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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video, I'm gonna show you the store redesign that we did for Ryno Power. Ryno Power is a company in San Diego. They've been around for about a decade and they are a sports supplement company. And they're focused on athletes. And specifically they're focused on athletes in motocross, mountain biking, BMX. So they're, they're really focused in where they're applying their marketing efforts. Even though here, you see a swimmer, they are branching out a little bit, but they've done a really good job in focusing on their niche of two-wheel sports. Now this is their old design and some of it doesn't work because we, you know, changed the product layout. So there's no product showing here, but this just gives you a look and feel for the brand. And the brand. One of the founders is Ryan Ryan here, who is a former professional motocross athlete. And the brand is basically, you know, his nickname was Ryno in the industry and he had a reputation for charging hard while, you know, like a rhino while you know, in, in a race. So that's part of their branding is charge life. And it's really meant to be for, you know, true athletes who are looking for the best performance designed by athletes for athletes. And you see here, it's kind of, you know, I'm, I'm not gonna call it two bland, but it's not, it's not the, the sexiest look in sight, but they had a really good focus of going after these athletes that are looking for performance and really being about charging life. So what we did is we did a redesign, put it into the flex theme, and this is what we came up with. So their brand colors, let's just go to the the branding page here are this yellow, black and white, right? A lot of contrast going on a lot of vibrance really, really nice, you know, I mean that charged life mantra, we came up with some colors that we'll use off of that. And you can see we, we defined a lot of the color schemes, you know, the fonts and all that good stuff in our brand guidelines. And one of the things they do because they're so focused on athletes is that they sponsor athletes and that's a big part of their marketing effort. So what we'll see is these are sponsored athletes. These are well known athletes in their field, and we use those people throughout the marketing. So we actually use their names here, different sponsored athletes. And we have a whole section for sponsored athletes. Each of the athletes, once they're sponsored, gets their name and photo up there and they get to talk a little bit about themselves. And we broke that up by the different, you know, types of sports that there are. And then we also allow people who wanted to be sponsored to sign up for a sponsorship. We have a few sign forms on the site and we added the Hulk apps form builder for that, cuz that allows us a lot of control. I think we're still using the free level here and it gives us lots of control over the form. So we're very happy with that. We went with this really big banner. I, I like a banner on the homepage is what I call a, you are here sign. It's not trying to sell people and say, here's our deal of the day and all that good stuff. What it's doing is saying, this is who we are. This is who we're for. This is what we sell. And I think this banner does it really, really well, where they show, you know, a whole bevy of different athletes at the top of their performance, the big product, you know, assortment image to, you know, make it really clear in what they're doing and their charge life mantra right there. So, you know, that, that, that says a whole lot in, in one image, which are some favorite products. And then they've got a really good graphics team who build lots of compelling imagery. So it's really easy when they build the imagery for me to include it into the site, which is what I've done in this design. And we use that black and yellow a lot to really be bold. And, and, you know, I would say daring in our presentation of things that, that black and yellow go together so well. So you can see we we're using that throughout everything. And here, you know, these products seals, for example, you'll see later on, we get to the product page, you know, they're, they're inverse in color. So because it's black, white, and yellow, they, we can trade inverse and normal really easily. And we use this, you know, because they have these athletes and they got to events all the time and they're shooting photography with athletes. We had a whole assortment of photos that we could use. And like this, this guy charging down the hill on his mountain bike. I just absolutely love this photo. And this is one of their sponsored athletes, just, you know, showing if you get Ryno Power, this, this is the kind of, you know, capability and, you know, power you're gonna get inside your body from their supplements. So let's talk about their shopping experience a little bit. They've got lots of different ways you can shop, you know, depending on what you're looking for. And they also break their supplements down into three buckets, things you're gonna use before your workout things you're gonna use during your workout and then things that you're gonna use after your workout. And they built a bunch of packages on things that, you know, people can, you know, they're gonna combine different things. So these different packages are some of the common combinations of their, their supplements that people look for. But we also built was a design your own package scenario, where we show all the products from the before bucket. And if they pick one, let's say they want motivation. They can decide which size they want to add to their, their cart, add it to their cart. And this Mo pops up that says, Hey, do you wanna look at more before products or do want to go on to during? And you'll notice here, we got this counter before, during, after and review order at the top. If we go on to during right now, we see the products that are enduring and they can order those. And if they want, they can stay on during and add another product and they's go on to after and add a product from there. And you may noticed some of the products are in multiple buckets. And then if they go to the review order that takes them to their cart and they can see their full order on there. And if we go into the checkout, you'll notice we have a really nice branded checkout. Branding is a strong element here. We're always having, you know, we always have athletes in