products.

This video once again, multiple models, well done, multiple locations, a lot of editing in the video. The models did not. Not all of them had beards. Still no one was clean shaven. So they're staying focused on that manly man, rugged man, outdoor man persona that they're going for, which, you know, is obviously working well for them this quickly.

They're coming out with new videos and improvements on the products. And you saw that sense of urgency that they're creating again right. They're consistent in creating that sense of urgency. We sold out. Get it now before it's gone. Get your special deal, 60% off. You know, we've reserved it for you. You may not see this video again, Right?

They had all these different

creating senses of urgency in their messaging. So let's move on to their next video. And this one is called the Bearskin Hoodie Review for their 2.0 version.

what I saw them do is, you know, in their first couple of videos that we've gone over, it's them putting together a whole collage of information, right?

And then they shifted their their marketing and that move shifted me. They added to their marketing

a new strategy with their videos, which was to have a video that appears and I'm doing a appears in air quotes. If you can't see me

like it's actually a customer's leaving a review, right? So these are people that aren't as polished looking, not that any of them are not polished looking, but they're supposed to look like, you know, more average Joe buying this this product and then just filming his own review on the product, which is a strategy they do in a bunch of their videos.

Let's watch one of them and then we'll talk about it.

You hate having to put a layer after layer after layer to brave the cold weather. Let me introduce you to the bare skin tactical hoodie 2.0. It's the best combination of super soft and comfortable, along with being a great outdoor layer that blocks wind and protects you from weather wherever you go.

It's also extremely functional, said one kangaroo pouch. This area has seven super safe desk proof pockets on the front, back and arms. They're all deep and spacious, perfect for concealed carry or whatever you need them to hold without looking bulky. The insulation technology helps you block up wind at the cuffs, which tighten with velcro hood with an elastic cord and waist.

Also with the cord to tighten against the wind. It has a full length storm flap to keep the wind from getting through the zipper and longer back. So when you bend over, you can avoid plumber's crack. This is a game changer for hiking, camping or just being comfortable at home. It actually feels like you're inside a bear and you can get 60% off when you go to the link below or stop back to this scum and get free shipping on your new bearskin hoodie.

It's the last hoodie you'll ever need to buy.

All right. So that was still done by bare skin. But I think they're trying to make it seem like the customer created this video review on their own. But obviously, that is a totally scripted video. Right. And there's nothing wrong with that.

You see the actor saying the exact same marketing terms and value props that Bearskin was using in their videos. But it's a way to seem, you know, a little more organic to your audience or just have the same message coming from different angles. One coming from the Bearskin marketing team and the other appearing to come from actual customer reviews.

But whenever you see a customer saying the exact same phrases that the marketing team says in their videos, you know, it's completely scripted and it's paid for. And like I said, there's nothing wrong with that. But I actually thought it was a really good attack that they took in their marketing to not only have their highly polished videos, but also add in, you know, less polished, more, you know, organic looking videos to their marketing mix to have that message repeated.

Because as I mentioned before, they do really heavy marketing.

So you're just getting bombarded with videos from them once, once you're, you know, once they've seen you and identified you and cookie jar you in your browser, you're going to get a lot of marketing from them. But having these different videos and having, you know, a whole assortment of them, you know, gives gives a different message every time your same message, but delivered in a different way every time to keep it fresh and interesting for you.

So we move on to the next video. And this is a compilation of videos that was put together from, as I said, they they came out this strategy, it looks like, to me, where they wanted to have these review videos from average customers type thing. So this is just a compilation of those. And you'll see their messaging just repeated, repeated from a bunch of different people over and over again,

Hey, this is the last really you're ever going to need to buy right here.

Have the bearskin tactical hoodie 2.0 is the best combination of super soft and comfortable stock to win with wins election technology in three key areas. It has an elastic bungee so you can keep it nice and snug, keep the wind away from your face. This thieves also have Velcro so you can adjust it and just have it as tight as you like it or as loose as you want it.

You know, waist also with the cord to tighten against the wind. and it even has a storm flap on the inside of the zipper to block any wind from getting through on your back. So when you bend over, you can avoid plumber's crack. This thing can store so much stuff without even looking bulky. And don't even get me started on the amount of storage this thing has.

