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Hey, Scott Austin here. In this video, I wanna do a walkthrough of a new store that we built called My Ice Wrap. It's a Shopify store. We use the Flex Steam for it, and my ice wrap sells cold therapy solutions. So they have ice systems and, and cold packs and what their, their target audience or people that are doing, like hip replacements and knee surgeries, or athletes who get injured and are, are doing recovery. So for the, the brand, this is a brand new store. It didn't exist. The brand didn't exist before. So we came up with a basic for now just to get the store started. Logo. We literally pulled the, this icon off a shutter stock edited it a little bit to make it unique and then came up with a color palette. All their competition are all blue, blue, blue for their websites, and it totally makes sense. If it's cold therapy, it's ice, it's water, you're gonna have blue as your primary color. But we picked a color scheme with a couple shades of blue and a purple just to offset it a little bit and be a little bit different from the competition. Sometimes when you see these stores, like their shopping ads lined up on, on a Google search result, they all look exactly the same. So we wanted to differentiate a little bit there, but be true to the, you know, the ice and the water side of things. So we defined a pretty basic color scheme. You can see here the buttons we have. And then also we picked open signs for everything for the font and just differentiated by a font size and font weight between different usages. So let's go to the homepage of this site, and one of the things we did, so the, the audience, like as people getting knee replacement and hip surgery, it's older people, right? You know, you might think, Oh, it's gonna be for, you know, world class athletes but it's actually most of their audience is, you know, we'll just call them older, right? People my age and that kind of thing. So what we did is, and all, all the vendors, so they're, they're reselling these manufacturers products. And all the vendors, you know, they got this guy here who's lifting weights while he's, you know, doing, you know, the shoulder pad thing, which is just kind of ridiculous. And he looks like Hercules and the woman's really, really young and pretty and fit. And so we wanted to be more realistic and, and have people see themselves in this site. So we came up with this concept of, you know, we have young people, but we also have older people. We try to be as diverse as possible in interest and, and gender and all that stuff. So, and some of these, you know, most of these people are living their lives and other people actually have, you know, the pads and, and solutions on them kind of thing. So we came up with this concept of our banners are gonna be human beings that are more relatable and, and, and less of this idealized thing that, that a lot of people do. So people could actually see themselves in them. And then what we did, so we came this, you know, this grid of, I don't know, it's like 30 different images There. And then what we did is to, to have variety. We, we just changed the way we did things on different banners. Let me show what I mean by that. So our about page we just made some images bigger, right? And some, some of 'em are the same size. We just, you know, scaled images up and down to have, you know, different looks and feels. So it's the same 30 images on all of our banners, but we're presenting them in a number of different ways, which I actually, I found it kind of fun to do this and, and actually build it out. And I thought it was pretty effective to have diversity in your banners, but also, you know, I have it relatable, you know, so, and it was fun to just, you know, just the geometry of laying them all out and changing sizes and stuff like that. So and that, and that gave a nice, you know, lifestyle element and, and, and still a branding element to the store. So let's go to the let's go to the products here. So the cold therapy systems right now, they're selling two different ones. So instead of dropping them on a collection page from the top level link, we say, Hey, this is the break polar care system and here's why you'd use this one. And hey, here's the air cast cryo, and here's why you use that one. So we explain the differences between them. And then if we go to selective pad I think we have the best shopping experience here on this page for all the cold therapy websites out there. And there's a number of them out there. And the reason for that is we're treating every product. So every, every area type, so there's a knee padd, there's a shoulder pad, a universal pad. What you do is you buy the system and the pad that you need, or you may just buy a pad if you already have the system. So what a lot of the stores do is they have one product for all the different, and so they make these variants, right, in Shopify. So it's one page with everything. But then when you do that you have all the same images on the site. So what we, what we did is we made each body area, each pad a product. So this navigation here is switching between products. So right now you'll see that this is the product is the Polar care knee one, right? This is knee right here. Now, if I click on the shoulder, the URL changes and the word shoulder shows up here. So we went to a different product and if you remember back on the knee one, we had some, you know, lifestyle photos at the bottom where we say, Hey, get back on your feet again. And we show people using their knees. And then if we go to the shoulder products, we go down to our lifestyle photos, which is, we have other differences in content. This is the easiest way to see it. We say, get into the swing of things, and we show people using their arms and their shoulder. So because we Did a different product page per body area, the content is able to talk about that body area more explicitly than a lot of the competition does. So I, I like the way that that came out for us. And then we allow the customer to choose, you know, whether or not they want to have the cooler or just the pad, and we change the product photo for them on that. So we got a nice product page here. We've got some value props listed out in their product seals. And our seals are mapped to our branding, right? And so compression these devices, they, they're cold and they also squeeze your, your, your muscles. That's why it's called compression. And then that payment types and warranty information and free shipping all listed out here. And then we got lots of text information little infographic, you know, like what's in the box so they can see all the pieces they get when they, they buy the product. A couple more views, there is a disclaimer. These are, these are medical devices, so they have to put some information down, you know, that people need to, you know, consult with your doctor and that kind of stuff. There's an application video. So the, there's a couple different videos here from the manufacturer, and there's also some documentation from the manufacturer that we allow the customer to download if they wanna look at it offline or share it with somebody. And then we've got accordions for the shipping and return policy. So that that's, you know, for this type of product, we also have, you know, more, you know, types of products like cold therapy accessories. So once you buy one of these systems, you might buy ice bags to put inside of them or straps to, you know, adjust the way that your thing does. So we, we show all those and then we do, you know, the ice wraps for people who aren't buying a whole system, they just need a rap. Now let's go back to our cold therapy system and add one to our cart. And we're using an upsell app here. So if you remember, I, I just showed you the cold therapy accessories. So some of the accessories that for this kit that you'd want is, you know, the freeze bags and the straps, and then people might want the, you know, the knee pads and that kind of stuff. So notice we're, we're showing a knee padd here because they ordered the knee padd here. So if you wanna like, you know, have cold therapy while you're doing something and you can't be near your machine, you might want to get the pad. So we have applicable products that makes sense with the product that they ordered with this upsell app. I like this upsell app a lot. And you, the app allows us, you know, to show a discount in, in that good stuff. So continue on, it'll take 'em to the cart. They do have to agree to the terms and conditions cuz these are medical, you know, solutions so that there's some terms they have to acknowledge and they can see what those terms are if they want to. So, but you know, if they try to check out right now, it'll say, Hey, check the box. So then we do that, and then we can go to the checkout experience and you'll See we've got the, the branding here in that checkout also. So those are the shopping experiences. And you know, we've got an about page. This is a brand new store, so they haven't filled out all of their about information yet. They're starting to build out an faq. It's actually a pretty good FAQ, already a contact page. You know, I noticed we've got that, that branding elements, you know, the colors throughout things instead of the generic gray that, you know, most stores come with. We try to apply the color consistently across the site, and then we wrap our shipping and our, all four of our policy pages, these are straight from the policy section in the Shopify admin, but we wrap them in a page that they look a little better. The flex theme by default just props the content up half width on the screen and it's, it doesn't look as good. So here we, you know, we wrap them in a page, pull the same content. So the customer, the store staff only has to write it once and we use it in multiple places. But those just, you know, look a little more professional and a little more friendly for the customer. So that is the store build. We did flex theme in Shopify for my ice wrap. Thanks for watching.

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