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How to combine two products into 1 in Shopify

This tutorial will explain how you can easily combine two products in Shopify into 1 product without losing any information like skus, inventory or photos.



Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma in this video, I'm going to show you how to combine two products if they're the same product, but in Shopify, they exist as two separate products. I'll show you the method that I use to combine them, right? You can manually do it inside the Shopify admin, where you copy images from one of the other. And in that, I just find that too much of a hassle, right? I usually just do this through Excel. And that's the process I'm going to show you here. So in this store here, Fraggle tribe. We migrated the content from Magento, and then we started combining each product color, you know, used to be its own product. And now we're turning color into a variant and this one product I haven't finished a year and I've got the Allis board shorts. It's actually the same product as the board shorts. And they're just different colors showing here. So I want to combine these two products to be one product. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go into the Shopify admin and I brought up already the products for women's shorts. And here's the two products that I want to combine. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna check them both and I'm going to say export. So I want to export the selected two products as a CSV export products.

There it goes, it downloads it right there. I'm going to open that up in the folder. So now what I'm going to do is going to open up this CSV file in Excel. So, and it only has the two different products, which are the same product I want to combine. Right? And you'll notice there's tons of photos in both. So what I'm going to do, and we've also got sizes and skews, right? So I'm going to, the nice thing about this process is I won't lose any of my information about skews, photos, and inventory and all that good stuff. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to create a third new product from these two old products. I could overwrite one of the existing ones, but I'm going to create a new one. And the way you do that is create a unique handle. So I'm going to call this women's board shorts. Women's Alice board shorts is the handle that I'm going to,
to create.

And I'm going to apply that to both of the products. So now that alone we'll combine the products. There'll be some mistakes if I just imported this up, but that's the first step is give them all the same product handle. Now, the next thing that I make sure is that the variance are in the right order. So size and size and color and color using the same name. So that's good. This information here is not needed. You only need that on the first line of the product, right? So I'm going to get rid of those values there, these values here. And also, I'm going to go over to the photos with lots of photos here, right? So you'll notice in column Z, I've got image position one, two, three, four, five, and then it starts over again for the new product. So I need to keep that sequence going continuously across both of them. So now this one product will have 40 photos. And I also know that there's a couple of fields right here to delete, And also the active one, right there, get rid of that. That's a product level entry, not a variant level, right? And these, these are very level entries that you can see here. This one's a product level one. So I have to delete it from this other products, from the second product that I'm combining. And that is all I need to do. So now I'm going to save that CSV file as it is in its current format. And close that out.

I'm just going to change that to import. And I'm gonna go back to my products in the Shopify admin, and I'm going to import From the download section word, download, there's the import file right there. I'm not going to overwrite, right? Because I created a new handle for this one. So I'm going to hit upload and continue, can get a little verification screen that shows up here that all looks good. I'm going to say import products. Now there was a lot of products. This process can take a little bit of time, but because it's only one product being uploaded. It shouldn't take us too long at all before it actually shows up. So I'm going to go back to my shorts on the front end and refresh that. Not shown up yet. I'm surprised this actually hasn't finished by now, but sometimes Shopify can be a little slower than we'd like, yeah, normally these videos, I just run them straight through and don't edit them at all. So we're just going to wait here for another 30 seconds or so here we go. All right. So now you can see the new shorts have been added. Now, one thing I didn't do was change the product name. All right.

So let's go back to here Refresh that. So is the new one that got Added? You can see it's got the higher quantity and stock, but I want to rename this one to be board shorts, make sure it's active. I'll call that the Allis board shorts save. All right, go ahead and preview that. And it's got more colors than the other one did. And there shouldn't be that whole, you know, massive number of 40 product photos in there to go through. So that that's the combined product. So then I get to go back to the admin And take the two shorts that are the originals, right? And now what I'm going to want to do is archive those. So I'm just going to go here and say archive products.

And those will go into the background. Now, now our Shopify servers a little bit slow here today. So we'll see if it's caught up to us on all these changes. You want to go back into that shorts collection? Yep. Now I've only got the one pair. That's the combined one. I got more colors for it. So that's, that's the process that I go through to combine two products into one. I use Excel export those two files out to a CSV, edited an Excel to a couple of manipulations to combine the information without losing any data for things like skews and inventory and photos, and upload that back in under a new handle. And then I also archive the two original files.

So that's it. Thanks for watching.

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.