There's six step resistant zip pockets on the outside and three pockets on the inside. One here, one here and one here. More storage on the side of both sleeves. my God. It's just space everywhere. Also, there's some interior ones, too, for concealed weapons. And it has a passion to back just like this. You can store stuff in the back and be able to open the hoodie from the front.

This is a game changer for hiking, camping or just being comfortable at home. It actually feels like you're inside a bear so the trail can be as comfortable as it can be. you can get it in these various colors. I'm more of a green man myself, and you get 60% off. You just click right below or go directly to stop that hoodie dot com and get free delivery on the bear skin hoodie.

It's the last hoodie you ever need.

All right. So we've now probably seen ten to a dozen people in these videos. And we saw in this last video our first person who hasn't shaved. Well, the one guy I'm not going to call him clean shaven, but he maybe shaved two days ago kind of thing. But once again, they're very focused.

They know who their audience is. It's mainly men, but they are nicely racially diverse

in their their models. And there's also some different ages. They don't vary that much, but I'd say they vary from 25, maybe 30 to 50, 55 in age. So it's not just, you know, one persona. It's in the diversity of the people, at least in their one persona.

They're doing a good job of being diverse in those now let's move on to their bare skin. Hoodie, tactical hoodie, 3.0. So they came out with the 3.0 hoodie probably for the holidays. I'm going to guess. So. Now we're on version three of the hoodie in about a year's time. So they're aggressively marketing, but they're also aggressively improving their product or developing their product.

And this is another I think it's a compilation, if I remember correctly, video, just like the one we saw. But with the new features on the 3.0. So let's look at this one

life hack. If you love getting outdoors, you need to try a bare skin hoodie. It blocks wind and cold like a beast and it locks in the heat ten times better than regular fleece hoodies because it's made with 330 grams of premium bearskin fleece that is super warm, incredibly durable for wearing outside in any weather.

And the best part is this amazing insulation technology and these rubber. It's going to pause for a second. I meant to mention this in the last video. I want you to listen to the background music in this video. Right. It's very bluesy guitar going on. It was the same way in the previous video, but it is one of those little details of, you know, putting a whole story together and a whole emotion and a whole feeling and a whole vibe.

Music's a really important part of that. So they actually were probably very, you no particular in what music genre they picked to put in the background. It's really soft and subtle because the voice is the more important thing here. But they've also done a good job in choosing what music they're they're going to add to their their ads here, the Velcro adjustable wrists, the elastic adjustable waist, and the adjustable hood.

It seriously blocks wind. Plus you can customize it to fit exactly how you like it. And this is a storage monster. It's got 12 pockets, so that's six. Amazing deep pockets on the outside with three zip pockets on the inside and three soft drop pockets on the inside for your valuables. So if you want to stop wearing layers this winter and get 60% off the world's ultimate outdoor hoodie, just go to I hate layers e-comm.

And trust me, you are going to love it.

So on that one, you notice they're back to I hate Layers dotcom instead of stop that hoodie. So I don't know. You know, it's probably the marketing team tracking clicks or something is how they're alternating between these different URLs that they're using for calls to action.

But you can see there you know, the 2.0, the 3.0, they're just progressing their product a little bit and they're refining their messaging.

And now for the next video, what I want to show you here is another video strategy that they're doing, which, you know, a lot of successful brands do also, and that is not doing their own videos. So here we're going to go to the next video from a company called or a YouTube channel. What we recommend. And they've got, you know, 5000 plus subscribers.

And what probably happened here, I've got a lot of clients that do this. They'll they'll send out their product to a small YouTube influencer channel, you know, so they don't have, you know, a million followers, but they've got some some followers and they're in a vertical that's appropriate for your product. And they'll say, Hey, we love for you to do, you know, an unbiased video about our product.

Here's a free one for you to do the video with. So let's let's watch this video. It's 2 minutes long and then we'll talk a little bit about this strategy and how effective it can be. You know, today I'll show you this pretty cool, fair skinned hooded sweatshirt. So this is going to be a tactical switch is really very comfortable, is 100% polyester.

As you can see, it is pretty cold out here. I believe it's actually six degrees out. So it's pretty darn cold. And I have a shirt on here and a vest and then this and this is keeping me really warm. As I mentioned, 100% polyester. This thing has pockets for days. There's pockets up here in your chest. Pockets.

