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Connecting Google Search Console and Google Analytics for your Shopify store

Here's the steps to take to connect your Google Analytics account to your Google Search Console account.  


Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. And in this video, I'm going to explain some of the details behind connecting search console to Google analytics.

Unfortunately, you know, it's, it's a little more hassle or a few more steps than, you know, we'd all like it to be, but that's just the way it is. Now. The first thing you need is you need an account in Google analytics and in an account in search console and you create those separately. So I'm going to assume you have one of each of those, right? So here I am, I'm in my Google analytics account right now. And this is my Jade Puma store. And my views are probably gonna be a little different because I'm an agency and I work with lots of clients. So, you know, if you look here, I've got lots of different stores in my account.
You probably won't have that if you just have one website, but you'll log into Google analytics as an admin. And I have a separate video on how to get admin access to Google analytics. And you'll also want admin access to your search console. Now you see here, if I go to acquisition and Google analytics and click on search console landing pages, I've got this report that shows me, you know, different information that comes from search console. So it's really helpful stuff. So all we're doing is connecting the data that's in search console and pushing that into Google analytics for you. Now, let me show you how to do it if you don't have the two connected. So once again, you have to have a Google analytics account set up properly and a Google search console account set up properly. So let me go to my my assistant over there.

Here's the same, the the brand name of that search giant and is, is trying to answer me there. Sorry about that. So let's go to another client's store. Let's go to Amber Nicole style and I've created a Shopify specific view for them. And when I go to that same acquisition search console landing pages, I don't get data. Right. And here it says set up search console data sharing. So the easiest thing to do is just follow the link there, right? So just click on that link there. It's going to take me into the admin view for the property in Google analytics. And if I scroll down down here, there's a adjust search console. So I click on that and I'm going to see that, you know, nothing's connected so far. Do I want to add something? So I'm going to click on that ad link and there, I see there's my Amber Nicole style search console site, and it's not linked to any property in Google analytics. I'm going to save that and we should, we should be good. We should be good to go. So now, if I go back to Google analytics, I actually don't know if the data is going to show up yet. It's going to take a little bit of time to show up. So let's, let's see.

Yeah, we already started getting the data showing up. All right. So that's goodness. And now they have no data there because for whatever reason but let's look at another situation. So I'm going to close out one of my search consoles and what I'm going to do here is I'm going to go and go to another client enthusiastic. And this is a troubleshooting one. This one's going to fail on us. So I just want to explain some troubleshooting steps. And now I got one of my little chihuahuas barking at a bird. It's gonna be a noisy damn video. So I go to once again, I created a Shopify view for them in Google analytics and set up search console data sharing. Right? So I click on that link. I scroll down, click on the adjust search console, click on add, and I don't see that site listed here.
All right. So let me go over to another view of search console here and just show you that for Amber Nicole style, right. See how it says HTTPS colon slash board size. It shows a full URL sometimes it's so in Google or in search console, you can add a domain property or URL for Google analytics. You want a URL. So my Jade Puma one for example, is connected to this URL, HTTPS J And when you're setting up your search console, if you want to add a property, you get the choice of saying, I want to do a domain, or I want to do a URL prefix. There's there's benefits to doing both of them. But you're gonna need that URL prefix in order to have it connect to Google analytics. Now here's the thing with [inaudible] is they just created a, so they got them to main property and there's also the URL, but the URL doesn't have data yet. So that's why it's not showing up in my list of available URLs. What have you set this up properly? You should, you know, once, once this goes through the cycle with Google, be able to connect it. So that's how you connect your search console to your Google analytics.

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