performance in our photography. We've got that yellow, that black going on, you just slightly, you know, a lighter tint of yellow here, cuz the, the bright yellow to be too much at overpower the black text. So the shopping experience allows 'em to shop a bunch of different ways. And now let's just pick up one of their top products and show you a product page in detail. So here, you know, we're doing recharge for subscription. You can do a one time purchase or you can subscribe and save and then you can pick your color. You can pick your package size all on the same product page. Here's the product seals. These are SVG files. And that's how remember on the homepage, there were black background with white text because they're SVGs. We can change their colors with CSS really easily. That's how that's, that's done here, got a good product description. And then the quick reference guide, which explains to people that before, during and after the different products that are available from Ryno Power and how you'd use them in combination, little shipping reminder, cuz they, they actually ship really quickly and then nutritional supplement facts. And they're slightly different between the chocolate and the, the vanilla. So we show both and then we show some lifestyle photography, right? So once again, they've got these professional athletes that they're using and you know, creating pH photography from. So this provides just a little bit more authenticity for that whole experience. And then what we also did for cross merchandising. So protein is a single, you know, product that you can buy, but it comes in a bunch of different packages. So remember I showed you the packages before these are all the packages which contain protein. So maybe you want to build up a package while you're on the protein page. Like, oh, why don't I just get the prebuilt package for the bodybuilder power package and buy that instead. So the merchandising we're doing on the product page now a package doesn't have this, it's just the elements due. So let's just go to another element and show you that go to an endurance one and pick up carbo fuel. And you'll see down here, we're promoting this, one's in two different packages. And then we have an accordion talking a bit about, you know, the quality of the product. It's all natural ingredients, the shipping and returns policies, as those are important to people. And then we go into the customer reviews and what's really fun about customer reviews is the customers we, we turned on. So this is judge me's reviews and we turned on the ability for customers to add photos. And what they've done is they started adding photos quite a bit. Let's actually go to the reviews page and show you some of them, cuz it's super fun. They started adding photos of themselves. Most of them are like just showing themselves, showing off their, their athletic prowess, right? Some are showing, you know, a product photo, but most are just showing themselves, you know, living their life, doing their thing like this, right? So the more people do this, the more, it just adds authenticity that, you know, the marketing that Ryno is out there saying, Hey, we go after, you know, athletes who are, you know, looking for the best performance. Well, that's really true cuz here's all their customers and here's all the stuff they're doing. You know, this guy's getting in the air, which is just crazy to me. So this photography that, you know, the customers are sending in is absolutely fantastic and builds on that whole community aspect that Ryno is trying to get by having all these sponsored athletes that they're, you know, doing and promoting on the site. So this is really, really nice stuff. I was super happy when we turned this on and customers started submitting photos of themselves doing, doing the stuff that they love. Right. couldn't ask for better photos. So we walked through the shopping experience. We've also got a lot of resources, a lot of blog articles to help people out. You know, a lot of this is for SEO, inbound traffic generation. And when they go to events, they show different things. They show people how to do workouts, all sorts of fun stuff. Got a dealer located because you can buy these in lots of different stores forget which app we use for this, but it allowed us to customize it and put in, you know, the branding for the, the brand in there. And of course, you know, if you wanna become a dealer you can apply, this is another Hulk apps form. And then we implemented a rewards program and that was done with smile, which does rewards and referrals. So if we click on the rewards page, I think I'm already logged in. Yeah, I'm already logged in. So it, it, the smile app only allows you to interact with their app inside of this modal, you know, which is there's pros and cons behind that. But the thing is they allow us to, you know, just with a hyperlink open that Mo up on any page throughout the store. So you'll notice on our MOS on our little, you know, buttons, we've only got the chat one, right? So here's the chat app that they've got and that's all we're using. We don't want to clutter the page with lots of little buttons everywhere. Right? So here, when you click on rewards, it opens up that Mo automatically you can see the URL down the bottom. It says hash mark, smile home. So you click on rewards. It takes you the rewards page where you can learn more about the rewards program. And it opens up that modal automatically. And if someone does close it out, we can just click the, see my points and it opens up that model for them again. So we took the, you know, constraint that we could only use the model and we maximize, you know, the functionality for the customers so they can get in there and see their stuff. And let's go to some about pages. So here's, you know, about Ryno Power, they do a, you know, they talk about their little charge life mantra, which is nice. And they, they talk about, you know, why they got started, what their philosophy was. Here's one of the founders, Ryan talking about how he got started and what his inspiration was for the brand. Here we have another program for affiliates where they can log in. That's another app reviews we saw already blog. We saw already. We also did a separate blog cause you can do more than one blog type inside of your Shopify store. So this one is just for recipes and we broke that out separate so that in our Clearview emails, we could send out emails saying, Hey, go check out these recipes that you could make with