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Hello Scott Austin here. And in this video I'm going to do a walkthrough of groove link. Groove link is a company that sells headsets or they actually rent headsets for something called silent disco. So as you can see here on the homepage in this image, this is a wireless headset and what they do is they rent these in in bulk so that you can have a party at your house or at a venue and not disturb other people. So everybody hears the music in their ears, but the cops won't get called at three o'clock in the morning because you're being too loud and waking up the neighbors. So groove link sells or rents, there was one product. So the site is all about renting the headsets, but they spend a little bit of time explaining to customers what the headsets are, what silent disco is, because it's a new thing for many people.

So before you get into the shopping experience, you can see we've got a page here where we talk about what is silent disco. They've got a nice video. I'll just click it here. You can hear some music going on and you know, it goes on for a little bit and explains more about silent disco. And then we also have a page of instructions because you're going to receive this package, these crates of, you know, dozens or hundreds of headsets. So the instructions will explain to you how to set it up. These units can actually send out three different channels. So you can have three different sets of music going on at once. So you can set that up from the base units and the headsets can also pick which channel that they want to listen to. So there's some instructions to some troubleshooting going on here.

And then there's also some FAA cues. This theme is built in the turbo or this store is built in the turbo theme. So here we are, we're using the accordion functionality for the FAQ and we've also got a contact us page with your, your standard contact information in there. And you'll notice that because this is a party type website, we're going with a very dark theme. We've even got the dark black background. And even on the map, I went with the Google I think it's called night mode color scheme instead of the normal, a much brighter one. And you'll see we also have these full with banners that also tuck underneath the header nav. And in the turbo theme, what I've got here is a left nav and a right now with the logo in the center. And as I scroll up, we change from the big circle, just the icon image for the logo to a much more horizontal one with the icon image and the groove link text in there and the left and the right navs stay in their place to really nice functionality.

I like the way that works a lot. So let's go back to the homepage. You can see, like I said, we've got this photography everywhere. It's full screen, it's really dark party festive. And I think the contrast there really helps that product pop out for the customer. We've got some instructions here on the steps for it, but everything leads you to, and this whole experience leads you to the order, your headsets page. So the shop doesn't go to a collection cause there's only one product. The shop goes straight to this product page for the silent disco headset rentals and we've done is we're fixing the quantities that you can order them in because these things get created in special packages for shipping. And they don't want people ordering outside of what those packages automatically hold are already set up to hold.

So you can pick anywhere from 12 to 300 headsets. And here I'm just gonna pick 10. They cost $10 per headset to rent. So I'm actually using this a quantity control with a pull-down menu. So there's no way for the customer to type it in and say 101 or any plus or minus buttons. It's all hard LinkedIn here inside of this pull-down menu. And we also want them to input the date of the event. So that when groove link receives the notification, they can figure out what time they're gonna have to ship it out so that it's in time for the party. The product page has a lot of the same information on it. That was in the other pages with the video and the steps in the process. And we're also have product reviews going on here so you can see the product reviews.

And even over here in the footer, we have the reviews seal also. So now I'm going to add that to cart and I'm going to go off to my cart page. And what you'll see here is we also have fixed the quantity. You can only remove this item from cart. You can't plus or minus and change the quantity here. Now if we go into the checkout process before we go there, I remember these are $10 apiece. We order a quantity of a hundred. So there we see the full price of $1,000. Now remember, these are rentals and they're getting shipped out. So what you're going to see here in the checkout process, I've already Oh, I've been playing with this, a site here a couple of times today. So it looks like my cookie has gotten messed up with the cart information. So let me see if I can just add to cart again.

There we go. So I've saved my information already. Cause I S I created an account with the store so it skipped over the, enter your address page and went straight to shipping. And what you'll notice with that we've done here for shipping is we're calling out that this is round trip shipping because this a rental and also what we've done in the checkout experiences. We've got that full with banner, with the dark background showing the lights of the groove linked devices. And then we've got the groove link icon and logo over the top of that to really bring that branding home. So that is the groove link site. Thanks for watching. And let me know if you have any questions.

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