All right. We're not going to listen to that for 2 minutes because it's not as high production quality, which is not a bad thing. Right. But, you know, you saw in the bearskin videos, right. Things were a lot better timed. If you're watching the videos, there's a lot of editing going on with graphics and text over the top.

This is just a guy who's put a camera on a tripod, stands out in the woods and talks about the hoodie. But the great thing about that is, is a marketing strategy is it's a great way for you as a brand to reach a different audience than the audience that you already have. So if you give your product to people for these unbiased reviews and they posted on their YouTube channels, then it's going to get views from their audience that you wouldn't have gotten.

Now, this this one here, it actually it's only had 13 views in the past two weeks. Their channel only has 5000 subscribers. But the last thing I'll show you here on YouTube is I did a quick search for Bearskin Hoodie Review. And the first video that popped up was from Blackie Thomas is the name of the channel. Right?

And it's gotten over 7000 views. The next one is Alex Hatchlings channel gotten over 21,000 reviews. The next one is from Red Branch. Bushcraft got 10,000 reviews, the next one Trail and Mountain 11,000 reviews. The next one, the PC Giveaway guy and reviews 16,000 reviews is Greg Troop 2000 views. And then finally right I just said all those ones I just listed are other channels than bearskin Own.

And then there's a bearskin hoodie channel of video and that's got 2.4 thousand reviews. And then the next one is free to photography, 11,000 views and we don't need to keep going. But this could you see there is a bearskin as a strategy where they're sending out their product to all these huge existing established YouTube channels that have some sort of following and saying, hey, here's a free here's a free hoodie, please give it of review for us and post it on your Channel X.

I'm going to go to the next one here that I didn't mention a second ago and it's the Corey Reviews Channel and that over a year ago they did a video and that's gotten over 900,000 views. Right. And if we go into any one of those, they've probably got a link. It might be an affiliate link or whatever to say, you know, go here to buy it and all that good stuff.

this is a great strategy on how to get videos created about your content. And the nice thing that I think, you know, it's probably the way it happened to bears and I'm not affiliate with them at all. I've never worked with them or anything like that. I'm looking at it from the outside. What they probably did is created their own videos and that gave the fodder or information to these reviewers.

They could look at the, you know, the bearskin video and see what you know, bearskin was talking about. And then they'd probably repeat a lot of that same messaging in their own videos. But it's a really great strategy to to increase your coverage. And the beautiful thing about video, I absolutely love video. I hopefully I talk about it a lot in this podcast because I'm a huge fan of video.

I don't think very many brands do enough. Most brands don't do any video, right. And very few brands do enough video. And I've never met a brand that does too much video.

So I'm a big fan in video. And the beautiful thing about video, especially on YouTube, is the content stays forever, right? I just did a bare skin hoodie review search on YouTube and I'm getting results from two weeks ago.

I'm also getting results from a year ago where if you had this content and you put it on TikTok or you put it on Instagram and had influencers do it, they're you know, once it's gone, nobody's really searching a lot on those platforms. They're just it's more feed based on YouTube and, you know, the YouTube videos, they're longer lasting because the way people more search inside of YouTube than just look at feeds as I'd say that Instagram and TikTok are bad platforms.

They're great for what they're good for, but YouTube is great for long lasting videos that you get a benefit from for a long period of time. But, you know, YouTube is going up with shorts with the vertical format to match what Instagram and Tik Tok are doing so you can create your content and put it across all the platforms, but you'll probably have longer legs on those videos on YouTube.

So that's a review of what their skin is doing with videos. And I'm doing this to show you what I think is a really good example of a company using video as a very, very powerful tool for them building their brand. I don't think, you know, Bearskin existed more than a year and a half ago. I might be wrong in that,

I think video is a big part of their equation for becoming successful because, you know, with those deep voices, the manly men, the outdoor imagery and all that messaging would be really hard to get across in text ads or in Instagram, you know, small videos or photos and that kind of stuff, or

even on Facebook ads. But having, you know, these three minute long videos that are interesting and and engage and capture the attention of the audience, I think they were able to build their revenue and their product sales much more quickly had they not had video on their on their marketing mix. So, you know, my encouragement for every brand is to if you're not doing video today, really think about if you're leaving money on the table because it's a very powerful way to get your message out there.

And it's not as competitive as other places because not everybody's doing it. So please think about making videos, creating that great content, and then once you create that content, using it through your own channels and through advertising to build your brand. All right. Thanks for listening.

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.