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Free Gift with Purchase Cart Promo

Here's how to a section to the Flex theme in a Shopify store that will allow you to easily promote free gift with purchase in the cart.

Setup steps:

  1. Add cart__free-gift-promo section to the theme code.

Code for the Custom Liquid Section

This code is for a section for the Flex theme. If you are using a different theme, you may need to adjust the code accordingly.


Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video I wanna show you a section that you can add to your flex theme in your Shopify store. That'll do a promotion for a free gift with purchase. Now the section doesn't work on its own. What you're also gonna have to do is create the automatic discount code that goes along with it. So what I'm gonna show you here is the section and how that works. So I've already added this section and the code is included on the blog article. If you look at this on YouTube, there'll be a link to go to the blog article with the code, and you should grab the whole code for the section and create a new section. You'll be able to add that to your cart, and you can see here it's called cart gift promo and I can enable it. So let's enable it here. And first we're gonna select what our free product's gonna be. I'm just gonna pick a random product here, and then we get to say you know, whatever the promo is.

And then if there's multiple variants, what the, the button label is going to say, like it might be pick color, right? So, you know, cuz pick flavor in this case because what the section does is if there's only one variant for the product, it'll just add that product to the cart for you automatically. But if there's more than one variant, it's gonna take you over that product where the customer can make their choices between the, the options and the variants like color, size, flavor or whatever happens to be. And then you have the ability to have two different triggers. It could be any pro a product of any given product type. So in this case here, I'm gonna put order amount. So one is, you know, product type. So you could be saying, well, anybody who buys one of our, let's just say exercise bikes could a free set of socks.

So you would have the product type be exercise bikes. In this case here, I'm just gonna pick an order amount. So anybody getting over, let's do $40 just cause I got $41 in the cart right now. And then you can have a message for if they're going to, you know, if they're not qualified or not. So there might be times where you wanna say, Hey, you're only $10 away from your free gift. You know, go ahead and add more product to the cart, but you might not want to do that if it's like buy out an exercise bike when people are buying footballs or something in your store. So you wanna make the choice of do you want to show the message for when they're not qualified?

And I had to save it for it to show up. But now you can see the, the contents starting to show up there. Here it says the pick flavor. It shows the product name. The layout of this is a little wonky cuz the the photos in this store are kind of small. But then if you know, they go off and pick the flavor, it'll add it to the cart. And if that product is already in the cart, the promotion will not show. And you'll see you have some other controls here in this where you can change the background color and the border color to match your theme settings. Obviously we'd never make it look like that, but I'm just randomly picking stuff just to show you. We can also throw a border radius on that promotion. And that's it. So go ahead and add this to your store. If you wanna do some free gift with purchase promotions. Remember you're gonna have to couple this with the automatic discount. And then hopefully that'll work for you.

Thanks for watching.

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.