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Hello, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. And in this video, I'm going to do a walkthrough of the store that we built for hydro Silex Columbia. So hydros Alix is a company that we bought a lot of stores for around the globe. We've done us, Canada, Australia, UK, France and one or two other countries in Europe. And I don't remember off the top of my head. So this one was on our first one in South America, in Colombia. So the first thing that happens on the hydrosalpinx store in any country that you go to, because they have so many different stores across the planet and you know, you need to go to the right store for your language, your currency, for your shipping and for your payment types. And we want to redirect you to the right place. So in all the stores that we've done is put in an IP lookup application that says, you know, it looks up where the customer's from and then asks, is that match the store that we're in.

So right now I just went to the hydrosilex.co website as .co the domain for Columbia ended up detected that. I'm hearing the United States through that IP lookup. And then this pop up happens because I'm not in Columbia. So if I was in Columbia, I wouldn't see the pop-up. But any other country in the world, you'll see the pop-up and depending on what country you're in, it'll have a different message. And this one, you know, is written in English because it knows that I'm in the United States and said, it seems like you're in the United States. This is our Columbia store. Do you want to go to our United States store? And said, so the customer is allowed to say yes, please and take them to the United States door, or no, I want to stay here in the Colombian store. And we've got that in Spanish.

So I'm going to stay here in the Columbia store. And you'll notice that we've got the whole site, obviously in Spanish, because this is in Columbia. Um, and what we're doing with hydro Silex is they sell, let me just go to their page. They sell supplies for washing your car. So they're their ceramic based car. Um, Polish I guess is what I would call it. I'm a true replacement for wax using ceramics. So it's a high-end car care product. And let's go back to their homepage. And what we've done for all of their sites is used a lot of the rich imagery that they've built out, um, through all their marketing efforts. And you can see that here where we've got these wide Fullscreen banner going on that's tucked underneath the, uh, the header navigation. Um, and when we scroll up, we get the, uh, the header nav showing up in, in a sticky nav type of fashion.

Um, and they've got a lot of content. They've got videos that are promo videos, they've got videos about installation, how to use it and all that good stuff. So there was a lot of content we had from the other stores that we build. So it's easy to build out a store for this new country. You know, the biggest complex city was actually localizing the English into Spanish, but we had the local team in Colombia do that for us. But all of these assets already existed. Um, because there's a lot of consistency in their brand across the globe. So we have content for where you can use their product. You know, it's not just for cars, it can be used on other things. Uh, we've got content around how to use it or apply it. So there's some videos for that showing up here. Um, and then the shop page takes you to the product that they're selling in Columbia. Um, there's an about us where we get some more information about the brand and the company and then a contact page. So let's go back to the shop page. And here we're gonna purchase.

A bottle and it's in local currency. And my ignorance, I don't even know, um, what the Colombian currency is called. Um, but we're in that local currency for the Shopify store. We set it up in the Colombian currency. Um, and when we go to check out, um, Shopify doesn't support Shopify payments in Columbia. So the payments are actually done through, I believe it was striped. Um, we connected to the checkout process.

So that's the store that we built for HydroSilex in Columbia. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions.

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HydroSilex Colombia

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