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Add a Cart Message Section to the Flex Theme

Here's how to add a section to the Flex theme to present a simple message to customers in the cart.

Theme edits needed:

  1. Add cart__message section

Code for the Custom Liquid Section


Hey, Scott Austin here.

In this video, I want to show you a section you can add to your flex theme to give you a simple little message capability in the cart. So let's go to our cart in the store. We're using flex online store 2.0 version with sections anywhere. And here's the message. And you can have it, you know, say whatever you want. A lot of my clients will use this, like during the holidays, they'll say, Hey, we're out of the office between Christmas and new year's, we'll be placing any orders. We'll be fulfilling any orders placed during that time, when we get back on the 3rd of January and things like that are really good. So let's go into our theme customization and go to our cart page here. And you can see I've got this section called cart message. And because it's a section's anywhere section, I can move it above or below the rest of the cart functionality, wherever I want to.

Let's put it at the top of the page. And the controls are the background color, the border color, the max width of the box. So you can tighten it up a little bit. If you've got a short message and then you have, you know, a title and the ability to put text in there, and it's got the standard flex theme capabilities for spacing of the element and adding some custom CSS, if you want to do that. So the code for this. So if you're watching this on YouTube, the code for this will be on my blog will be a link on the YouTube description where you can just grab that code and just add it as a section to your store. So let's show you what that's gonna look like here.

This is the cart message liquid. This is added as a section. So it's you go to add new section and you would put in cart double underscore message and just copy and paste the code you see on the blog, drop it into that section. And it's as simple as that. It'll automatically show up in your flex theme, online store 2.0 version and above where when you're on the car, you can in theme customization, go add section. And the cart message section will show up there for you. So hopefully that helps you get some nice little messaging in your cart.

Thanks for watching.

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.