the different supplements that you're buying from us. So it's an easy way to point them to one place and see just a subset of content that they're looking on. Looking at. We did policy pages. I like policy pages that have, you know, the support, the branding, instead of just pointing to the generic policy page, we wrapped them in a flex theme page template. And that gave us the ability to put a header up there and format the content nicely. We do have subscriptions. I showed you that we're using recharge for subscriptions on the product page. So this page is an upsell for subscriptions. And once again, this page we built for Clavio. So after somebody places an order, we'll also send them email saying, Hey, you know that you can also make that order a subscription if you want. And this is the landing page. We'll send them to where they can learn about the subscription and the value prop of the reasons they'd wanna subscribe. We also have a video here which shows them how they can manage their subscriptions once they are subscribing in an international page because they are available around the, in lots of different places. So this is just a list of all the different countries and ways for consumers and distributors to contact the brand, got an FAQ, nice accordion functionality on that. And then we also have a contact us page, which gives them lots of ways to contact. These guys are more than willing to talk to their customers, which is a great sign of trust building. And they're, you know, there, we take them to that manager subscription tutorial again, and the FAQ in case that's what their questions are about. So they don't have to contact the staff to figure those things out. And then if I go into my page here, so this is my account page. You can see we already, we already look at the rewards. So here, you know, here's a link where I could see how to earn points and it'll just pop that mole up and show me different ways to earn points. But I also have a link here for managed subscriptions. If the customer is a subscriber and here, this opens up the recharge dashboard, which we implemented the Ryno branding inside of, right? So we couldn't change the layout of this page, but we could change the colors and the fonts and all that good stuff to support the brand. And that's what we've done here. So that is the store redesign that we did for Ryno Power. This is using flex theme, the online store 2.0 version, which gives us the ability to add custom sections, which we've done in a few places, right? We saw that here in this design your own package experience. But another one we did was here. Let's go into theme customization. What this brand does a lot is they sell specials, right? They'll do a, Hey, you know, this weekend only buy a hundred dollars worth of product and get a free hat or a t-shirt or something like that. And they wanted a way to promote that. And as most of you know, you just can't promote that on the homepage, cuz not everybody comes through your homepage. So what we did is we built them a section where it is it right here. So here I am in the header and then on the theme customization, right for the theme and this section here, header promo is a, a new one that we built and what it does if you check it on, you'll see their, their most recent promotion, which was for the 4th of July, right? So now it's, you know, past 4th of July, they've turned it off and you know, they're waiting for their next promotion, but this blue band and they have the ability. So this is a responsive, they have, they can put in different texts for desktop and for mobile. So you have a longer message for desktop or shorter message for mobile and different font sizes and all that good stuff you can see here. If we go to the mobile view, they kept most of the text, but they changed the font size and they controlled where they put the, the line break in there so that it looks good when they do it. But they have control over the colors, the background, color of the text, color, the text, and this shows up on every page on the website, right? It's part of the header. So we, we didn't make it part of the sticky header, right. But it shows up on every page. So no matter what page somebody lands on, they're gonna be able to see, let's just, you know, click on our, a random page here. They're gonna be able to see that promotion. You know, they, the, the special that's going on right now in the store. So another custom section that we built for them, there were several of them here. I'm showing you a couple of them is in the cart. So let's go to the cart. And we've got a bunch of products in there already, cuz we did that before, during and after I'm just gonna delete a couple. And what we have is this impulse item was what I call it. You know, sort of like when you're standing in line at checkout and they have the bubble gum. So here is a low price item, which is a brand building item. This is their factory iron on logo, two pack. So, you know, most people aren't shopping for these items, right? They're shopping for the nutritional supplements, although they can get to the, the branded items in the shopping experience they're over here. But what we do is we added this to the cart and as a promotion and if the customer clicks on, add the cart, it automatically adds that item to the cart and no longer promotes it and goes onto the next item. In the section, in the theme customization, they can pick up to three items to promote. And this one here, I think we're only doing two right now, but here's another branding item for 6 95 Mormon impulse purchase. And now they've added both to the cart and we're no longer promoting. They could have one, a third one in there. If they wanted to. Now this isn't like personalized. There's just, you know, we're promoting this to everybody. But what we've found is now that we've started doing this, they're purchasing of these products obviously is going up quite a bit. And that's because people do like the brand and they like showing off the brand and they wanna put the stickers on the helmet. They want to iron the the patch onto their Jersey as they're out doing their sports. So it it's been a nice little uplift in sales for an average order value for Ryno Power. But it's also been great for the customers to be able to participate in the brand and show off the brand that they are part of that, that community for Ryno Power. All right. That is the store redesign for Ryno Power. Thanks for watching.

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