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"I’m a first-time entrepreneur, so before I entrusted Shopify Experts to help me find a reliable company to build my website, I first outlined a list of detailed questions to help me evaluate the competence of the company I would go with. There is no shortage of companies that claim to have built hundreds of websites, but what matters to me is how many of these companies will actually demonstrate an active role in the creative process for my desired website that is unique to my business, and illustrates the arrangement of my content that is engaging from beginning to end. After all, my new business is also my new livelihood, so expecting anything less than the best was NOT an option.

After speaking with (7) different website developers I came across Jade Puma. To say this company is anything but amazing would be a true understatement! The conversation with the first seven developers were all exactly the same, they would build my eCommerce website in X amount of days, and they could do everything I asked of them.

Now listen closely, here is the conversation difference between Jade Puma and the other seven companies on my short list! Scott Austin, the project manager of Jade Puma first listened and answered every question I asked of him, but here’s the difference I believe most will truly appreciate. Within minutes of talking with Scott it was clear he possessed an impressive level of expertise in the domain of creating websites from scratch, but then he said something that sealed the deal that embodied my confidence in his abilities. He informed me his approach was less to do about timelines, but rather more to do with outlining a plan with your involvement so he could understand the creative path needed to achieve the wow factor with strong content, pictures, and a layout that highlighted the scope of your business. (No other company expressed any of these reassurances).

Any website builder can do, place, or edit whatever you tell them to do, but with Scott, he will tell you what makes the most sense before making a chance while he explains his expert reasoning. In the end, it is your decision to make any changes you desire, but it is amazing to have someone on your side that is objective and who can see things from another perspective.
Another impressive advantage with Jade Puma that you will not find with other website developers, Scott shares his line of self-produced videos to teach you how to make changes and how to add content without having to return him to help save you money. But if you still would like him to do work for you after completing your project he charges modestly, and he is very responsive to your requests!

I highly recommend Jade Puma; their work is second to none, at a fraction of what others charge, with an end result that will leave you with an impressive “ahh” factor!"

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Jade Puma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.

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