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Add Multiple FAQ Sections on One Page

Here's how to add a section to your product pages for an accordion.

Theme changes needed:

  1. Add Multiple FAQ section to the theme files

Code for Multiple FAQ Section



Hey, it's Michael here with Jade Puma. In this video, I'll show you how to fix a bug with the FAQ section in the flex theme. So here's the bug. We have two FAQ sections on the same page template, as you can see here. And if we try to open one, it opens and then immediately closes. So that's the problem we're gonna fix. And we're gonna do that by installing a new section to our theme that doesn't have that issue. So to do that, let's go back to our admin and let's click on actions and edit code. And then we're gonna come to the J Puma web site tutorial section. And if you're watching this video on YouTube, you'll find a link to that tutorial in the description. So here let's scroll down and we, we can find the code for the section we need. So let's come all the way down here and click on view raw. So this is gonna be all the code we need. Let's go control a if you're on windows copy. And now that we have that copy to our clipboard, that's coming here to our sections folder And let's create a new section. Let's call it index underscore underscore multiple FAQ Liquid. Okay. Now let's create section perfect. Now let's paste in Our new code and hit save. So now we should have access to our new section. Let's come back to the customizer and refresh. Okay. So here's our old FAQs and you can see they're not working. So let's go ahead and hide, hide these two sections and let's add a new section let's search for FAQ. And now we have two options. We have FAQ and multiple FAQ. So let's go with multiple FAQ and let's add a few questions. So these work, But what happens when we add another section, let's go another FAQ, Multiple FAQ, add a few questions here And hit save. So that seems to be working. And also This is working. Okay. So problem solved. And we also have a bonus feature in the, a section where we can check this box, open one at a time. And if we check that and save it, what that does is it automatically closes an open tab when you open the next one. So here I open this one, open the next one, the first one closes. So that a good way to just keep your page tidy if you have a lot of that content inside your FAQ. Okay. So that's all for that. Thanks a lot.


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