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Hey, Scott Austin here. And this is a store that I originally built back in 2014 for deck minimalist. And then we did a redesign recently for it. And this is one of my favorite products it's called the deck minimalist. It's a minimal wallet and I actually got it in their 2014 kickstart. I had seen this wallet and purchased one. And then I actually met Eric, the the owner of the company at a maker Faire. And I said, I love your wallet. I pulled outta my pocket kind of thing. And we started working together. So this wallet, as you can see is just, it's just a U of metal that is holds in, in just a totally simplistic gene is methodology hold your credit cards and other cards inside of it. It, it kind of locks in, even though it's just one solid piece of metal, cause there's enough spring inside of it. So what we're doing here on this site right, is we're selling the wallets and a couple other accessory products. They have to go with the wallets and, you know, you can see on this banner image for, for example, I, I love a banner image that on the homepage it just says, you know what? It is your value prop. We're not trying to sell here. It's like a wallet that works well and looks great. And what we did for a lot of our site banners across the site is we took stock photography that was aspirational for our audience. You know, so here we have, you know, a man who look successful and dressed well. And then we just superimposed over that the product image, right? You can see this is total stock photo in the background. There's there's no, the product's not in it. You have to hold a credit card. And we, we found that was a really nice way to avoid doing expensive photo shoots, but get photography that looked authentic. Right. So let's just go to another page here. I think the become a reseller, right? So you become a reseller. We show a, a store in the background and then we superimpose the wallet over the front. And we do that across, I think let's, we have the contact us page. Yeah. Same thing where, you know, we have an aspirational photo in the background, a lifestyle photo, stock photo, and then we just superimpose the image, the product image on the top of that. And that, that worked out really well to provide the branding that we wanted to without having to do expensive photo shoots and the, that that took quite a bit of iteration to come up with this model. But I think it ended up working really well in the end. So in the shopping experience, right, to pick a wallet, you gotta start out with what, what material you want, the materials get more expensive. So there's aluminum nickel titanium. So let's just go to the aluminum one. It has the most dumb options in it. And here you'll see, you know, you can, you know, pick your color and there's plenty of colors in the aluminum. We update the photography based in the color. You also are picking your card size 5, 8, 12, and different materials have different card sizes that they hold. And one of the really cool things that Eric did here is you'll notice the five card and the eight card don't change the price. So I like the idea of, you know, making decisions as simple as possible, right? So if the difference between the five card and the eight card, there's also a price difference. It's one more thing for me to think about the fact of the same price means I'm gonna think about which one is more important to me. Do I want eight card because it holds eight cards and I'm a lot of cards to hold, or am I gonna stick with the five? Cause I want to keep it as thin as possible. Now, by the time it gets to the 12 car there's enough material, dis material difference and cost, you know, cogs increase that it actually increases the price a little bit there, but I just thought it was really cool when it came up with the five and a car having the same price and, you know, plenty of information to, you know, pick from on the materials. You can also engrave these, it's got a little engraving app that takes your, your elements. And we've got some product seals here talking about the value props and, you know, good long description explaining lots of things. We also talk about, you know, the actual tech specs of the sizes, exactly how large is this at this size. And they're actually really small. They're just a little bit bigger than a credit card. You don't even notice them in your front pocket. And, and I have a an eight card one and a 12 card one or a 408, I think. And E either both of them just don't notice at all. They're just sitting there in your pocket and they're not bulky. In other words, get one of these. I think they're absolutely awesome. And then shipping information. So, you know, you can pick whichever wallet you want, but you know, the sizes, you know, Hey, I want, I want the deluxe model. I want the, you know, the, the eight card titanium you know, the, obviously the, the cost for titanium is a lot more than aluminums. The cost is more, but get what you want, add it to the cart, and then you can check out. We've also got some promotions in the cart. The first one is for rush ordering. A lot of people are buying these as gifts and most gift buyers buy things last minute. So we allow them to say, Hey, I want this as a rush order. So they'll ship it the same day kind of thing. So if you want to, you know, pay to move to the, I always call move to the front of the line. You can pay to do that, which works out really well. And it's good for the customer and it's good for you cause you actually paid for when you have to, to rush process things. And then we, they also have these little things to take your insurance cards and laminate them. So you can add it to your wallet really easily. It's one of their accessories. So we have these promotions in the cart. This is just some liquid code that I added to add them in. And if I pick rush order, it's just gonna add it to the cart. And then you'll see that the rush order promotion is no longer being shown below, cause it's already been added. Let's go through some of the evergreen pages. There's about a deck, a deck of a minimalist, you know, a little bit about their information. They actually got started as a, an engineering project when, when Eric was doing his his grad project at Stanford, and then he made it a kickstart, it was highly successful. Then he talked about how it's made, noticing, you know, there's videos in here, there's photography trying to, you know, share as much information as possible with people. And then, you know, the part that I always love is customer reviews. And these guys are so popular, especially in the Kickstarter community. There were lots of people that come out and did video reviews and they're loading up here, you know, of them. So not only do we have customer reviews, but we also have tons of video reviews from people in the, the YouTube community that have reviewed the wallet and, and give their feedback on it. I wanna see, oh, this is a nice page that they built out because these are customizable and gradable made this nice page. It really explains clearly, you know, here's where you can engrave the wallet, here's where you can engrave the money clip. So it's really clear to people, you know, what, what that, that service looks like. And some other, you know, evergreen pages, you know, about becoming a reseller and, you know, sign up, you know, contact form and all that good stuff. They've got more than just the wallet product. They've got the, a new product recently badge holders, similar concept. But this is, you know, when you gotta wear something around your neck, so it's got this loops for the lanyard kind of thing, which is nice. You can see what I mean by that there. And they've also got some accessories that go along with their wallets. This is the money clip that just slides right into the wallet. And here's some RF I D protection and the laminating cards we talked about earlier. So all in all, you know, not a huge product catalog, which totally makes sense, right there, manufacturing own products. They're very focused in their niche area. So you know, the site is pretty simple and clean to bring that all across, let you easily make the decisions you want about your, of products and then move forward. So thanks for watching.

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