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Hey, Scott Austin here, and in this video I'm gonna do a quick walkthrough of the Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shop is a business that is owned by the same owners of Guiltless Food Co. And for Guiltless, we built a full Shopify site that allows people to subscribe to meal plans. So they actually are an actively engaged Shopify store for the coffee shop. We built what I call a Billboard store. So we don't have e-commerce turned on in the store, but we use Shopify anyways because Shopify's a pretty good CMS system today. And the same staff that works at the coffee shop also works at Guiltless Food Co. So now they only have to know one set of tools for Shopify instead of bringing in Ws or WordPress or some other, you know, tool to build a billboard site. So let's just do a walkthrough of the Coffee Shop website.

This is built in the flex theme. We used the flex theme because we had used the flex theme for the guiltless Food Co also. So they have once again, the same set of tools, less complexity. And in on our homepage, you know, we've got the owner of the business and he's got a little video where he explains the business and, and their value props, you know, and normal stuff that you would see on a homepage for a site. One of the fun things we did here is they use chalkboards a lot in their store. You can sit in this photo here. So we actually got this chalk boardy font, and we actually use the chalkboard, you know, effects a little bit. So we go to the coffee page. So we got a chalkboard with that nice handwritten font on there. We explain a little bit about the coffee.

We also talk about wholesale because they are roasting the beans there. They resell the roasted beans to other local businesses, and we give them a form if they want to sign up for that. And we also explain a little bit about the shop. Here's the baristas, here's more, you know, photos of the interior of the store. Here's a map. And we also have a couple other evergreen pages like about us, where we talk a little bit more about the people and a photo gallery. Here you can see, you know, where they're doing the the chalkboard stuff a little bit more. And then we've also got a Contact us page. So all in all, a really simple store. And it's actually not a store, a really simple website, but this gives them a presence on the internet. So when people start searching for the coffee shop or the coffee shop Temecula, they're going to find a destination that is the website that gives the right information to the customers.

Thanks for watching.

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